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Erotic Novels: Professional Masseuse

  • January 31, 2015

Professional Masseuse

Submitted to Allurestorm by DJ


Teri had been a certified massage therapist for the last five years and worked in one of the best Day Spa’s in town. Her boyfriend liked to tease her that guys had tried to solicit “extras”, but despite the occasional hard-on under a towel, no one had ever even hinted at anything inappropriate. Due to her boyfriends teasing, it did make Teri think about what she would do if it did happen. Sometimes she thought she might run out of the massage room and tell the manager or maybe just say, “No.”. Most of Teri’s clients were either retired men or rich housewives anyway, so as time went on, she doubted anything like that would ever happen. Regardless, she was glad she never had to deal with that situation. It was in the middle of the week, when one of the girls who worked at the front desk came and found Teri cleaning up a massage room after a client had just left.

 “Hey, Teri! Are you available for a walk-in?” The young girl asked.

 Teri had been looking forward to going home early and was hesitant. The girl could see the reluctance in her eyes.

 “I don’t have anyone else free right now. Please?”

 “I guess so. Give me a few minutes to prep the room. What’s her name?” Teri asked.

 “It’s a him, but it’s Mr. Walker.” The girl said with a wicked smile and turned to go back up front.

 “Oh, great. Another hairy old fat guy. At least they usually tip well!” Teri said to herself as she laid a clean sheet on the table.

 Sure Teri was a good therapist, but it wasn’t her massage technique that usually got her the biggest tips. Teri was quite stunning to look at. At 28 years old, she could have easily been a model. She loved sports and the outdoors which kept her 5’6” inch body nice and a fit 120lbs. Since she was usually outside when she wasn’t working, she had a beautiful golden tan which made her naturally golden brown hair shine and contrasted with her light blue eyes.

 The attire for the therapists was a plain white t shirt and matching white scrubs for the bottoms. Teri preferred the v neck style shirts which complimented her beautiful 36D breasts. Her boyfriend knew that even though she might not have been propositioned yet, he was sure sure some of her clients at least hoped for more.

 Teri finished preparing the room and went out to get her client.

 “Mr. Walker?” Teri called out into the waiting room.

 “Right here!” A deep voice called out from the other side of the room.

 A tall black man that looked to be in his late 30’s stood up with a bright smile and a clean shaven head. Teri was caught off guard. It wasn’t what she had expected at all. His color didn’t bother her, but he was just one massive man. As he approached her, she reached out to shake his hand and was shocked to see how little and pale her hand felt in his huge paw. Teri looked up at him and guessed that he must have been at least 6’ 4” and probably a little over 200 pounds. She wondered if he was a professional athlete before his voice woke her up.

 “Where to?” The deep voice beckoned.

 “Yes, of course! Right this way!” Teri said cheerfully and led him back to her room thinking his voice was perfect for the radio.

 As they entered the room, she asked, “Did you know what kind of massage you wanted?”

 “Anything to take the stress away.” He said blatantly looking up and down Teri.

 She felt a little uncomfortable, he wasn’t even trying to hide his gawking.

 “Okay then. I will leave you to get changed and lay down on the table when you’re ready. Here is a towel to cover yourself with.” Teri said as she handed him a soft towel and left the room.

 When she came back in, she dimmed the lights and turned on some soft music. When she turned to her client, she thought he looked funny with his legs hanging so far off the table because of his height. She was, however, impressed with his physic. He had very little body fat, which made the definition of his muscles seem to pop out.

 Teri warmed the oils and began with his shoulders. She thought about how she appreciated how hairless this man was. It was definitely more pleasant to massage someone with less body hair.

 “Harder.” The man mumbled with his face down into the hole in the table.

 “Sure thing.” Teri said, thinking that despite his disarming smile when she met him, he was starting to come off as rude.

 Teri started to use a technique where she could use her fists so she could put more weight behind her and could see him relaxing more and more. As she got to his lower back, she noticed that he had dimples just above his butt that she thought was cute. This led her to notice how firm his butt cheeks were. She had always loved a tight butt on men. She moved down to his left leg and was slowly working her way down his hamstring when she spotted something next to his leg. Teri did a double take and realized it was his cock.

 It wasn’t that unusual to accidentally see someone’s private areas, but she had never seen a penis hanging down so low. With most guys you don’t see anything when they are on their stomach. She couldn’t help but stare as she continued to work on his legs and switched to the right leg. She was trying to measure it with her eyes. It was clearly flaccid, but it must have some blood flowing through it because it looked so thick. It was easily hanging halfway down his thigh!

 Teri continued to move up his right side and the penis was out of her view. She couldn’t stop thinking about it though. “How could he even have sex with that thing?” She thought to herself. She tried to shake the thought out of her head and realized she had already made it up the right side of his body and moved to the head of the table to massage the back of his neck.

 “Would you like me to do your front?” Teri asked to quietly match her voice to the tone of the soft music.

 Normally at this point, the client would answer and then she would discreetly hold the towel so it wouldn’t fall off. That’s not what happened this time.

 Without saying a word, he just flipped himself over. The towel was half under him and half hanging to the floor. The big cock had flopped over and was draped across his stomach. Teri’s first reaction was one of shock. This man has no modesty! Not that Teri was a prude, but come on! This was appalling.

 Teri tried to focus on his shoulders and chest. She then realized he had his eyes open and was staring up at her chest when a devilish smile. She tried to act like she didn’t notice and just wanted to get through this. Teri was about to move down his side when suddenly, a deep voice cut through the music,

 “Why don’t you remove your shirt? It would make me more relaxed.”

 “I’m sure it would.” Teri snapped quickly with a hint of attitude without even thinking about it. She was partly turned on, but she thought he was a jerk.

 She moved to the side of the table and rubbed his torso while trying not to look at the giant cock she was getting closer to. She could feel him staring at her and did everything she could to not acknowledge him.

 Suddenly she felt a large hand wrap around her forearm and move her hand to his monster penis. Teri instinctively tried to pull her arm away, but he was too strong. The penis twitched under her hand and she looked to see it continuing to grow under her hand.

 Teri watched in shock as it continued to get bigger and harder and didn’t even realize the hand holding her in place had let go. She moved her hand slowly up the shaft seeing that it was longer than four of her fists and her fingers couldn’t wrap around it either. She found herself stroking it with both hands. Her heart was pounding and she felt like she was in a dream. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but was so curious. Adrenaline was pumping through her and she felt a thrill of excitement and danger. She trailed her fingers up the shaft to the biggest head on a penis she had ever seen. It didn’t even seem real.

 A few moments later she felt her bra fall loose and realized that Mr. Walker had reached under the back of her shirt and unsnapped her bra with one hand. Teri wanted to say something, she wanted to stop where this was going, but didn’t didn’t move away. Her attention turned back to this creature in her hands.

 With her bra still in place, but sitting loose over her breasts, Mr. Walker moved his large hand to her stomach and slid his hand up under the bra to her soft breasts and began caressing them one at a time..

 When other men handled her breasts, their hands had always felt so small on her tits. But the hand that groped her breasts was able to hold an entire breast with one hand. He manipulated his fingers in a way that sent a tingling sensation down Teri’s back. She felt herself getting turned on, but was trying not to.

 Then, without warning, he grabbed her breast hard and pulled her forward.

 Teri yelped out loud as she was pulled forward, but was thrown off when she felt the cock slap the side of her face. Continuing to hold Teri in place by her tit, Mr. Walker started slapping his dick against Teri’s face.

 At first she was shocked. No one had ever done something like that before. She tried to pull back, but it felt like he was about to tear her tit off. The shock turned into anger with this large dick slapping her continuously against her face.

 “Hey!” Teri started to yell, but the dick was shoved into her mouth. Her mind was saying one thing, but her body was saying something else. Instead of pulling away, biting or using her hands that were wrapped around this massive cock to pull it away, she took as much of it into her mouth as she could. Teri felt angry and frustrated as she felt like she couldn’t fit much more than the head into her mouth. She had never had trouble before taking a cock all the way down her throat, but this one was wide she heard herself start to gag as it hit the back of her throat. Her eyes began to water and she tried again with the same result.

 When she pulled her head up for air, Mr. Walker sat up and got off the table. Teri watched him with her watery eyes from gagging as he came up behind her and pushed her forward over the massage table. She felt her pants slide down to her ankles, followed by her panties. Her sneakers prevented her from stepping out of them so Teri kicked her shoes off and shook her leg to kick the pants free.

 Just as her pants were shed, she felt a large hand over her trimmed pussy and started rubbing her.

 “Damn girl, your wet.” Mr. Walker said into Teri’s ear. Her juices coated his fingers from just rubbing the outside.

 Teri felt pressure against her pussy and thought he was sliding his cock in and gasped.

 “You think that’s big? Wait till you feel my cock!” His deep voice whispered.

 Teri found herself pushing her hips back against his big finger as it slid in and out of her wet pussy wanting more. His finger slid out and she moved her ass looking for it to slide back in She wanted more. No, she needed more. Instead of the finger, she just briefly enjoyed, she was greeted instead by what felt like a baseball bat being pushed against her pussy.

 “That’s not going to fit.” Teri whined with a little bit of fear.

 “Don’t worry, baby. It will fit.”

 Mr. Walker pushed Teri’s face down into the table to get her ass to stick up more. He had to bend at the knees to position himself at the right angle and rubbed the head of his cock at her pussy entrance.

 The pressure Teri felt, made her feel like she was about to be torn in half. Despite her pussy juices practically dripping, she needed to wet the snake that was trying to get in. Teri spits in her hand and reached between her legs and felt the cock that was trying to split her. She rubbed her spit over the tip of his cock, and tried to push it in.

 The pressure was becoming too much and Teri started to ease herself back, but Mr. Walker grabbed her hips and pulled her back on his dick. Teri’s big blue eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head from the pressure and grunted. She grabbed onto the edge of the table as he tried slowly pumping in and out. Despite not penetrating very deep, the pressure was too much.

 “Lay down.” Teri told Mr. Walker.

 The tall and muscular black man did as he was told and laid back down on the table. Teri still had her shirt on with her bra crumpled underneath. She climbed up on the table with no pants on. She grabbed his cock with one hand and shifted herself forward to put the cock in her pussy. Her covered breasts were in Mr. Walker’s face and he pulled her shirt up to hungrily suck on her large soft breasts. They were like water balloons with pink puffy nipples.

 Teri was rubbing his cock head around her hole getting it was wet as possible. She spit in her hand again to get more lubrication and was able to slip the head back in. Teri made short, slow strokes taking him just a little deeper each time. There was still pressure, but being able to control the strokes allowed her to enjoy the feeling of her pussy being touched in places that had never been explored as it slid back and forth.

 Even though she was only using half of his length, it was still wider and deeper than she had ever experienced. The current depth felt like it was hitting her in just the right spot. Teri picked up the pace, feeling an orgasm building.

  The mushroom shape of his dick was hitting just the right spot in her pussy and with with the strong hands and mouth on her breasts, it was becoming too much to take. Her body started to shake in an orgasm that made her dizzy. She had to steady herself by grabbing onto Mr. Walker while her pussy shuddered around the giant cock. Teri collapsed onto Mr. Walker in exhaustion.

 “My turn.” He said with a smile and shifted positions so Teri was laying on the table on her side and Mr. Walker was standing up. He pulled Teri’s ass to the edge of the table and spread Teri’s swollen pussy. He positioned his cock and slowly pushed himself back in feeling the pussy juices she had just released. Despite having already entered her, she was still tight and had to be taken slowly again. He took long, slow strokes getting back much easier to where he had been able to plunge just moments before. This time since he was in control, he didn’t stop halfway. He was determined to bury his entire cock in this hot, tight pussy.

 Teri started to whimper as his cock slid deeper stretching her insides even more. Since she was lying on her side, she was able to adjust her position to make it feel better. Mr. Walker started pumping faster still not having fit the entire length inside. Teri’s breasts shook in waves with each thrust, still unable to believe he was still getting deeper. Teri was hanging onto the table hoping not to fall off as he was pumping harder and harder.

 She felt his balls starting to hit her butt cheek and then an audible grunt from Mr. Walker as his body slapped against Teri. His strokes became more furious as he grabbed a hold of Teri’s hips while pulling her toward him and pushing his hips forward. Each stroke was so incredibly long Teri felt herself losing control again and just when she thought she felt everything, the giant cock sliding in and out of her pussy began to pulse. Teri shuddered in another orgasm when she felt an explosion of wetness in her pussy.

 Mr. Walker started to slow his thrusts while semen started dripping out of Teri’s pussy, over her ass and onto the massage table. Both of them were breathing heavy. Mr. Walker took a step back and Teri felt the entire length of his dick slide out. As the head of Mr. Walker’s dick popped free, it felt like a gallon of cum drained from her pussy. Teri slowly got up while her client was getting dressed. She felt sore and empty as she grabbed some towels to start wiping herself up.

 Mr. Walker pulled a wad of cash out of his pants that was held together with a gold money clip. He pulled several $100 dollar bills out and tossed them on the massage table.

 “You ever want to make some real money, you just give me a call.” Mr. Walker said, throwing a business card next to the cash. He flashed his charming smile and turned for the door.

 Teri scrambled for a towel to cover herself with when the door swung open and he left. Teri heard voices in the hall and she hurried to shut the door before anyone got a look inside the room.

 A flood of emotions combined with a physical soreness that made it difficult to walk hit her all at once. She slipped her panties and pants back on, then refastened her bra. She took a deep breath and looked at the table with the cash thrown about. She counted the money as she picked it up.

 “$1,000.00?” She said out loud. “Damn!” and found herself smiling. She put the money in her pocket and began cleaning the room up not minding her sore pussy so much now.

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Professional Masseuse
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  • Road Rage says:
    April 2, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    Not bad, but it reads like a horny teenage boy tried to put into words the porn he just watched on


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