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Erotic Novels: Seduced

  • February 1, 2015


Submitted to Allurestorm by Alden Bradley

“This is not going to turn out well,” I remarked, panting slightly as I tried to regain my breath.

 The joining had been quick.  It was the rapid release of a sexual tension that had been building for some time, like the explosive snap of a large rubber band.

 My partner smiled down at me, panting as well.  She held my meat captured in the warm, moist recesses of her love canal.  “She told me this might happen,” Sandra said.

 “She did?” was my amazed response.  The she was my wife.  Sandra was an old friend of hers from high school who had come to stay with us for a few days following a rather dramatic break-up with her latest conquest.  Latest, I mean before me.

 Sandra was nicely attractive.  I’d never met her until she’d arrived.  My wife told me, however, that she was good looking.  But, as I found out, there was more to Sandra and looks.  She had an aura of sensuality about her that made her damned near irresistible.

 Her dark blonde hair trailed across the front of her shoulders nearly hiding the enticing swell of her breasts.  She grinned at me and nodded.  “Yup,” she said, still gasping slightly. 

 “What did she say?” I asked her.

 Her nose flared as she inhaled.  “Exact words?  ‘You can fuck him.  You just can’t have him.’”

 “So you took that to mean you could, uh,” I paused, “behave like you did today and beguile me into this?”

 “Whatever,” she said, sounding a little irritable.  “I took it to mean that it was okay to screw you as long as I didn’t fall in love with you.”

 “Hmmm,” I nodded.  “I take it we did okay, then?”

 “It’s a start,” Sandra answered.  “But just a start.”

 “You mean there’s going to be more?”

 “Oh, hell, yes!” she said emphatically. 

 Shayla went through her regular routine when she returned that evening.  She parked the car in the drive and took the dog out for her walk without even checking in with me.  It was a full fifteen minutes before she unlocked the interior door and walked into our kitchen.  Sandra had a meal ready and I sat in front of the computer.

 “Well, this is nice,” Shayla said as she dropped her keys and bag on the counter.  “Very domestic.  The two of you feeling guilty?”

 “Not in the least,” Sandra answered. 

 “I can tell by the way my husband is avoiding me that he’s been bad,” my wife laughed.

 “He wasn’t bad,” Sandra grinned at her.  “He was good.  Both times.”

 Shayla laughed.  “Okay.  I want details.”

 “Sit down,” Sandra directed.  “I’ll tell you over dinner.”

 Shayla called out to me.  “Are you having dinner with us?”

 “Yeah, I guess so,” I responded, closing down all the links and windows and pushing away from the computer.

 “You don’t look debauched,” Shayla grinned at me as I sat next to her.

 “You set me up,” I grumbled.

 “I wouldn’t exactly say that,” Shayla patted my hand.  “All I did was share you with my friend.”

 “You could have told me,” I grouched at her.

 “What?  And spoil all the fun?” Shayla smirked.  “Besides, I told her.”

 “So she informed me.”

 Sandra sat opposite me.  “You didn’t resist very much.”

 “I was sleeping,” I protested.

 “I practically had to throw myself at him,” Sandra began.  “He was sleeping on the couch.  He looked so peaceful and angelic.  I just knelt down next to him and began to kiss his face.”

 “I thought I was dreaming,” I commented.

 “Nice dream?” Shayla asked.

 “I noticed he had a nice stiffy,” Sandra continued.  “So, I just started to play with it a bit.”

 “Tell the truth,” I commanded her then turned to Shayla.  “She put it in her mouth.”

 Sandra grinned and giggled.  “I did.  And I don’t regret it a bit.”

 “And what did you do?” Shayla directed at me.

 “Like I said, I thought it was a dream.  So, I started licking the warm, moist pussy that was in front of me.”

 “Ooo!” Shayla smiled.  “A sixty-nine?  When did you finally realize it wasn’t a dream”

 “When she spun around and sank onto my cock,” I admitted.  “I opened my eyes and there she was?”

 “He was so funny,” Sandra said.  “He got this strange look on his face and just said, ‘Uh-oh!’  It was cute.”

 “So now you’re awake and realized you’re fucking my friend,” Shayla said.  “Then what happened?”

 I shrugged.  “She leaned down and whispered, ‘Just fuck me.  I really need this.’”

 “And I did,” Sandra admitted.  “I came like within ten or twelve strokes.  He did, too.  That’s when I told him what you’d said.”

 “So you did it again, huh?” Shayla asked.

 “Not right away,” Sandra told her.  “We were being good.  I mean, as good as we could be afterwards, you know.  He took a shower.  When he came out he was so clean and smelled so good…”

 “I know,” Shayla nodded.  “You just couldn’t resist him.  Been there.”

 “Jeez!” I huffed.  “You guys are talking about me like some kind of prize bull.”

 Sandra looked at me amazed.  “But, darling, that’s what you are!”

 “So what did you do this time?” Shayla asked her friend.

 “Oh, hell, I just dropped to my knees like a common whore and sucked him until he was hard,” she said.  “Then I knelt down on that chair over there and he got the idea.”

 Shayla munched on her ziti for a minute.  She looked at me over the top of her wine glass.  “I told you she was hot.”

 “Was that supposed to be some sort of a warning?” I asked.

 “More like an explanation,” Shayla said.  “I knew the two of you were going to get it on.  I just didn’t want you to feel bad about it.”

 “Really?” I said.  “Why would I feel bad?  I just thought I’d cheated on you.  Why should that make me feel bad?”

 Shayla’s eyes burned into mine.  “She told you,” she snapped at me.  “I don’t care if you fucked her as long as you still love me.”

 “Oh, he still loves you,” Sandra said laughing.  “He’s been moping around here all wracked with guilt.”

 “In spite of what you told him?” Shayla sounded astounded.

 “Seems so,” her friend responded.

 “What do you think I need to do to convince him?” Shayla asked her.

 “I think we ought to clean up after dinner then take him to bed and fuck him and suck him until he understands the situation,” Sandra suggested.

 “You think you’re man enough to handle both of us?” Shayla asked me.

 “I think it would be fun trying to find out,” I admitted.

 It was fun.  After cleaning up the dinner detritus, Shayla showered then emerged naked from the bathroom.  It took Sandra about twelve seconds to strip down to her birthday suit.

 “Are you going to sit there clothed while the two of us are naked?” Shayla asked me.

 I shrugged, stood up from my chair, stripped out of my polo shirt and dropped my trousers to my ankles.

 “The bedroom,” Shayla ordered us, then led us into the room.  She spun around and looked the two of us up and down.  “You suck him to attention,” she ordered her friend, “while I strip the bed.”

 Sandra dropped to her knees and grabbed my already swelling member in her hand, licking it like an all-day sucker before pulling it between her lips.  I couldn’t help the groan that escaped my throat.

 Shayla pulled back the comforter and sheet, leaving the bed bare except for the bottom sheet and pillows strewn carelessly about.  She turned and looked at the scene now in front of her.  Sandra bobbed her head as her mouth fucked my growing rod.  Shayla came to me and pressed her hand on my chest.  She leaned into me and stretched her head toward my face.  I quickly got the idea and planted my lips on hers.  Shayla’s tongue attacked my mouth as her hands gripped my neck.  She released me long enough to whisper, “I never thought watching you get your cock sucked would be as hot as it is.”  My fingers found the rise of her breast.  I ran my thumb roughly over the nub of her protruding nipple.  Shayla moaned into my mouth.  She pulled back.

 “Don’t make him come,” she directed Sandra.

 The blonde at my hips pulled her lips off my member, sliding them down the length and closing them around the tip, essentially sucking the precum out of me.

 “Lie down on the bed, baby,” Shayla ordered me.

 I crawled to the center of the bed and lay facing the ceiling.  I was astounded as Shayla leaned forward to capture Sandra’s left nipple between her lips.  Sandra’s hands caressed my wife’s head as she suckled briefly.

 “I want to watch you fuck him,” Shayla whispered just loud enough for me to hear.

 I was truly astonished.  It was one thing to allow us our illicit joining.  It was quite another to witness it.

 “Shayla,” I began.

 “Shhh,” she hushed me, then turning to her friend, instructed her.  “Ride his cock, darling,” she said.  “Climb on him and ride his cock for me.”

 Sandra’s slow smile indicated her understanding.  She crawled up the bed until her hips straddled me.  I felt her hand grab my meat and guide it to her steaming hole.  She swiped it up and down her slash a couple of times then positioned it at her opening.  She sighed as she sank down on me, impaling herself on my throbbing rod.  Her eyes sought out my wife where she stood next to the bed.  “God, you’re so lucky,” she murmured.  “He feels so good in there.”

 “I know, sweetie,” she said.  “You look beautiful fucking my man.”

 Sandra moaned and leaned forward, allowing my cock to withdraw from her velvety canal.  She slowly eased herself backward and my rod pushed back into her depths.  I could feel a tiny shiver pulse through her.  Shayla’s hand smoothed over her belly and brushed toward her pussy.  She tenderly split her labia and pushed two fingers deep inside.

 Sandra saw me looking at my wife and put her hand on my cheek.  “You could look at me while I’m fucking you,” she sniffed.  “Or, are you already used to it.”

 I chuckled, my rod feeling her gently clenching it.  “No, darling,” I said.  “I’ve just never seen my wife watch me with another woman.”

 “If she was smart,” Sandra puffed with her exertion, “she’d come up here and ride your face while I ride your cock.”

 Shayla groaned.  “Should I?” she asked.

 “God, yes!” Sandra moaned.

 Shayla stepped toward the bed, knelt on it and straddled my face, her back toward her friend.  She hovered above me until I grabbed her thighs and pulled her down so my lips and tongue could attack her quivering gash.  She planted her hands against the wall above the bed for support.  Sandra placed her own hands on Shayla’s hips.

 Ever the instigator, Sandra asked me, “You like eating your wife’s pussy while I fuck your cock, baby?”

 All I could manage was a muffled groan of assent.

 “She’s a good wife, isn’t she,” she growled, “letting us fuck like this?”

 I moaned my positive response.

 “You eat her good,” Sandra directed.  “You make her come and maybe I’ll let you come inside me.”

 I redoubled my efforts, my tongue dancing through the damp flesh of my wife’s folds.

 “Fuck her good,” Shayla whispered to me, removing one hand from the wall to clutch my hair and pull me into her glorious vee.

 These were the orders I loved to take from these two brazen women.  In the throes of their sexual desire I was merely an implement designed for their fulfillment.

 “Oh, fuck!” Shayla moaned, her climax approaching.  She humped herself forward and back on my face, my nose the instrument of stimulating her hard clit as my tongue plunged repeatedly into the tart hole of her desire.

 “You coming, baby?” Sandra moaned.

 “Yes, oh, yesss!” Shayla hissed back.  I could feel her canal as the contractions began, and I nodded vigorously to increase the rasping of my nose on her clit.  I could see Sandra’s hands wrapped around my wife from the rear, pulling and teasing at her nipples, stretching and twisting to increase the stimulation.

 Shayla whined a long, keening sob as she came on my tongue, her hand pulling at my hair as she moaned.

 “Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh fuck,” she cried out.  “I’m coming!  Oh, God!  That feels so good!”

 I continued to lick tenderly and gently at my wife’s gushing gash while Sandra pounded her hips onto me.  Eventually, Shayla eased off me and knelt beside us, watching as Sandra attempted to drive me through the bed.  Shayla leaned over and kissed my damp lips, tongue probing into my mouth, tasting her own juices.  She pulled back and looked lovingly into my face.

 “Why?” I managed to rasp out.

 Shayla smiled at me.  “Because I love you, baby,” she whispered.  “And because Sandra needs somebody to fuck her who won’t screw her over and hurt her.  I couldn’t think of anybody better than you.”

 “You’re sure?” I asked in a gasp.

 Shayla nodded.  “I’m sure.  You fuck her as good as you fuck me and we’ll all be happy.  Okay?”

 “Okay, fucker,” Sandra snarled.  “I need you to come in me.  Come, dammit.  Do it now!”

 I felt the burning rise from just above my knees and the feeling of completion swelled over me.  “Now,” I confirmed in a strained voice.

 Sandra raised her head toward the ceiling and literally howled.  I shot load after load of hot spunk into her depths as her tight love canal spasmed on me, milking out every drop of come from my shaft.  She fell forward, her blonde hair splayed across my face, her panting hot in my ear.  We lay there gasping for several minutes until Sandra pulled herself upright.  She looked at me and grinned.

 “She was right,” she said, still gasping a little.  “You are a righteous fuck.”

 “She said that?” I asked, chuckling a little.

 “Well, not exactly,” Sandra grinned.  “She said I’d like doing you.”

 Shayla handed her a small hand towel.  Sandra stuck it between us, drew it up my cock and covered herself as she climbed off me.

 “What now?” I asked, directing the question between the two of them.

 “Now,” Sandra said, “I’m going to rest a bit.”

 “That’s not what I meant,” I said.  “I mean what now about the three of us?”

 “Well,” Shayla said, grinning at her friend, “you’re not going to get her pregnant.”  My vasectomy six years earlier would take care of that.  “And, you’re not going to leave me for her, are you?”

 “No,” I confessed.  “I mean, she’s great; a terrific lay and fun to be around, but, you’re the love of my life.”

 “Then it’s settled,” Sandra said.  “I’m staying.”

 “Say what?” I asked, astounded.

 “We’re a family, baby,” Shayla grinned at me.  “As of now, you’ve got two wives.  Are you up to it?”

 “That’s the plan?” I asked.

 “In a general sort of a way,” Shayla said.  “We’ll work out all the details as we go along.”

 “Do I get to have any say in this?” was my next questions.

 Sandra and Shayla looked at each other.  “Of course you do,” Sandra said.  “Just say yes.”


Submitted by:

Alden Bradley

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