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Erotic Novels: The Opening Door – Chapter 2

  • February 11, 2015

Chapter 2 – The katch

Submitted to Allurestorm by Alden Bradley

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Larry K.’s story as told to Alden Bradley

(My wife’s friend, Laurie K. told her this story.  My wife suggested she tell me so that I could write her story, she was reluctant.  It took several weeks before my wife convinced her to tell it to me.  Once we got started, Laurie insisted her husband, Larry tell his side.)

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 The breath of a whisper would have knocked me over.

 My wife of six years, prudent, sophisticated, decorous and restrained had just uttered the ultimate four-letter word in a question that frankly astonished me.

 We were having our weekly night-out date in an elegant restaurant.  Her wine glass was three quarters full, so it certainly wasn’t inebriation.  The dinner had been served moments before; hers, a filet with a wine and mushroom sauce, mine, the more robust T-bone with a side of steak-cut fried potatoes and a small serving of asparagus.  The food was, as always in this familiar haunt, excellent.

 No more than three bites into the meal, my Laurie pointed in the general direction of the bar area and asked, “Do you think that guy would like to fuck me?”

 In an involuntary reaction, the breath caught in my chest and a shiver ran through me.  I looked toward the bar and saw a lone forty-something man, dressed in a gray suit, distinguished-looking, holding an Old-Fashion glass half-full of amber liquid.

 “Uh,” I stammered, “what did you say?”

 Not ever had I heard that word pass her lips.  Even in our love-making, Laurie had always been relatively silent, an occasional moan being the only sound to escape her lips when she reached her orgasm.  We never talked about our sex.  It was always spontaneous, initiated by me, tender, gentle and sweet.  We were comfortable with each other and our sexual joining reflected that comfort.

 “I was wondering if he would like to fuck me, Larry,” she repeated.  “I’m sure you heard me.”

 It was then Laurie told me of finding my stash of erotica in the back of our closet.  When we agreed to engage in a cleaning binge, I’d forgotten about the stack of magazines that was, I thought, hidden deep in the recesses of the closet and covered by clothes I rarely wore.  Laurie found them and, apparently, had read a number of them.

 Lodged in the recesses of my mind was the fantasy of seeing and hearing my loving wife engaged in sexual congress that fired her passions to the point of abandon.  I wanted, in this fantasy, for her to lose all control, surrender to the moment, and break her façade of restraint, becoming completely shameless in desire and passion.  The vehicle for this was the not uncommon fantasy of sexual congress with another man.  Each magazine or article I had collected contained some description of this activity, wives being lustfully engaged in sex with someone other than the husband.

 After assuring me she was intrigued rather than irate, she offered an alternative that was within her comfort zone.  That was how we began the routine of role-playing.  I bought her mystery man a drink, found out his name, occupation and location.  I brought the information back to Laurie who virtually ordered me to assume his persona and to take her home and make love to her in our darkened bedroom as if I were the stranger.  It was the most amazing sex we’d ever had.  Laurie was enthusiastic, engaged, vocal and vigorous as never before.

 The following morning I found her at the table in our breakfast nook with a hot cup of coffee and several of my magazines in front of her.

 “Did you enjoy last night as much as I did?” she asked.

 “Very much,” I said, drawing my own cup of coffee from the pot.

 “You know, I’m starting to understand these letters,” she waved carelessly at the stack of magazines.  “When sex becomes a significant part of your life, things just get more interesting.

 “Until last night I didn’t know,” she continued.  “Thank you for helping me discover it.”

 “I’m not sure it’s the sex, darling,” I said.  “What you may have discovered is the passion.”

 “Hmmm,” she hummed, tossing aside one magazine and flipping through the pages of the next.  “Still, I’m not sure why these women need these other men.  Mine seems to be able to provide all the stimulation I need.

 “Here’s one,” she said.  “She and her neighbor decide they’ll distract their men from watching a football game.  They begin, each with their own husband.  Then, once they’re all naked, they switch partners.”

 “I remember it,” I admitted.

 “Was I in it?  When you visualized it, I mean.  Was I there?”

 “Of course.  I told you.  You’re always there.”

 Laurie sipped her coffee.  “Who was the other couple?”

 “I’m not sure I recognized them,” I told her.  “Sometimes it’s just a fantasy without anyone specific.”

 “Except for me,” she reminded me.

 “Except for you, and me, sometimes.”

 There was silence for a minute or so.  Then, she said, “You think Ken and Kimberly would entertain this kind of idea?”

 They were neighbors, three doors down and close to our age.  Ken did some sort of sales thing.  Kim had a part-time gig at a local car dealership, answering the phone and making the announcements.  The fact that she was cute had to have some bearing on how quickly she was hired and her ability to limit her hours to ones she wanted to work.

 Still, Ken and Kim had not figured into my fantasy when I read the football story.

 “I don’t know, Laurie.  Truth is, I never thought of them in that context.”

 “Maybe you should,” she suggested.

 “Maybe you shouldn’t,” I countered.  “Remember, honey, this is the stuff of fantasy.  It’s not real.  It’s just a figment of my imagination.”

 “But, we both liked doing your fantasy last night, didn’t we?”

 “True enough, but it was still us.  That’s enough for me.”

 She stood up and kissed my cheek.  “Me, too.  I really liked it, though. I hope we can do it again.”

 The role playing became a regular activity of our Saturday night dates. Over the next four months I played Ben and Bob, Henry and Harry, Gene, Steve, Michael and Jeremy.  Laurie kept throwing in new kinks that were unexpected and, for me, delightful.  For Henry, my wife decided she wanted him from behind.  She rode Gene like a cowgirl, and begged Jeremy to make her his cum slut, sucking me off until I squirted my come into her mouth and throat.  She sucked me to hardness after a brief respite and then made me fuck her.  This time, she wanted the lights left on.  She leaned against the bureau, watching herself in the mirror as I pumped myself into her from behind.

 The morning-after always included discussion of the previous night’s activities.  Laurie continued to read through my stash of magazines.  That was where she identified the various activities and became determined to try those that appealed to her.

 “Good morning, sweetheart,” she said after the Jeremy experience.  I chuckled as I drew my cup of coffee and joined her at the table in our breakfast nook.

 “Good morning, my darling,” I responded.

 “Have I told you what a marvelous lover you are?” she asked.

 “Really?  Not so’s I remember,” I answered.

 “I really liked last night,” she said.

 I nodded.  “Okay.  That’s good.”

 “I never made you come in my mouth before.”


 “You know what it feels like?  There’s this tremendous sense of control. I’ve heard that whores do it and it makes some women feel like they’re being demeaned.  But, I didn’t feel like that at all.  I felt this marvelous power because I was able to make you come.”

 I chuckled again.  “You’re really amazing, you know that?  I was afraid you’d be surprised and feel humiliated.”

 “The magazine said men really like it.  It didn’t say women do, too.  Somebody should tell them.”

 “I think you’ll find yourself in a minority, darling.”

 “Maybe so,” she said.  “But, I can tell you this.  Now that I’ve figured out how to do it, I’m going to keep it up.  I like doing it.  I like the way it feels, and I like feeling the sensation of power when you come.”

 “What about the taste?” I asked.

 “Sort of like a warm, salty yogurt,” she said.

 “It doesn’t gross you out?”

 “No!” she exclaimed.  “When you started, I kept thinking, I made you do this.  Squirt it!  I want more!  I was almost disappointed when you quit.”

 “You’re really amazing.”

 “Does that make me a come slut?” she asked.

 “I don’t think so,” I laughed.  “Since it’s only my come you’ve experienced.  If you were slurping up come from a variety of men, that’s what would make you a come slut.”

 Moments passed in silence.  “You know what else I liked about last night?” she asked.

 “What else, darling?”

 “I liked watching myself getting fucked.  I kept looking in the mirror, looking in my eyes, trying to see if I could see anything.”

 “What did you see?”

 “Just that I seemed to like it.  It was hard to keep watching, though.  I kept wanting to close my eyes.  Did you know I get a little slack-jawed when I come?”

 “Do you?”

 “It’s like all sensation gets short circuited down to there, you know, where I feel your cock sliding in and out.  My mind goes into a spasmodic series of thoughts, all of which center on wanting the fucking feeling to go on and on.  Its as if I just want to holler, `Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,’ over and over again, but I can’t get the words to form.” She shrugged.

 I stood up and brought the coffee carafe to the table, refilled hers and mine.  I leaned over and kissed the top of her head.

 As I returned to my seat, I asked her if she was enjoying her exploration of her sexuality.

 “So far, so good,” she said.  “Honestly, I didn’t know there was so much I didn’t know.  Sometimes, I wonder, though, if it’s all right.”

 “So far, so good,” I chuckled.

 “No,” she said, “I’m serious.  How come, if everything feels so good, it’s such a big secret.  Nobody seems to talk about this stuff.”

 “You and I talk about it,” I reminded her.  “Don’t you and your girlfriends talk about sex?  I’d be surprised if you didn’t.”

 “Oh, they hint around the edges.  From what I’ve learned, though, I’d say they’re probably mostly bored.  The most exciting thing was when Drew Needham came home for a nooner one day.” Laurie’s friend Tammy had married Andrew Needham about three years ago.  Tammy and Laurie managed to talk twice or three times a week.

 “And?” I prodded.

 “She was doing the laundry.  He backed her up on the washer and did her right there before getting a ham sandwich and going back to work,” Laurie explained.

 “A nooner,” I laughed.

 “Tammy thought it was very sexy in the middle of the day like that,” Laurie said.

 “Did you tell them about our Saturday nights?” I asked her.  “That would give them something to think about.”

 “I would think so,” she said.  “You think I should?”

 “Sure.  Tell them how it makes you feel.  Maybe they’ll want to try it.”

 Laurie worried a thumbnail for a second.  Then she shrugged.  “Well, since it’s only pretend, and it is fun,” she said, “it might be good for a laugh.  They won’t think we’re silly, will they?”

 “I doubt that.  If anything, I’ll bet they’ll be jealous.  After all, you’ve been getting strange cock for months and haven’t had to cheat once.”

 “I don’t ever want to cheat on you, Larry,” my wife said, seriously.

 “Then don’t,” I told her.  “Most cheating happens when somebody feels they’re not getting something they need.  All you have to do is be honest.  Tell me what you need and we’ll see to it.”

 We had guests with us for our Saturday night date.  Laurie’s talk at the coffee klatch of neighborhood wives stirred the interest of Trish and David. Trish asked Laurie if they could double with us so she could see my wife’s selection method in action.

 David and I would have been golf buddies if I played.  We knew each other marginally from the neighborhood.  They lived across the street and down three doors.  He did some sort of systems analysis for a corporate giant on the outskirts of town.  We both liked bourbon and Coors.  That sounded like enough to base a friendship on to me.

 His wife, Trish, was a knockout.  The thing is, she didn’t seem to be aware of the impact her blonde hair and gorgeous body had on the men around her.  Trish was the kind of woman who could stop a conversation just by walking in a room.  Still, she was incredibly sweet to everyone, demonstrated marvelous listening skills and seemed to hang on every word of whoever was speaking.  She seemed genuinely interested in what she was hearing and looked straight in the eye of the speaker with the most radiantly shining blue eyes I’d ever seen.  Laurie was beautiful.  Trish was stunning.

 We made small talk over dinner while Laurie scanned the bar area for likely candidates for our little game.  Trish played along as well, nudging Laurie if she thought she saw a prospect.  Laurie would either shake her head or grin and nod.  She told Trish that the ground rules she’d set for herself eliminated any man accompanied by another woman, those she considered too old or too young, and those who were obviously on the hunt.

 “That makes your selection pool a little tight, doesn’t it?” Trish giggled.

 “I’m very special,” Laurie answered.  “I’m not letting just anybody have this body.”

 “You’re so silly,” Trish said.  “He’s the only one getting any of that anyway.” She hooked her thumb at me.

 “Let me have my little illusion, will you?” Laurie sulked humorously.  We all laughed at her.  “Besides, you never know.  One day I might get up the guts to really try it.”

 “You wouldn’t!” Trish nearly screamed.

 Laurie shrugged.  “You never know.  Depends on the timing, I guess.  And, the guy.”

 “Larry!” Trish said to me.  “Are you hearing this?”

 “I heard,” I said, “and I agree completely.  It depends on the woman and the timing.”

 “Oh, wait just a minute,” Trish said, firmly, holding her hands up palms outward.  “Laurie never talked about you doing anything.”

 It was my turn to shrug.  “True.  That doesn’t mean that given the right circumstances it couldn’t happen.”

 Laurie looked at me a long time while Trish waved away the thoughts, shaking her head and babbling, “Uh-uh.  I can’t believe… That’d just be… No way.  You’re talking about wife-swapping.  What do they call it? Swinging.”

 I saw the smirk start to break over Laurie’s face.  She nodded her head. “I can imagine a situation like that.  It would be very special and unique, though, with someone I could really, really trust.”

 David shook his head slowly and seemed to concentrate on his dinner.  I looked at Laurie and nodded in his direction.  Laurie looked pensive for a moment, then gave me the shrug and head tilt that said, “Sure, why not?”

 I winked at my wife, then, fixed my eyes on Trish.  “So, David,” I said, “do you think you’d like to fuck my wife?”

 The silence was palpable.  Trish’s face went white.  I smiled.

 Laurie broke the impasse.  “You wanted to see how we do it, didn’t you?” she asked Trish.

 “Surely, you’re not that direct with everybody,” Trish responded.

 “True,” Laurie replied.  “Usually it’s more like this.

 “Larry,” she said turning toward me, “do you think that one would like to fuck me?” She pointed the heel of her fork toward David.

 “Then,” I added, “I find out his name.  After dinner we go home and play `Who’s Who?’.”

 “What’s that?” Trish asked.

 “We have jungle sex,” Laurie told her, “and Larry plays the role of the stranger.  I have to call him by the name he got from the man.  Tonight it will be David.”

 “You’re joking,” Trish scoffed.

 “It’s some of the best sex we’ve ever had,” Laurie shrugged.  “It works for us.” Laurie and I grinned at each other like a couple of sixth graders, full of anticipation for the evening’s activities ahead of us.

 “Don’t you feel jealous, Larry, knowing your wife is playing around with somebody else in mind?” Trish asked me.

 “I don’t,” I stated.  “Laurie comes back to me with the dawn.  She loves me.  I know that.  The other is just a physical thing.  It doesn’t change how we feel about each other.  Besides, I get the benefit of her abandon and fully sensual behavior.”

 Trish and David were silent as the waiter rotated around our table refilling wine glasses.  When he left, Trish gave us new insight into her personality.

 “So, you’re going to take my husband home with you tonight and do him?” she asked.

 Laurie laughed.  “Oh, heavens, no, darling,” she said.  “I’m going to take my husband home tonight and do him while he plays the part of your husband.”

 “I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want the genuine article,” she offered.

 “Trish,” David said, somewhat sharply.

 Trish looked at him and smiled sweetly.  “You’d do it, David.  I’m sure you would.  Look at her.  She’s beautiful, alluring, and intelligent.  Don’t you want to make love to Laurie?”

 David reddened.  “You’re embarrassing me, Trish.”

 “See?” Trish continued.  “He’d love to do you.”

 “That may be,” my Laurie responded, “but, it’s obvious you’re not ready.”

 “Me?” Trish cocked an eyebrow.  “Honey, I’d take on your best guy in a second.  What about you, Larry?  You want to make love to me?”

 “In your present state of mind, I’d better pass,” I said, trying to be as diplomatic as possible.  “For now, you’ll just have to remain a hazy fantasy for me.”

 “That would make a tremendous impact on the klatch tomorrow, though,” Trish said.  “Laurie and I swapped husbands last night.”

 “Then, let’s do it,” Laurie challenged her.

 “Laurie!” It was my turn to sound a little alarm bell.

 “Not for real,” Laurie said.  “Let’s role-play it.  You be David and David can be you with Trish.  Let’s try that first,” she suggested.

 “Would you be willing to do that?” I asked David.

 “Do the role-play thing?” he said.  “Yeah, sure.  I’ll give it a try.”

 “Is that okay with you, Trish,” I asked the blonde.

 “You do want to fuck me, then,” she said firmly.

 “Yes, darling,” I said.  “I’d love to fuck you.”

 “This is going to happen, you know,” Laurie confided to me on the way home.  “Trish won’t leave it alone until it happens.”

 “I always thought of her as so, I don’t know, passive, I guess.”

 “She appears that way.  But, she’s a bulldog when she gets hold of something.  She won’t let it go.”

 “Are you going to be all right with it?  I mean, we can just call a halt to it.”

 “Don’t you think it would be fun, though?”

 “I’m not sure.  Emotions were running pretty high tonight.”

 “Then act it out with me.  While you’re playing David, imagine I’m Trish. We’ll see how it works out.”

 I pondered the thought for a moment.  “So, I’ll be playing David, imagining you’re Trish.  So, David will be doing Trish?”

 “No, silly.  You’ll play David doing me.  You’ll imagine I’m Trish and you’re doing her.  It’s simple.”

 “I’m not sure I’ve got enough multiple personalities to handle all that at once.  For the sake of simplicity, I’ll do the David thing tonight.  We’ll try the Trish and Larry thing tomorrow night.”

 “How do you think David will make love to me?” Laurie asked.

 “You want me to tell you,” I laughed, “Or would you rather I just show you.”

 “Hurry up and get home,” she said.  “I’m all wet just thinking about it.”

 How David would make love to my wife became clear to her when we hit the bedroom.  He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her deeply.  “I’m a little bit nervous,” I whispered in her ear.  “I want this to be so good for you.”

 Laurie’s response was a little groan as David kissed her neck, working at the fasteners and catches that held her clothing on.

 “Just get naked,” she whispered.  “It will be faster if we do our own clothes.”

 We stripped.  My wife looked stunning in the dimness of our bedroom.  I fell to my knees as David, and wrapped my arms around her thighs.  Her hands found my head and she held it gently, allowing me to move my lips across her abdomen, placing tiny kisses all along the way.  When I reached her hips, my lips slid down the front of her thigh to her knee and back up.

  “Oh, David,” she whimpered.  “You’re teasing me.”

 “No, darling,” I whispered back.  “I’m just savoring the feel and flavor of your flesh.  No rush.”

 David kissed his way back across my wife’s abdomen, stopping to suck on her navel before trailing kisses down her other thigh to her knee.

 “Lie on the bed,” I ordered quietly.

 My wife backed toward the bed until she felt it on the back of her knees. She sat and then lay back.  Her hands once again found the top of my head.  I placed my hands between her knees and gently pulled them apart.  I resumed kissing the flesh of her thigh, only this time, I traveled up the inside until I could feel the brush of her vulva on my ear.

 “I’ve dreamed of kissing you like this for the longest time.  I placed my lips on her vulva, splitting them easily with my tongue.  I felt a shiver go through her body and a hiss of air escape her lips as I held her hips in my arms.

 “Oh, David,” she whispered.  “That feels so wonderful!”

 I licked and sucked her genitalia, savoring the musk of her dampness, pulling the tiny nub of her clitoris between my lips.  Her hips bucked as my tongue lapped at the firming bud.  On its downward travels my tongue probed for the opening of her hole, sliding the tip in and out several times before recapturing the blossom of her inner labia between my lips.  My tongue searched for the nub again, rubbing across it with the rough upper surface and sliding slickly along the underside.  Laurie’s hips rose and fell as we settled into a rhythmical pattern.

 “I’m ready for you,” she whispered.  “I want to feel your cock inside me.”

 “You must come, first,” I ordered, pulling my mouth away briefly.  “Come like this so I can taste your essence.” Then I placed my tongue back on her clit and Laurie thrust herself against the pressure.  It didn’t take her long.  I heard the keening sound she makes when beginning her orgasm and felt her hands holding my head in just the right position for her as she pushed herself against my tongue.

 “Yes, yes, yes, yes,” she said, in a voice just above a whisper.  “I’m coming,” she announced, pleading with me not to remove the pressure of my tongue.  “Put it in me,” she ordered.  “Put your tongue inside me.”

 I did as directed and felt the pulsations as her vaginal walls clamped around it while Laurie wept through her orgasm.  I had heard her scream and moan before, depending on the partner.  This was the first time I’d heard this cry.

 “Oh, my word!” Laurie said, when the pulsations passed.  “Do you think he will eat me like that?”

 “I would if it was me,” I admitted, breaking character for a moment.

 We lay in silence for a moment.  “I want you to fuck me, David,” she said.

 “Like this?” I asked, softly.  “Missionary?”

 “I want you to know I want it,” she said.  “Like this.” She rolled over and raised her ass high in the air.  “I want to be able to push back on you, David.  It’s not you fucking me as much as we’re fucking each other.”

 I stood and moved toward her.  She reached between her legs and grabbed my member.  She slid it up and down her damp slit, positioning it between her vulva just at the opening of her vagina.

 Who started what ended right there.  I couldn’t tell if she pushed onto me or I pushed into her.  It seemed a mutual movement to complete the joining.

 “What a lovely cock,” she said when she had it buried inside her.  “It fits me perfectly.”

 I placed my hands on her waist and pulled her hips toward me.  As she slid back onto my flesh, the vision flashed through my mind that this could be Trish.  Immediately, the nerves in my cock started to tingle as I tried to clarify each tiny sensation of the penetration.

 My wife’s voice penetrated the haze of my confusion.  “Oh, yes, David,” she said, her voice thick with need.  “Please, fuck me like that,” she urged.  “I love how it feels.”

 Though she was usually quiet in our love-making, this vocalization of her desire seemed to inflame my own passion.  I thrust hard into her, withdrawing after every stroke in anticipation of another penetration of her steamy nether lips deep into her hot love canal.

 “Oh, yes, please,” she groaned.  “Fuck me.  Fuck me like that.  It feels so good!”

 She met each of my thrusts with one of her own, rocking back to accept my plunging meat, seeking the fullness inside her.  I tried to match my rhythm to hers, timing my thrusts to her need, knowing she was getting closer to the ultimate climax.

 “Fuck me now, now, now,” she mewed, each word accompanied by a push toward me.  I felt the tightening of her muscles as she clamped on me.  I plunged against the pressure, knowing each push distended the opening, letting her feel the thickening of my meat as my own spasms rose from within me.  My thighs buzzed with the familiar feeling, the ache spreading upward until the spurts of my essence bathed the interior of her, jetting hot streams of come inside her.  I lurched into her a couple of more times before pulling her hips roughly to mine and holding her locked tightly as I poured the sticky mass into her deepest recesses.

 “That,” she panted, in breathless satisfaction, “was the best ever.”

 “Yes,” I replied, my own breath ragged from the exertion.  “I guess the coffee klatch tomorrow will get some interesting details on how David fucked you tonight.” 

 According to Laurie’s report, it was Trish who pressed for the most intimate details of the previous evening’s activities.

 “Really,” she said, “I think she was a little jealous.”

 “Did they try it?” I asked her.  “The role-play bit?”

 “Apparently so,” she replied.

 “And the result?” I prodded.

 “Left something to be desired, Trish told me,” she responded.

 “Really,” I said.

 “Hmmm,” Laurie hummed.  “Trish said she had trouble imagining David as you.  Something about the familiarity of his technique.”

 “That’s too bad,” I told her.

 Laurie smiled coyly.  “Oh, not really.  She’s decided she’ll need the real thing to determine if it’s worth continuing.”

 “Is that so?” I said, my chest getting tight at the concept.

 “We’ve agreed to pursue that idea over the next couple of days to see if we can settle on a plan that will work.”

 “Uh,” I mumbled, “This wasn’t the original idea, you know.”

 “I know,” my wife said.  “But, you’ve been a good and faithful husband for all these weeks, playing out these various scenarios.  I think you’re due a reward.  Think of it as our version of the `Football Follies.’ We’ll all get to realize our fantasies, including Trish.”

 “And what about David?” I asked.

 “I don’t know,” she admitted.  “Do you think he would like to fuck me?”


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The Opening Door - Chapter 2
My wife’s friend, Laurie K. told her this story. My wife suggested she tell me so that I could write her story, she was reluctant. It took several weeks before my wife convinced her to tell it to me. Once we got started, Laurie insisted her husband, Larry tell his side.
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