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Erotic Novels: The Opening Door – Chapter 5

  • February 11, 2015

Chapter 5 – The BBQ

Submitted to Allurestorm by Alden Bradley

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Laurie K.’s story as told to Alden Bradley

(My wife’s friend, Laurie K. told her this story.  My wife suggested she tell me so that I could write her story, she was reluctant.  It took several weeks before my wife convinced her to tell it to me.  I had to promise to be professional about it.  You can imagine how hard it was for me to keep my promise.  I did, though.  Eventually, though, I got my reward.)


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“You know what I found a huge turn-on the other night?” Larry asked Laurie over their morning coffee.

“Um, Kim?” Laurie teased.

Larry chuckled.  “Of course.  Trish, too.  But it was not knowing, the element of chance.”

“Really,” Laurie said.  “But, you had them all, eventually.”

“True enough,” Larry nodded.  “Still, not knowing who was going to come up first in the turns was really exciting.”

“I thought we were doing this so you could watch me get laid,” Laurie accused.

Larry smiled.  “That’s true.  I’m getting the best of both worlds.  I get to watch you and get laid as well.  Not a bad deal.”

“Suppose I said no more.  What if I told you that I was too jealous and you couldn’t have sex with them anymore?”

Larry shrugged.  “I guess I’d have to be satisfied just to watch you.  You think the girls would let you take me out of the picture like that?”

“Probably not,” Laurie admitted.  “You do have a growing band of admirers.  I never realized I was married to such a hot commodity.  According to Kim and Trish, screwing you was a highlight of the evening’s activities.”

“Please,” Larry groaned, “you’ll give me the big head.”

Laurie giggled.  “It wasn’t the size of the head, they told me.  It was your devotion to their pleasure that inspired them.”

“You know me,” he chuckled.  “Mister Nice Guy.”

“That’s why I love you,” she answered him, “why we all love you.”

“Aw, pshaw,” he said.  “Gee, shucks!  L’il ole me?”

“It’s true,” Laurie protested.  “Of course, I’ve made an impression as well.”

“Do tell,” Larry said.  “Tell me everything.”

“Well,” she began, “both girls tell me their men have become dynamos.  Trish accused me of changing her husband.”

“I can testify that sex with you can change a man,” Larry said.

“You really think so?  We’ve been married for six years.  It never seemed to make a difference back then.”

Larry nodded.  “That was making love, my darling.  We only started having sex in the last six months or so, after you found my magazines.  Don’t you think there’s been a dramatic change since then?”

Laurie smiled.  “I’d say.  It’s like this great, heavy door opened up and there’s a whole new world of excitement waiting to be explored.”

Larry kissed her lightly on the temple as he rose to prepare for work.  “That’s my girl,” he told her.  “I’ll never get tired of you exploring this new world you’ve discovered, as long as I get to come along for the ride.”

“Larry,” Laurie called, stopping him just before he left the room.  He turned.  “We’re okay, then?”

He nodded.  “I’ll make you a promise if you’ll reciprocate.  If, at any time, I feel like we’re headed for trouble, I’ll tell you.  Will you do the same?”

“I like what we’ve been doing.  I admit it,” she said.  “But, the most important thing to me is us.  I don’t want anything to happen to us.”

“Just tell me if you something bothers you.  That’s all you have to do.  As much fun as we’re having, I agree that our relationship is the most important thing.”

Laurie carried a selection of Larry’s magazines to that morning’s meeting of the coffee klatch.

“Early on,” she explained, “I got some ideas from these.  I thought you might come up with some thoughts reading some of the stories and letters.”

“Oh, my God!” Lindsay exclaimed, thumbing through one of the magazines.  “It’s porn!”

“Of course its porn,” Laurie said, spreading out the rest of the selections.  “You won’t find hotwives or swinging in Glamour!”

“Is that what we are?” Trish wanted to know, gingerly picking up one of the editions, “hotwives?”

“I can only speak for Larry, but, yes,” Laurie answered.  “You are definitely hot wives.”

Quiet descended on the group as they all started flipping the pages and selecting various stories to read.  The room stayed almost silent, punctuated by the occasional expression of surprise and delight.

“Barbecue,” Toni said finally, holding up her selection.  The other women looked at her expectantly.

“Go ahead,” Kim encouraged her.

“We’ll have a barbecue.  Then we’ll switch off and, you know, get laid.”

“Okay,” Laurie said slowly.  “That point being?”

“We all get to join in.  That way we don’t have to wait another month to join this hotwives club of yours.”

“Wait a minute,” Laurie protested.  “This isn’t my club…”

“You started it,” Trish reminded her.

“And you couldn’t wait to try it,” Laurie snapped back at her.  Trish giggled.

“Let’s face it,” Lindsay said, “there’s three of us waiting in line to get in on the action.  If we all join in this weekend, we’re in.”

“And, what happens once you’re in?” Laurie pressed.

“Sex, baby,” Toni told her.  “Lot’s of sex.”

“That’s right,” Kim agreed.  “Mine’s been very interested since that night.”

“So we’ve heard,” Laurie said.

“It seems,” Trish ventured, “ever since this weekend mine’s got sex on the brain.”

“That’s what I want,” Toni told them.  “I want mine thinking about it all the time.”

“I never realized how deprived you all were,” Laurie said.

“Well, you opened the door,” Kim said, “with your role-playing and all.”

“Just trying to keep my hubby happy,” Laurie replied.  She waved at the magazines.  “These gave me a pretty good indication of what lit his fire.”

“We need to plan this barbecue,” Toni said, “and make sure everybody is up for it.”  She cast a long glance at Lindsay.

“Is somebody having second thoughts?” Kim asked.

“It’s not me,” Lindsay said, defensively.  “I just don’t know if Dan will go for it.”

“Laurie and I will take care of Dan,” Trish told her.  “You just tell him that you expect him to have fun.”

“He’s awfully jealous, though,” Lindsay reminded them.

 “That’s okay, baby,” Kim said.  “He won’t be able to be jealous when somebody’s riding his cock.”

 Some three hours later the blonde lay naked on her bed, her knees raised and spread, cradling her husband’s head in her hands as he licked, nibbled, and kissed her nether lips.

 “You like that pussy, don’t you, baby?” Lindsay asked Dan, the warm buzz of his stimulation running up her belly.

 “Mmm-hmm,” he hummed, not pausing for a second from his efforts.

 “You like to eat it and you like to fuck it, don’t you?” she asked throatily.

 “Mmmmm,” he sighed in agreement.

 “Is it as good as Denise’?” she asked.

 Dan stopped abruptly.  He raised his head to look at his wife.

 “Don’t deny it,” Lindsay said, “and don’t stop.  I know you’ve been fucking her on those trips you take.”  Denise was Dan’s shapely administrative assistant and the two of them often traveled together on various overnight service trips.

 “Eat me, you cheating bastard,” she ordered her husband.

 Dan lowered his head and continued to lick and suck at his wife’s labia.

 “I don’t mind so much that you’ve been doing her,” Lindsay continued.  “It’s the cheating that hurts.  If you wanted to fuck her, why didn’t you just say so?”

 Dan paused.  “I didn’t want to hurt you.”

 “And you think it was better for me to find out from an anonymous phone call?”

 “I guess not.”

 “Do you love her, Dan?”

 “No, baby.  I was just getting laid.”

 “Keep eating, Dan.  I’m going to lay down the law.  I want you to lick and listen.”

 “I love licking you, Lindsay.”

 “Well, if you want to keep doing it you’re going to have to follow these rules.  First, no more fucking Denise without telling me first.  You can have her, but I’ve got to know.  Second, we’re going to that barbecue this weekend.  We’re both going to get laid.  You’re not to object, make a scene, or even mumble and objection.  It’s my turn, now.”

 “I guess I owe you that,” Dan told her.

 “Damned right, you do,” she hissed.  “Now, come up here and lie on the bed.  I’m ready to fuck you, now.”

 Dan rolled and slid up the bed as his wife rolled over and straddled him.

 “I don’t mind if you fuck her,” she said, sliding herself around his throbbing member.  “I’m just disappointed you think you have to cheat to do it.  I know men need some strange now and then to keep them happy.  Maybe our neighborhood arrangement will satisfy some of that urge.  Then, you can have her when you’re on the road.”

 “I’ll never cheat on you again,” Dan promised.  “I love you and want you to be happy.”

 Laurie had made little hearts of different colored construction paper.  Each couple was instructed to draw dissimilar colors upon their arrival.  The first order of business was, of course, to match up the color with the partner for the evening.

 When Marta found her partner was to be Larry, she hiked herself on a stool at the bar where the host was preparing the pitchers of Marguerites.

 “So, you’re pink,” she said, almost defiantly.

 “Yeah,” Larry answered.  “You got to be sure of your virility to take pink.”

 “You volunteered?” she asked him.  “Here, let me have a shot of that.”  She took the shot of tequila and knocked it back.

 “Yeah.  I volunteered.”

 “Was it because of me?” Marta asked.

 Larry stopped and looked directly at her.  Then, he smiled.  “I’d like to be able to say it was, but the truth is, I didn’t know who else was pink until you came through the door and picked it.”

 “Hmph,” Marta grumped.  “Hit me again, here.”

 “You trying to get drunk to dull the agony?”

 Marta knocked back the shot.  She slapped the glass down on the bar.  “Nope.  To tell the truth, I’m scared as shit.  You going to want to fuck me?”

 Larry laughed.  He poured another measure into the shot glass.  “Here,” he said.  “One more for courage.”

 Marta grinned at him.  “Thanks,” she said, and tilted her head back and poured the golden liquid into her mouth.  “Well?”

 “I am thrilled you pulled pink,” he told her.  “It’s my goal to spend the evening doing everything I can to make you scream, whimper and moan in ecstasy.  Want to play?”

 “I’ve been married to Mitch for eight years and I never cheated on him.  He’s going to be doing Trish tonight after drooling over her for the past two years.  Hell, yes, I want to play.”

 “Vengeance, huh?” Larry said.

 “Nope,” Marta told him.  “Just some well-deserved self-esteem.”

 “Touché” Larry said.

 “You know what else?” Marta said, her words the tiniest bit slurred by the booze.  “I’m going to love it when he watches your come spurt down my throat.  He thinks he’s the only one that gets that treatment.  But, tonight, it’s your turn.”

 Larry chuckled.  “You better slow down on the Tequila, though.  Can’t have you passing out.”

 “I’m done now,” she said.  “Not scared at all, anymore.  Now I’m drinking lemonade and club soda for the rest of the night.  You be okay?”

 “I’m fine,” Larry said to her, grinning broadly.

 Marta crooked a finger at him conspiratorially.  Larry leaned toward her.  “I’m going to love fucking you tonight,” she whispered.  Then she kissed him lightly on the cheek.

 “Me, too,” Larry whispered back, then grabbed the tray with the pitcher and glasses and headed toward the patio.

 Laurie had organized the neighbors into working parties to cook, chop, prepare and serve the barbecue and various side dishes.  Teams were based on the pairings for the evening so there was a lot of good natured kidding and touching throughout the preparation activities.  David and Toni made up the place settings while Ken and Lindsay worked on the tossed salad.  Marshall and Kimberly assembled the tables and set out chairs.  Laurie and Dan supervised, while Mitch and Trish actually oversaw the barbecue.  Laurie left Marta and Larry to tend the bar.

 It was a well-oiled machine that had the barbecue served and eaten within two hours, all of which was lubricated by various concoctions prepared by the host and his willing assistant.  Larry kept an eye on Marta who, true to her word, avoided any additional alcohol and gradually sobered to a state of mellow anticipation.  She kept sneaking kisses on Larry’s face and neck, and whispering promises of stimulation and delight.

 The sun was just setting as Marshall and Kimberly dragged out large garbage bags to collect their trash.  As they circulated, Dan leaned forward and looked at his wife, Lindsay.  “What now?” he asked.

 “Well,” Laurie interjected, “we all have our partners identified…”

 “And tactically mapped out,” Toni joked.

 “We can adjourn to the den for the wide-screen video…”

 “Football!” Mitch hollered.

 “Not exactly,” Larry said.

 “No,” Laurie continued.  “It is a video that is appropriate for the event.”

 “Aha!” Marshall quipped.  “Porn!”

 Larry laughed.  “The ladies prefer the term adult entertainment.”

 “Beside the den,” Laurie went on, “we have the finished rec room in the basement, and there are three bedrooms for those who might prefer a degree of privacy.”

 “Bedroom!” Trish called out.  “David’s already seen me get laid.  I just want a bed.”

 “Anyone else?” Laurie asked.  The room was silent.  “Okay.  We’ll play it by ear.  Let’s adjourn to the den.”

 Larry snuggled up to Marta and whispered in her ear.  “Isn’t Mitch with Trish?”

 Marta hummed an assent.

 “Isn’t that going to ruin your plan for him to watch you…you know?” he whispered.

 Marta turned toward him and floated into his arms.  “I’ll fix it,” she said, and kissed him squarely on the mouth, slipping her tongue between his lips.  She sucked his lips between hers two times before spinning out of his hold and going up to Trish.  The two women whispered in conspiracy for a few seconds before Marta returned to Larry.

 “What did you tell her?” he asked.

 She put her hands on either side of his face, allowing him to wrap his arms around her waist.  “I told her I wanted him to watch me fuck you,” she said.  “We’re joining them in their bedroom.”  Then, she kissed him softly.  “Okay with you?”

 “Makes me excited just thinking about it,” Larry said.

 Marta turned in his arms and led him down the hall, following her husband and the blonde he’d drawn as a partner for the evening’s activities.  The room featured a king-sized bed.  Trish and Marta took hold of the covers and stripped them off the bed.

 “I think we’re ready,” Trish said, taking hold of the bottom of her tank top and pulling it over her head.

 “Oh, my,” Mitch moaned as her breasts burst into sight from the containment of her garment.  “I knew they’d be marvelous,” he said, “but these are better than I imagined.”  He slid his hands up her belly and cupped the large masses, running his thumbs over the distended nipples.

 “Would you mind,” Marta whispered to Larry, turning her back toward him and clasping her hands over his, guiding them to the hem of her top.

 “I’d be delighted,” Larry whispered back, pulling the cloth up her torso, over her breasts and over her head.  Underneath he saw a delicate pink brassiere pushing her tantalizing masses of flesh up and together.  Larry hooked his thumbs in the shoulder straps and pulled them down her arms.  Her globes burst free as he pulled the cups away from her body.

 Trish had pushed her own shorts down her legs and was standing in front of Mitch with only the navy-blue thong on her body.  She worked at the single button holding his polo shirt near his neck.

 “You need to get undressed,” she ordered Mitch.  “I want you naked.”

 She stepped back from him and nodded as he ripped the shirt over his head and attacked the buttons and zipper of his trousers.  When he pushed down his briefs, Trish imitated his movements and shoved her thong down her thighs, kicking them off her ankles.

 Marta and Larry were locked in an embrace, their lips and tongues seeking each other out as their hands explored the flesh of their partner.

 “You’re making me hard,” Larry told her.

 Marta slid her hand between his legs and caressed the bulge of his cock.

 “I can feel it,” she whispered.  “I want it.”  With a lingering touch, she released him and stripped off the remainder of her clothing.  “You, too,” she ordered him.

 Mitch was busy licking and sucking Trish’s breasts as the pair stood near the bed.

 “Come,” Trish whispered.  “Let’s lie down.”  She backed toward the bed and pulled Mitch with her.  She sat down on the edge and then lay back, holding her arms toward her partner.  Mitch knelt next to the bed and leaned across the blonde, his lips and tongue seeking out the pink, distended flesh of her nipples.

 Marta sat on the edge of the same bed.  She twisted around to watch her husband for a second, then motioned Larry to come toward her.

 “Stand here,” she directed him, reaching out to take his half-erect member into her warm, soft hands.  She stroked it gently, a beguiling smile spreading across her face.  “This is a nice one,” she observed.  She gently kissed the hood of the first strange cock she’d held since she and Mitch had married.  Her tongue licked across the tip and she hummed in anticipation and delight.

 She looked up at Larry, standing in front of her with his hands on his hips.  In a moderately loud voice she said, “Mitch says I do this very well.  I hope you agree.”  Then, with no pretense at all, she fed the rubbery flesh of his rod between her lips, sucking his length into her mouth and tonguing along the bottom of the firming meat.

 Larry was shocked when he felt himself being sucked deep into her throat.  He could hear Marta’s breathing as she swallowed, took a breath through her nose and swallowed again.  The pressure of her muscles on his cock was delicious, and he groaned in appreciation.

 Apparently Mitch had heard his wife’s statement.  He was watching as Marta devoured Larry’s cock.  “Oh, yeah, man,” he moaned.  “She gives the best head.  I know you’re going to love it.”

 Larry just smiled as the blood continued to engorge his member.

 Marta was enthusiastic and expert.  She licked Larry’s length, suck him between her lips, assaulted the enveloped flesh with her tongue, sucking and licking him until he was firm and rigid.

 “You know what I want,” Marta said gruffly, releasing him for a moment.  She placed her hands around his meat close to his belly and sucked his member back into her mouth.

 Mitch could barely take his eyes off his wife as she devoured Larry’s cock.  He felt a pang of jealousy shimmer in his belly.  Only the hands of Trish on his head, drawing him back to the soft flesh of her tits and the firm nipples topping those creamy mounds assuaged the negative feelings in his gut.  I’ve got this beautiful collection of womanhood at my lips, he reasoned.  Why shouldn’t Marta enjoy the treats of the man chance had chosen as her partner.

 Larry groaned aloud as Marta’s tongue flicked along the underside of his cock just below the head.  “Oh, fuck, yes!” he groaned.

 “Tell me when you’re ready to come,” Marta whispered.  “I want him to watch.”

 “Soon,” Larry gasped.  “Not just yet, but soon.”

 Marta hummed as she again devoured his raging, rock-hard cock.

 “Oh, geez!” Larry wailed.

 Marta grinned.  Her hand masturbated the root of his rod as her lips slid back and forth on the flesh.  This is more like it, she thought, a nice, hard cock, ready to swell and spurt in her mouth.  This will drive Mitch crazy, but not as much as watching his come squirt onto her lips, between them, and onto her extended pink tongue.  She’d been planning this for days.

 “Oh, Gawd, Marta!” Larry gasped tightly.  “Here it comes.”

 She released him from her mouth, continuing to pump him with her hand.  She looked into his eyes, urging him on.  “Watch this, Mitch,” she called out at last.

 Her husband turned his head just in time to see Larry’s first spurt splash against her lips and dribble slowly toward her chin.  She quickly licked it up with her tongue and opened her mouth.  Larry’s next eruption was much stronger.  Mitch saw the grey fluid squirt from his cock and land on his wife’s tongue.  She moved her head forward to enclose the head of Larry’s cock between her lips.  She sucked and swallowed as Larry continued to pulse his essense into to her welcoming, waiting mouth.

 Larry groaned with his release, and Marta redoubled her efforts, stroking the underside of his meat with her tongue, milking the viscious fluid from his rod.  Larry shuddered, and Marta led his member slide slickly from between her lips.

 “Good?” she asked him.

 “Oh, yeah,” he answered.

 “You like it, Mitch?” she asked her husband.

 He grinned at her.  “The hottest.”

 Marta chuckled.  “Thought you might like seeing what it’s like when I suck you off,” she told him.

 “Say,” Trish complained.  “Are you planning to play with me, Mitch, or just watch your wife perform?”

 “Hmmm?” Mitch hummed.  “Oh, play with you, definitely.”

 “Then how about getting serious and eating my pussy?” Trish suggested.

 “Oh, yeah,” Mitch moaned, allowing himself to slide down her body until his lips and tongue were in reach of her moist, warm pussy.

 Marta slid herself next Larry’s ear.  “Thank you,” she whispered.

 “Hmmm,” Larry hummed.  “I, uh, gonna need a few minutes to recover from that one.” He grinned at her.

 “That’s fine,” she smiled at him.  “The only thing better than having him watch me fuck you is going to be the feeling of having your cock inside me.”

 “You seem to be catching on to this,” Larry told her.

 “You sure you don’t want some privacy?” Laurie asked Marshall.

 “I’m good,” Marshall told her, cocking an eye over her head to see what his wife was up to.

 “You know, you’re allowed to indulge yourself without worrying about her,” Laurie reminded him.  “You don’t see me getting all uptight about what Larry’s up to.”

 Marshall’s eyes flickered back and forth between the vision of his wife and the delectable Laurie sitting next to him.  He nodded quickly.  His nostrils flared as he watched Toni attack David and Dan.

 “I thought we were each paired up with just one,” he said to Laurie.

 Laurie looked toward Toni, who was naked on the sofa, earnestly kissing Dan while caressing David’s hard meat.  Dan had his hand between Toni’s legs and was doing his best to manipulate her toward an orgasm.  Kim, meanwhile, was eagerly sucking Dan’s cock while David plunged his fingers into Kim’s quivering quim.

 Laurie ran her hand up Marshall’s leg, allowing it to pause over the bulge in his trousers cause by his own turgid member.  “We are,” she whispered to him, “but that doesn’t mean they can pair up if they like.”

 “It appears as if she like it,” Marshall nodded.

 “Why don’t you,” Laurie whispered, “take off these shorts so I can distract you from what they’re doing?”

 Marshall seemed to move as if in a trance as he stood up, shucked his shorts, and returned to his seat.  In the meantime, Laurie had removed her own top and caressed her breasts.

 “You like how that feels?” she asked him, rubbing his hard rod across the smooth flesh of her mounds.

 “Mmm-hmmm,” Marshall hummed.  His hands reached out to cup her breasts.  Laurie brushed his cock across her flesh, noticing the tip left a small smear of pre-cum.

 “Marshall, baby,” she purred.  “You’re cock wants to fuck me.  I’m just not sure your mind is with us.”

 It was as if he had to pull away from a strong adhesive, but he drew his attention toward Laurie.  He looked down at her as she swiped his meat across the soft flesh of his meat.

 “I can’t believe you’re holding my cock,” he told her.  “I never dreamed.”

 Laurie smiled up at him  “How about this?” she asked.  “You ever dream about this?”  Without a moment’s hesistation she opened her mouth and pushed his cock between her lips.  She clamped her lips and tongue down on him and attempted to milk out another dose of pre-cum with the pressure of her tongue.

 Marshall gasped.  Laurie chuckled.  Marshall was, she admitted, the most withdrawn among the men in their group.  Toni had warned her.  But, she had also impressed on Laurie the fantasy Marshall finally admitted.

 “It was like pulling teeth to get it out of him,” Toni had said.  “I finally got him to focus enough to tell me he had a fantasy of fucking your tits and coming in your mouth.”

 “I can do that,” Laurie had assured her, “if that’s what it takes.”

 “He was afraid I’d be pissed his fantasy was about you,” Toni had told her, shaking her head.  “Hell, what’s a fantasy for?”

 In an oversized easy chair in the corner of the room, Lindsay sat nearly on top of her partner for the evening, Kim’s husband, Ken.  Her head lay on his shoulder and her left hand rested gently on his thigh.  She sighed, contendedly.

 “This is so comfy,” she told him softly.

 Ken chuckled.  “Quite a view, too,” he laughed

 “Is it?” she asked. 

“Um-hmm,” he answered.  “You’re hubby’s worked himself into a foursome with David, Toni and Kim.”

 “Are you watching your wife?” Lindsay wanted to know.

 Ken lifted his hand to draw a finger down the line of her jaw to her chin.  “Not really,” he said.  “Just the panorama.”

 “Is he having fun?  Dan, I mean?”

 “Seems so.”

 “Good,” she said, pushing herself up from the chair.  “Then he won’t mind this.”  She stood in front of Ken and tugged off her tank top.  She grinned at him.  “Like these?”

 “Oh, yeah,” Ken said.  “Extreemly nice.”

 “And this?” she purred at him, pushing her shorts down to reveal her smoothly shaven pussy.

 “Uh-huh!” Ken said.

 “You want to kiss it?” Lindsay asked coyly.

 “Yeah, I do,” he grinned at her.

 “Then get naked, baby.  Fair is fair,” she said.

 Ken stood in front of her hand ripped his polo shirt over his head and slid his khaki shorts to his ankles.  Lindsay noticed his cock was beginning to stir, but still managed to hang against his thigh.

 “Come here, sweetie,” she whispered, taking Ken’s head in her hands and guiding him to the full mound of her left breast.  Ken bent slightly at the waist and delicately licked and sucked the nipple between his lips.  Lindsay sighed, and moved his head toward her right breast.  Ken complied willingly. After allowing him a few moments of suckling, Kim pulled him up to her.  She put her lips close to his and softly said, “Now, darling, you can kiss my lips, up here and down there.”  She pressed her mouth against him, opening slightly as she felt his tongue press for admittance to her mouth.  The knot in her belly seemed to swell as she felt his tonuge play along her teeth and duel with her own tongue.  She pulled back gently.  “Now,” she whispered.  “Taste me.”

 Ken dropped to his knees.  His arms encircled her hips, hands grasping the soft firmness of her buttocks, pulling her toward him.  He pressed his lips against her vulva and kissed her gently.  He released his liplock for only a second before returning to contact the soft flesh and then extended his tongue to pierce the folds of her labia.

 Lindsay moaned softly as his tongue brushed across the erect nub of her clitoris.  She wrapped her hands around the back of his head and pulled him into her.  She caressed his ears, head and neck as Ken continued to assault her sensitive flesh with his tongue.  “Ooo!” she moaned.  “You do that so nice.”

 Ken smiled and looked up at her.  “It’s so soft and delicate,” he whispered hoarsly.  “I could kiss you here forever.”

 “Hmmm,” Lindsay said, “but then we’d never get to the fucking.  You do want to fuck me, don’t you?”

 “Oh, yeah,” Ken said, “but first I want some more of this.”  With that he leaned back into her and tenderly licked and sucked at the folds, creases, and hardening nub his tongue encountered.

 “You want to fuck my tits, Marshall?” Laurie purred.

 “Toni told you,” Marshall said miserably.

 “She did.  I think it’s hot.  But, you have to tell me when you’re going to come so I can get you in my mouth.”

 “Oh, mercy,” Marshall moaned.

 Laurie lay on her back and pressed her globes together.  “Come kneel down here, Marshall,” she invited him.

 Marshall straddled her prone body and placed his meat in the crevice between her breasts.  Laurie tilted her head down so she could lick the tip of his cock each time it appeared from under her flesh.  Marshall groaned, bucking his hips faster and faster.

 “I hope you can recover quickly,” Laurie told him.  “My night won’t be complete until you fuck my pussy.”

 Again, Marshall groaned.

 “Don’t forget to tell me, baby,” Laurie whispered.  “I want to taste your come.”

 “Now!” Marshall yelled.  “Sweet Jesus, now!”

 Laurie spread her lips and waited for Marshall to put his cock in her mouth.  He seemed frozen.  Laurie reached across her breast and grabbed his meat, jamming it into her mouth and began to suck his searing flesh.  An observer would have thought Marshall was in agony from the look on his face.  His thighs burned like he had pockets full of hot embers.  He wailed, and Laurie felt the first hot spurt of come splash into her mouth.  She sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, and sucked and swallowed again as Marshall unloaded his full load of fantasy-fulfillment between her lips.

 “Oh, God,” he moaned.  “I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  Please forgive me.  I’m so sorry.”

 Lauried pushed back on his shoulders, confused, and not a little irritated.

 “What are you talking about, Marshall?  I thought that’s what you wanted?”

 “I know, I know,” he said.  “But, I didn’t mean to demean you.  I just…it was just a fantasy.  I hope you won’t hate me.”

 Laurie began to laugh.  “Marshall, baby, I’m not mad at you.  I liked it.  I like you loving my tits and I liked sucking the come out of you.  That’s not demeaning.  It’s fun!”

 Marshall looked perplexed.  “But, the films.  It looks like…I don’t know.  It’s just…I don’t want you to hate me.”

 “I don’t hate you!”  Laurie sat up and licked a stray dribble of his come off her lip.  “We’ve got a lot of work to do with you, Sweetheart.  You’re going to have to learn that we do this because we like it; we love it.  We love sex, Marshall.  All of us.  And we’re counting on you to help us get satisfied.  So, just tell us what you’d like and, I’ll bet, in most cases, we’ll be glad to accommodate you.”

 Poor Toni, Laurie thought.  How had she endured this lack of self-confidence?  It probably explained why she was so strong, opinionated and forceful, she decided.  They all had a mission now to fuck Marshall into a state of self-esteem and confidence.

 “Let’s go into the kitchen and get another glass of wine,” she suggested.  “When we come back, by then you might be ready to screw me right and proper.”

 “If that’s what you want,” he said.

 “Oh, it is, Marshall.  Believe me.  I want you to fuck me.”

 Laurie smiled as her eyes consumed the vision in front of her as she led Marshall to the kitchen.  His wife had rotated so that David could enter her while she joined Kim in licking Dan’s hardness.  David continued to plunge his fingers into Kim as she knelt next to Toni and sucked on Dan’s member.

 “They’re into it,” Laurie commented to Marshall.

 “Yeah,” he said softly watching his wife accept the thrusts of David while attending to the turgid flesh of Dan.  He shook his head, smiled, and followed the delectable figure of Laurie into the kitchen.

 Marta lay on her back on the bed, gasping and trying to recover.  Larry regrouped more quickly than she’d expected and lasted much longer than she anticpated.  She had lost count of the number of orgasms she’d experienced as Larry stood at the side of the elevated bed and plunged his stiff cock into her for what seemed like a delicious eternity.  Trish and Mitch had long ago consumated their union, Trish begging him to fuck her after an extended period of him consuming and tonguing her pussy.

 “I’m gonna scream if I don’t get some cock in there,” she told Mitch.  “Please, for God’s sake, come up here and fuck me.”

 They’d coupled in the familiar missionary position, and Mitch gave a good account of himself before blasting his load deep inside his partner.  Once they’d taken time to catch their breath, they watched as Larry plowed the furrow of Mitch’s wife.

 “One of Marta’s blowjobs will do that to you,” Mitch commented to Trish.  “It drains you but gives you incredible endurance.”

 “I’ll have to remember that,” Trish said.

 “Did I come too quick for you?” he asked concerned.

 Trish cupped his face in her hand.  “No, darling.  It was great.  I just hope we can do some recreational fucking in a little while.”

 Marta looked toward her husband.  Through her labored breathing she managed to get out, “Did you get laid?”

 Mitch smiled.  “I did, and very nicely, thank you.”

 “Whoo,” Marta whistled.  “Me, I just got royally fucked.”

 “I saw,” Mitch nodded.  “You looked great.”

 “I’m gonna need a drink,” Larry told them.  “Anybody else?”

 “Sounds good,” Trish said.  “Let’s all go.”  She tossed Marta a towel, and stood next to the bed, her hands beconing Mitch to join her.

 As the four walked through the rec room on the way to the kitchen they were confronted by various scenes of their friends and spouses enjoying themselves in a multitude of endeavors.

 “Oh, my!” Trish exclaimed as she caught sight of her husband kneeling behind Toni, his cock sliding slickly in and out of her exposed pussy.  Kim lay underneath the coupled pair, her tongue and lips engaged in licking David’s cock as he pistoned Toni’s glistening quim.  Dan was positioned crosswise between her Kim’s legs, his cock buried in her as his fingers maniuplated her clit.

 “Now that’s fun,” Marta said, observing Ken and Lindsay engaged in a session of sixty-nine, with Lindsay kneeling above the prostrate body of Ken, sucking and licking his now stiff member as he continued to feast on her delectable portions.

 “That’s what I’m talking about,” Larry grinned.  His wife was half laying, half sitting on the sofa with her legs splayed as Marshall knelt in front plunging his meat into her.  Lauries eyes were closed, so she didn’t notice her husband observing her activities.  She was gently biting her lip and her breasts jiggled as if delighted with the action of Marshall’s eager thrusts.  Larry turned to Marta and whispered, “I just love watching her fuck.”

 “Well, tear yourself away, stud,” she whispered back.  “Somebody promised me a glass of wine, and I really need it.”

 Larry led the way to the kitchen and his three naked companions joined him in the promised libations.  Both Trish and Marta seemed completely relaxed sitting at the breakfast bar in the altogether sipping from their glasses.

 “Well,” Trish said, “that’s everybody.”

 “Is it?” Larry asked.

 “Yep,” Trish nodded.  “Marta, Toni and Lindsay were the last.  Marshall, Dan and Mitch, here, too.”

 “Uh-huh,” Larry grunted.

 “I wonder what will happen now?” Trish posed.

 “What do you mean?” Mitch wanted to know.

 “You supposed somebody’s going to get pissed off and won’t want to do this anymore?”

 “Well, it won’t be me,” Marta stated definitively.

 “Yeah,” Mitch added, “I think Marta and me are up for more.”

 “So you think we’ll do something like this again?” Trish said.

 “Isn’t this your second or third go at this?” Larry asked.  “You seem to keep coming back.  You pissed that David’s getting laid?”

 Trish giggled.  “Not me.”

 “The unknowns are Toni, Marshall, Lindsay and Dan, then,” Marta observed.

 “Well, they all seem to be having a good time,” Mitch noted.

 “The key,” Larry said, “will be tomorrow.  When they’re alone and talking about what happened, that will decide whether or not they’ll continue.”

 “What I’d like to know,” Mitch said, “is how the hell all this got started, anyway.”

 Marta and Trish looked meaninfully at Larry.  “Actually,” Marta said, “it’s all his fault.”

 “Have I told you recently how much I love you?” Larry asked his wife as they sat together in their breakfast nook the following morning

 Laurie smiled at him.  “In passing, I think,” she answered.

 “Well,” he said, “I want to do it intentionally.  I love you, Laurie.”

 A little grin spread over her face as Laurie sipped at her steaming cup of coffee.  “I love you, too, Sweetheart,” she told him.  She leaned back in her chair.  “Did anything in particular happen to bring on this expression of affection?”

 “Well, I saw you and Marshall yesterday.  It was very hot.  And, Mitch.  He couldn’t get enough of you.  You looked absolutely beautiful.”

“Why, thank you, darling.  Mitch was very ardent, wasn’t he?”

 “I’ve been thinking over the events of the past year.  You know, I’m not sure that what has happened to us wouldn’t have torn apart any number of relationships.  But, it’s important that you know that I love you and I don’t regret anything.”

 Laurie nodded.  “Strange, though, isn’t it?”

 Larry chose his words carefully.  “I don’t think it’s particularly strange.  I’d describe what I’ve seen happen to you as wonderful, liberating, empowering, and delightful.  As far as I’m concerned, you have grown over the past year into a perfect woman.”

 “Really?” Laurie said.  “How so?”

 “Because, you are decisive and candid.  You appear confident in your own sexuality.  You know what you want and pursue it.  You satisfy your own needs and still manage to be considerate of your partners.  That includes me.  Even though you connect with others, you still appeal to me.  And, that seems to empower you.  Because of all that, I love you, passionately, doggedly, and entirely.”

 “But now it’s time to stop?” Laurie asked him.

 Larry looked quizzically at her.  “After all this effort?  I mean, bringing all those folks into the circle was no mean feat.  You want to quit now?”

 Laurie laughed.  “No, darling.  I thought you might want me to quit.”

 He shook his head.  “You quit when you want to.  My wish for you is that you enjoy your life.  If it works for you, then it works for me.”

 She let out a long sigh of relief.  “I’m really having fun,” she said.  “I like what we’re doing.”

 “So, I guess we’ll be doing more barbecues?”

 “Besides,” she said softly, “do have to remind you that this was all your idea.  Remember your magazines?  You’re the one who opened this door.”


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