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Erotic Novels: Bosom Buddies – Chapter 6

  • March 21, 2015

Chapter 6 – The Cabin

Submitted to Allurestorm by Kenneth Pierce

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“And you turned her down?!” Amy sat bolt upright, her jaw hanging open in shock. I just nodded, glancing around the room to take in the equally disbelieving reactions of Talia, Stephanie, and Elizabeth. Reeling from what had just transpired, I’d called the four of them over to my house immediately upon getting home from my fight with Corrine.

While the others assaulted me with questions, Elizabeth calmly scooted over to my side and gave me a calming, comforting hug. Little by little, I started to calm down. Liz didn’t care about the sordid specifics of what had happened, she just saw that I was unhappy and wanted to cheer me up. That girl never spared a thought for herself, only others. To a fault, sometimes. But that was who she was, and she couldn’t help it.

I looked down at Elizabeth’s gorgeous face, suddenly overtaken by the urge to give her a grateful kiss on the lips—but her eyes were closed, the positioning was kind of awkward, and everyone was watching—so I let the moment pass.

Sensing that Liz had made the right call, the other three joined in on the hug, enveloping me with the sweet softness of their bodies. Then we all moved on with our day.

Corrine and I stopped talking after that fight. Part of me missed her terribly, but I was way too angry to go anywhere near her.

The following week, when Rachel offered to let us all stay at her family’s cabin in the mountains over spring break, I couldn’t shake my disappointment over the fact that Corrine would not be joining us. If you’d asked me, I would have told you I didn’t even want her around—but that was a lie. I did want her around. I desperately wanted her around. I just wanted it to be the version of her that hadn’t humiliated me.

Still, I couldn’t help but cheer up a bit when Rachel quietly informed the rest of us that her parents would be in Maui during our break, NOT at the cabin with us. I would be spending the entire week alone with six other horny, unsupervised teenagers—five of them beautiful girls.

For the trip up, we split everyone into two carloads: Stephanie would take Simon, Amy, and Elizabeth in her station wagon, while I would take Talia and Rachel in my beat up minivan. On the morning of departure, things were looking up. The rain had died down to a light drizzle, the sun was starting to peek out and say hello, and I couldn’t help but enjoy the fact that my two passengers both looked absolutely gorgeous.

Talia was celebrating the bit of sunshine by showing off her body: a belly shirt, a miniskirt, and knee-high boots. Her long, raven hair was up in incongruously childish pigtails.

Tiny little Rachel, while not exactly possessing the “knock out” body that my other friends had, nonetheless had a kind of feisty, daring energy about her that I had always found incredibly sexy. She was wearing a purple baby tee to match her latest hair color, and beneath it bounced a pair of nice, yummy tits—not too big, but sizeable enough it was easy to imagine them filling my hands. I tried not to stare at those puppies, but what can I say? Motion is eye-catching, and she wasn’t wearing a bra.

They decided to share the backseat for the duration of the drive, so they could “snuggle.”

As soon as we got on the highway, the rain came back, full force. Driving through it took every bit of my concentration. For the safety of all, I couldn’t allow myself to be distracted, even for an instant—

Rachel and Talia were making out in my back seat.

Soft, feminine lips teased each other. Slender fingers intertwined as they excitedly licked and nipped at each other’s necks. Seriously, you try keeping your eyes on the road through all that.

After I almost smashed us into a tree, I asked that they please tone it down. But instead of listening to me, Talia just smirked and promptly stripped off her belly shirt—putting her big, creamy breasts on display beneath a skimpy black bra. She kept kissing her girlfriend, tugging Rachel’s petite little hands against her shapely chest, deliberately adding some moans into the mixture for my benefit.

I bet Stephanie’s carload of Elizabeth, Amy, and Simon were all singing Disney songs and telling jokes. Fun, easy, the drive passes in the blink of an eye, right?

Things were not so easy for me.

A quick glance in my mirror showed Talia pulling Rachel’s cargo pants down past a pair of unexpectedly feminine lace panties.

I tried valiantly to keep both eyes on the road as Rachel straddled Talia’s lap, giving the sensuous, exotic teenager easy access to her adorable butt—which was pointed right at me. If I’d wanted, I could have easily reached my hand back twelve inches or so and given Rachel’s ass a nice grope…

Argh! The blare of an air horn yanked my eyes back to the road just in time for me to avoid colliding head-on with a semi-truck. I cursed my stupidity, realizing I had been so distracted by the girls in my back seat that I’d briefly drifted into the oncoming lane.

But they still didn’t stop going at it! If anything, our near brush with death just got those two ladies even hotter for one another.

Fuck it.

I pulled onto the side of the road and set the parking brake. If these girls were so anxious to put on a show, then I figured I might as well kick back and watch. Sensing we’d stopped, Rachel threw her head back over her shoulder and shot me a naughty grin—

Which is precisely when Talia sucked Rachel’s tit into her mouth. The petite girl gasped in surprise, then instantly melted into her own pleasure, tiny hands grabbing hold of Talia’s pigtails. I watched with fascination as Talia dragged her tongue across the pointed nipples of her lover’s braless tits, teasing through the thin fabric of Rachel’s shirt.

Rachel was in absolute heaven, her achingly pretty face tense with pleasure. Her hips writhed involuntarily on her girlfriend’s lap, anxious for some attention. But Talia just kept teasing, her slender fingers dipping between Rachel’s legs and ever so softly brushing across the girl’s lace underwear.

Impatient, Rachel stabbed a hand down the waistband of her panties and began strumming her own clit, punctuating each jerk of her wrist with a loud whimper.

The erection in my jeans turned to steel.

Talia slipped a hand beneath the lace of her lover’s underwear and pushed her middle finger up—inside—zapping Rachel’s body as though she had just plugged into a light socket. Talia’s free hand squeezed Rachel’s sweet ass, Talia’s wet tongue teased Rachel’s soft tits, and Rachel’s own fingers expertly diddled her hot clit…


Rachel came suddenly—a back arching, hip thrusting orgasm—then collapsed atop Talia, her satisfied moans muffled by her lover’s shoulder. While Rachel recovered, Talia gently stroked the girl’s wild purple hair and smiled at me. She was as happy as anyone I’d ever seen.

After a minute, Rachel recovered, kissing Talia’s lips before letting her body slip down to the floor, kissing every exotic inch of Talia’s body as she went.

Talia groaned as Rachel licked her way up those smooth, shapely thighs…

Not saying a word, Rachel snaked her hands up beneath Talia’s miniskirt and pulled down a black thong. The brief garment slid down Talia’s legs and over her boots, then Rachel politely handed it to me—

“Hold onto this for me, will you?”

The thong was wet in my hand.

Rachel wasted no time hiking Talia’s miniskirt up to her hips, then planted her face and went to town, rocking Talia’s world with her powerful little tongue.

My eyes met Talia’s, studying her rapture. Miniature crescendos of joy rolled across the girl’s stunning face every few seconds. I automatically lowered my gaze to the way her tits jiggled beneath that skimpy black bra.

With a smile, Talia grabbed the front clasp of her bra and unsnapped it, her naked breasts bursting into my field of vision. She grabbed hold of her own nipples, tweaking and pulling them as she moaned from Rachel’s ministrations. Her dark, exotic eyes squeezed shut in pleasure, her face almost sad for a moment as a climax eluded her—

But not for long. A single, explosive orgasm wracked Talia’s whole body and then she slumped against the seat, exhausted. The interior of the van suddenly became very quiet. Just the patter of raindrops on the windshield, the occasional Doppler of an oblivious car zipping past, and the panting of three fiendishly aroused human beings.

The girls hastily redressed, ignoring my obvious wood with phony innocent expressions.

“Why ever did we stop?” Talia giggled, “Is everything alright?”’

With a frustrated groan, I straightened out my erection and pulled the car back onto the road.

I kept those panties as a souvenir.

I had hoped for a repeat show once we got to the cabin, but Stephanie’s car was already there when we pulled up, the passengers patiently waiting for Rachel to let them all inside. The place was bright and clean, with an old-fashioned charm to it, and had that great smell you only find in the mountains.

Amy squealed with delight upon learning that the hot tub out back had an overhang protecting it from the rain, meaning she’d actually have an excuse to show off her new swimsuits over spring break. She wouldn’t be getting an entire beach ogling her, as she’d originally intended, but Simon and I (and I suppose Talia and Rachel), would suffice.

Rachel gave us all a quick tour, showing off the spectacular master bedroom where she and Talia would be spending their nights, as well as the two smaller, adjoining guest rooms at the other end of the house. When Simon asked the rest of us if he and Stephanie could have one of the two guest rooms all to themselves for the week, I caught an awkward flicker of Steph’s eye in my direction, and I silently prayed that something would wash away the lingering sexual tension between us.

Elizabeth was more concerned with the fact that the two guest bedrooms shared a single, tiny bathroom built into the adjoining wall—meaning that the five of us staying in that end of the house would be sharing only one sink. I wasn’t quite sure how that was going to be a problem, but then again, I’m a dude.

Things were pretty chill that first night. We lounged around the living room, relaxing and drinking a little more from the liquor cabinet than was probably reasonable. Simon had started taking guitar lessons a few months ago, and at everyone’s insistence he played for a bit. The guy wasn’t exactly “good” in the objective sense of the word, but we all enjoyed his efforts nonetheless.

His playing got worse after the girls changed into their pjs.

Stephanie wore a baggy basketball jersey, though her prodigious breasts still stretched out the material where it counted. As an added bonus, I could see the swelling cups of her yellow bra through the enormous arm holes. The whole thing dropped down mid-thigh, so I had no idea what kind of underwear she was wearing beneath it when she dropped her perky round ass onto Simon’s lap.

Amy came out braless, her tits bouncing beneath a t-shirt she had picked up after some concert. My eyes immediately dropped to the tight panties she was wearing, and the way they dipped inside the cleave of her incredible, athletic butt.

Liz opted to wear something cozy, hiding her voluptuous body beneath a long-sleeved, button-up top and matching pants. Modest as the clothes were cut, I couldn’t help but admire the way her disproportionately large boobs made their presence known every time she stuck out her chest and yawned. The sight of Liz in those pajamas prompted me to imagine long, happy nights snuggling up with her under the covers, warming my hands beneath her shirt as I lovingly fondled her breasts.

Rachel and Talia took a bit longer getting back to the living room. We all laughed a bit when we heard moaning coming from their room, and Amy let out a wolf-whistle in their honor. Those two really couldn’t get enough of each other.

Rachel came out a short time later, blushing slightly. She was wearing a pair of boxers and a tight purple tank top that snagged nicely against her breasts.

Talia followed behind, wearing some stretchy shorts that showed off the delicious curve of her ass. Her top, which had once been an ordinary black tee shirt, was now bordering on ridiculously slutty. Talia had taken a pair of scissors to the neckline, slashing it down so that her unsupported tits were practically falling out. The sleeves had been cut away with jagged lines to show off her slender shoulders, and a final jagged cut at the bottom of the garment ensured that every inch of her sexy, slender midriff was clearly exposed.

I flashed back to a few hours earlier, when Talia had teased me by pulling at her own beautiful naked breasts as she came, and suddenly I could think of nothing I wanted to do more than to throw my exotic friend to the ground and fuck her unconscious right in front of everyone.

But she had a girlfriend, so that option wasn’t even on the table. Instead, I made the best of the evening, enjoying friendly company, sexy scenery, and a really good bottle of wine that I was way too young to properly appreciate.

We all turned in at around two in the morning. Stephanie and Simon disappeared into the adjoining bedroom, while Elizabeth, Amy, and I worked out sleeping arrangements for the two queen sized beds in our room. Adorable, tipsy Elizabeth suggested instead that the three of us would be “more cozy” if we all shared the same bed. I seconded the motion, and, to my delight, Amy agreed with a drunken shrug.

I hurriedly stripped down to my boxers and we all climbed under the sheets together. Three warm bodies, cozy as predicted.

Yeah, I realize this sounds like the beginning of the greatest night of my life—but in truth, both girls were so loopy that they were out the second their heads hit the pillow. Trapped as I was between gorgeous girls, I found sleep somewhat more elusive than they did.

But things really got frustrating when I heard kissing coming from the other room.

I tried to ignore it at first. None of my business anyway, right?

When that didn’t work, I threw a pillow over my ears and rolled away.

Still no good. All the horrible sounds emanating from Stephanie and Simon’s bed passed right through the thin, bolsa wood doors of the adjoining bathroom.

I cursed that stupid bathroom. What sort of lazy, corner-cutting contractor built that thing, anyway? For some reason the cheap doors at either end had horizontal slits cut into them, like the door in front of a water heater. Maybe something to do with the central heating? Whatever the reason, there was virtually no privacy between the two guest rooms. I heard Stephanie’s every breathy moan as though it was coming from six inches away.

Don’t get me wrong, I had long since gotten used to the idea of Stephanie and Simon as a couple. But it’s one thing to see the girl you lost your virginity to giving her boyfriend a goodbye kiss, and it’s another thing entirely to lay in bed for forty five minutes, forced to listen while they have a passionate make-out session on the other side of a paper-thin wall. I knew Steph wasn’t exactly having sex with the guy until prom, but still…

In my own bed, Amy’s perfectly sculpted thighs straddled my left leg. Elizabeth’s full, succulent bosom rested on my right arm. Yet I felt confoundingly alone.

Fact was, I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel at that moment, and it was pissing me off. Unwanted mental images of Stephanie and Simon flashed across the backs of my eyelids: The two lovebirds, their lips mashed together with youthful lust. Simon’s hands, groping and fondling the healthy breasts beneath her jersey. Stephanie’s hips, dry humping the hard cock straining against his underwear.

It was infuriating! And hot! And humiliating! And hot. And unfair! And hot.

I went to the kitchen to clear my head with a cold glass of water, scowling at my own cock for being so damn hard for no damn reason.

As I reclined against the counter and tried to relax, I heard the door to Rachel and Talia’s room creak open, and peeked my head out to watch as Talia tip-toed across the living room in my direction.

My eyes had adjusted enough to the darkness that I could tell she’d scrubbed off her makeup for the night, and her usually luxurious raven hair had been mussed by a pillow—but thanks to the radiant smile on her face, Talia looked as gorgeous ever. It didn’t exactly hurt that she still had on those stretchy blue shorts and that sexy shredded t-shirt.

“Can’t sleep?” she whispered. I just nodded noncommittally.

“Me neither. I’ve been dying for a drink of water for like an hour now, but it felt so nice having Rachel laying in bed with me, I wanted to wait until she was asleep before I got up.”

For a moment, I felt a self-absorbed stab of bitterness. I was jealous of what the two of them had with each other.

I quickly shook it off. Talia was a great girl, and she deserved to be happy. She reclined against the kitchen counter, quietly sipping her glass of tap water in the dark. After a moment of silence, Talia excitedly whispered:

“She asked me to prom.”

“Makes sense, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, but the thing is, if I go with her as my date, it means I’m gonna have to tell my parents that—that I don’t just like boys.”

I watched as a million conflicting emotions zipped across her exquisitely beautiful face in the span of a few seconds.

“Are you ready for that?”

Talia took a long sip from her cup and nodded, clearly more than a bit anxious about the prospect of coming out to her somewhat old-fashioned parents. But then she broke out into a spontaneous fit of giggling so loud that she had to cover her mouth to hush the sound.

“What’s so funny?”

She looked up at me, whispering in the darkness:

“Nothing. I’m just so happy! I feel happy to be me. Not worried, or freaked out about what I’m doing with my life, or any of that stuff. I always felt like I was kind of crazy—“

“You are kind of crazy.”

Talia just rolled her eyes and kept talking:

“But I don’t feel like that anymore! It’s like, there was always this random servo or whatever inside of me that wasn’t clicking into place, and it drove me up the walls. The first time I kissed Rachel, that servo finally clicked.”

You ever realize how some girls are most beautiful when they’re angry? And some girls are most beautiful when they’re sad? For some, it’s when they’re sleeping. Or laughing. Or right on the precipice of a mind-blowing orgasm.

For Talia, it’s when she’s happy. And at that moment, she was the most beautiful she’d ever been. I found myself gazing into the two most hypnotic eyes on the planet. Half Korean, half Colombian—and nowhere was Talia’s striking exoticism more dramatic than in her eyes.

“And she’s so pretty! Don’t you think?”

I just nodded, “No, Talia, I think she’s gorgeous. I think you’re both gorgeous. And I think you’re even more gorgeous when you’re together.”

She blushed and looked away—dropping her gaze to the iron bar tenting my shorts.

“You know,” she whispered, “I felt kinda bad about this morning, leaving you all horny and unattended after we put on that show for you in the car. We hadn’t planned it or anything, and afterwards I just felt like it had been unfair to you.”

“You don’t have to feel bad, Tal, you’re in a relationship. Besides, watching two hot girls go at it is like every guy’s fantasy.”

Talia met my eyes again, this time with a naughty glimmer. She raised her fingers to my chest and absent-mindedly traced a pattern across my bare skin.

“The thing is, I don’t want to just be your fantasy, Ian. You mean more to me than that.”

Where was she going with this?

“Talia, I don’t think Rachel—“

“Rachel said it would be okay.”

My head spun when she said that. I felt her hand slide lower, beneath my waistband, down my thigh—dangerously close to my hardness…

“She said WHAT would be okay?”

Talia dropped her voice back down to a whisper: “After we got here, she and I talked about what had happened in the car—how it got us both really, really hot showing off for you like that. I told her, when we were doing it, I had kind of fantasized about you joining in with us, and she said that by watching, she felt like you already sort of were.”

As she spoke, her fingers swirled up into my pubic hair. She pressed the entirety of her body against mine—her legs against my legs, her chest against my chest, her lips against my neck…

“She’s not interested in actually doing stuff with you, but since we agreed that you were already kind of involved anyway, and since it was unfair that we’d left you all horny and hard with no relief, and since I really, really wanted to, Rachel said it would be okay if I took care of you. Just this once.”

“Just this once?”

“Yeah.” Her hand closed around my shaft. “To finish what we started this afternoon.”

Something inside me snapped. I went on autopilot, ruthlessly kissing her while she jacked me off beneath my shorts. When she finally pulled her lips away to catch her breath, Talia was grinning from ear to ear. I couldn’t help but smile back.

My hands immediately found her tits, playfully kneading them through that uber-sexy torn shirt.

“Mmm… You like my shirt?” she breathed between kisses.

“Not really,” I answered, and yanked it over her head.

I picked her up and planted her butt down onto the kitchen counter, putting her bare chest at mouth level—then I dove into her cleavage, licking and squeezing to my heart’s content. Talia threw her head back and sighed in pleasure as my tongue traced a line from one proud, perky nipple to the other.

A building, primal hunger snapped Talia from her reverie, and she pushed me away, dark eyes staring at me with a sudden, smoldering intensity. She hopped off the counter, dropped to her knees, pulled down my shorts, and impatiently stuffed my naked hardness into her mouth.

This girl wasn’t wasting any time trying to build my appetite, she was going right for the main course. Talia’s head bobbed up and down on my pole in a rapid rhythm, her hungry moans vibrating through my shaft as she slurped and sucked with pouty young lips. After the day I’d had, this was exactly what I needed.

I was out of this world with pleasure—already getting close—but then I took another look at those dark, intoxicating eyes of hers and suddenly I knew a blowjob just wasn’t gonna be enough. I pried her eager mouth off me and hoisted the girl to her feet.

Talia read the lust in my eyes. Saw my intensions, plain as day. Obediently, she slipped her stretchy little shorts down off her hips and stepped out of them, totally naked. I drank in one last look at her breasts, one last look at her eyes—

Then I spun her around, bent her over the kitchen sink, and slid my entire length inside her hot, wet cunt.

Talia was so utterly aroused that I met almost no resistance until her beautiful, heart-shaped ass was pressing snugly against me. I withdrew, then pushed myself back inside. Then again. And again.

“Harder,” Talia whispered.

I was only too happy to oblige.

“Harder,” she urged.

I braced my hands on the counter and fucked her harder. Talia reached out and grabbed hold of the faucet to steady herself, her knuckles turning white—

“Harder,” she whimpered, eyes glazing over in ecstasy.

I stood up on my toes to get a better angle of attack, then plunged back into Talia with everything I had. Her ass clapped loudly against my pelvis with every thrust.

That finally did the trick, and I felt every muscle in her body tense around me as she came. Her chest dropped limp to the kitchen counter, large breasts splashing against the cold surface—

I choked out a cry as I emptied myself inside her, spurt after spurt.

Once our orgasms had worn off, Talia and I didn’t have much left to say to each other that night. We wiped off the evidence, and she gave me a hug and a kiss goodnight—still stark naked—then I watched her bare ass sashay across the living room as she retired to bed for the night.

Simon and Stephanie were still audibly making out in the other room when I got back into my own bed between Amy and Elizabeth. I didn’t like hearing it, but at least I was finally exhausted enough to fall asleep.

I didn’t wake up until two in the afternoon.

But despite sleeping in, I was still just half awake when I stumbled into the living room and greeted everyone: Simon on the couch, Talia doing her nails, Rachel giving Talia a backrub, Stephanie, Liz, and Amy cooking breakfast together.

My barely-functioning brain sent a message to my barely functioning mouth, and I mumbled, “Where’s Corrine?”

The cabin went quiet. For a second, I couldn’t figure out why everyone was looking at me like that—

Oh shit, that’s right.

“Sorry,” I muttered, then I stumbled into the kitchen to make some good, strong coffee.


I wasn’t exactly sure how to act around Talia. Last night, she had told me that we’d had Rachel’s blessing to fool around, but today Talia was behaving as though nothing had even happened. I didn’t know what to make of that—was she keeping it a secret from Rachel? From the others? Talia was doing such a good job of playing it cool about our tryst that I briefly wondered if I had actually just dreamed the whole thing.


A few hours later, we all took advantage of a brief lull in the rain to take a hike in the forest. It was pretty muddy out, but in a way that actually added to the fun. I made a point of getting Talia alone for a minute to ask her about our “situation” while the others moved on ahead. I wanted to make sure Rachel really was okay with the fact that we’d fucked in her family’s kitchen. And, more importantly, I wanted to confirm that it had actually happened.

“Yes, Ian, it really happened,” Talia laughed. “And yes, Rachel knows. But she said she’d rather we not tell everyone else about it, if that’s okay with you. She doesn’t want people getting all weird and making assumptions and stuff.”

“Right,” I nodded, “As long as she—“

The sound of nearby screaming cut off the rest of my sentence. Talia and I took off running up the muddy hill towards our friends.

Amy, Stephanie, Rachel, and Simon charged down towards us in a screaming mob, running for their lives, their arms flailing spastically in self-defense.

“What happened?!” Talia shouted.

“Bee hive!” Simon yelled back.

Suddenly, a terrible thought twisted my guts: “Where’s Liz?!”

The others all looked amongst themselves as they ran, surprised to see that she wasn’t with them. Why wasn’t she there? I’m rarely one to panic, but at that minute all I could think about was the time my third grade teacher got stung by a bee on a field trip and almost died from an allergic reaction. I grabbed Stephanie by the arm—

“Is she allergic?”

Stephanie went white at my question. “I-I don’t know!”

I bolted up the hill shouting Liz’s name, following the sounds of her screams.

I found her backed up against a rock formation, with nowhere to run from the angry swarm, afraid to move. Then I felt the first sting.

Not realizing it, I had charged right into the middle of them.

I grabbed Liz, shaking her out of her panic, and pulled her down the hill with me as fast as I could, until I was confident we were totally safe from the little bastards.


Like the final scare in a horror movie, one of them had been hiding in my shirt just to fuck with me when I thought it was all over.

Luckily, nobody was allergic to bees. And, all said, the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as it should have been. As the person who’d actually disturbed the hive, Simon got it worse than anybody with eight stings. Then came me, with five stings, and then Liz, who’d somehow survived the ordeal with only three. The other girls had escaped miraculously unscathed.

We all took off our shirts while our friends pulled out the stingers. It was the one and only time in history when I saw Elizabeth in her bra and didn’t get an instant hard-on. Soon as we had all calmed down, everyone started joking about how Liz had been rescued from the bees by her “Prince Charming,” a comment she responded to by giving me a big, satisfying kiss on the lips.

I whispered to her that she’d just made the whole thing worth it.

Stephanie drove to the store and got us some ointment to help with the irritation, but honestly it didn’t help me nearly as much as Elizabeth’s kiss. That kiss had left me with a good mood that no amount of itching could dampen.

Liz and I had kissed lots of times in the past—New Years Eve, Valentine’s Day, and the handful of times she and Stephanie had shared me in bed together—but there was something different about the kiss she gave me that afternoon. I’d never felt that way after a kiss before. It was like—I don’t know—it was like—give me a sec—it felt—

It just felt “right.” I guess that probably sounds lame, but it’s the most real way I can describe it. It felt right, in the kind of way that very few things in life ever do. I began to daydream, entertaining thoughts of romantic nights with her on a blanket, looking up at the stars—

But I was being stupid again, wasn’t I? All I felt was the adrenaline from our recent excitement. I was just doing what I always did, getting all excited over nothing. So I’d helped Liz get away from a couple bees—it’s not like I’d slain a dragon for the girl. It didn’t change anything.

We were still just friends.

Nonetheless, Elizabeth hung on my arm for the rest of the day, and I felt pretty damn heroic. There was something incredibly comforting about her presence that always put me in a happy place. That evening, when our group sat around the living room telling jokes, Elizabeth’s soft, curvaceous body stretched out beside me on the couch, and as we lay there spooning, I became painfully aware of just how much I had missed being intimate with the girl.

But I knew that Liz’s close friendship with Stephanie meant that she and I couldn’t be together in any capacity. She had told me as much, several times. And I hated it. It was totally bogus, and unfair, and—

Elizabeth’s full, juicy buttocks wiggled against my crotch. I swear I caught her smile at the feel of my erection. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but that was very interesting development indeed…

The alcohol flowed freely that night, and eventually a very tipsy Amy asked a very tipsy Rachel, “So, Rachel—You’re a lesbian, right? Well I’ve always wondered, not counting Talia, which one of us do you think is the most hottest?”

Sober, Rachel probably wouldn’t have answered such an obviously loaded question. But with a little bit of alcohol in her, she felt no hesitation in mumbling, “Elizabeth! Sorry girls, it’s definitely Elizabeth. I like her boobies.”

She burst out laughing at her use of the word “boobies.”

“More trouble than they’re worth,” Elizabeth blushed.

“No, but seriously! I wish I had boobies like those! I’m only a couple inches shorter than you and look at the difference—”

Rachel cupped her own modest breast with one hand, then reached out and brazenly cupped one of Elizabeth’s massive tits with her other. I shot Rachel a suspicious eyebrow—

“You just did that as an excuse to feel Liz up, didn’t you?”

“All in the name of science!”

Then, and I forget who it was—probably Stephanie—but one of the girls suggested that the best way to compare would be for Rachel to put on Elizabeth’s bra. We all laughed at the idea, so Liz stripped off her huge bra from under her tank top and handed it to Rachel. In the name of science.

I was too buzzed to even consider being a gentleman while all this was going on, and openly ogled the sight of Liz’s hooters swinging unrestrained beneath her shirt.

Rachel snapped on the bra and then peeled of her top—revealing the hilarious disparity between her nice, perky boobs and the enormous, practically empty bra cups covering them. I caught a fleeting glimpse of a rosy little nipple above the top of the borrowed bra before Rachel readjusted herself.

Rachel asked if the rest of us had five or six pairs of socks to spare for padding.

“What I wanna see now,” I joked, “Is Elizabeth wearing one of Rachel’s bras.” That earned me a dismissive nudge in the ribs from my voluptuous snuggle buddy, but everybody else cheered the idea. Elizabeth turned deep red.

“Problem is, I don’t really wear bras,” Rachel answered.

“Better still!”

I got another elbow for that.

“But I guess she could wear the shirt I sleep in. That would look pretty funny.”

My cock twitched against Elizabeth’s soft ass and she pointedly rolled her eyes. “Okay,” Liz sighed, “But I’m not gonna be the only one. Everybody has to wear somebody else’s bra and underwear for the rest of the night!”

With the warm glow of alcohol in our blood, everyone agreed to the idea, and we split off to our rooms to change. I didn’t figure that it would be a big deal wearing a pair of Simon’s shorts—he was only a tiny bit shorter and thinner than I was. But I frowned when he reached into his suitcase and pulled out a clean pair of tightie-whiteys.

“Dude, don’t you have any boxers?”

Simon shrugged. It wouldn’t have really mattered to me, except that his underwear, already pretty snug on him, was REALLY tight on me. So, while Simon got to enjoy the comfort and modesty of my baggy cotton shorts, I did my best not to feel self-conscious in a pair of white nylon briefs that clung to my package like a second skin. I knew that if I got a hard-on—entirely possible under the circumstances—my dick would poke out up above the waistband in full view of everyone.

Whatever. Showing a little bit of skin was the point of this whole thing, anyway, and most of my friends had already seen me in the buff. Long as Simon behaved like a good bro and kept his eyes on the women, I wasn’t worried.

Talia was wearing Amy’s white bra and underwear when we returned to the living room. Though the two of them weren’t terribly different in their proportions, it was still novel seeing my sensuous, exotic friend’s almost naked body filling out the material of another girl’s most intimate apparel. Talia had slipped the bra straps off her shoulders, so that the tops of her substantial breasts were bulging out, nearly spilling over.

Rachel was still wearing Elizabeth’s 34DD bra, but she had stuffed the cups full of socks. With her tiny frame, Rachel looked cartoonishly top-heavy, prompting a laugh from both Simon and I. She had also put on a semi-transparent pair of Liz’s underwear, which clearly showed the light brown curls of her bush.

Amy had donned Stephanie’s big yellow bra, and though her generously-sized tits weren’t exactly swimming in the empty cups, there was still plenty of room for them to bounce and jiggle when she laughed. Steph’s red lace panties fit Amy surprisingly well, given their radically different body types. I guess Stephanie’s shapely hips stretched that fabric almost the exact same amount as Amy’s proudly prominent ass. The bright red and yellow color combination of Steph’s underwear only further emphasized the fiery intensity of Amy’s hair.

When Stephanie strutted out next, her golden hair shimmering above Talia’s black bra, my jaw instantly hit the floor. Talia’s tits were a full two cup sizes smaller than Stephanie’s, meaning the already delicate lace bra utterly failed to support those huge, pink melons. A landscape of naked flesh squeezed out around the fabric in all directions.

As she strolled towards me, Steph’s eyes darted briefly down towards the already granite-hard erection threatening to rip through my borrowed underwear. I watched jealously as Stephanie kept walking, past me, revealing one of Talia’s black g-strings disappearing up her perky round butt, and plopped down with satisfaction onto Simon’s lap. The poor guy let out an audible moan as his girlfriend’s sexily nude derriere snuggled up against his cock.

But, sexy as Stephanie looked in Talia’s undersized bra, for my money she was overshadowed by Elizabeth. Once considered the “shy, innocent one” of the group, Liz was anything but when she finally emerged from Rachel’s bedroom wearing Rachel’s clothes. The tiny, silver bikini panties she had on just barely covered her pubic hair, and covered even less of her voluptuous ass.

Then there was the shirt. Oh, that evil little shirt. On Elizabeth’s amazingly stacked chest, Rachel’s petite purple shirt was stretched to the physical limit. The thin material hugged against her body more closely than any wet t-shirt contest I had ever seen, and every yummy detail of her big, erect nipples was blatantly staring me in the face. The shirt tried in vain to cover the awesome circumference of her bosom, failing so miserably that the under-curve of each breast was plainly visible.

Stephanie made a point of closing Simon’s mouth for him.

Beneath the tease of that shirt, Elizabeth’s tits looked so great that I too let out an audible moan, just from the visual stimulation. They bounced with every confident step Liz took towards me—until my cock was so unbelievably fucking hard that the head swelled into view above the waistband of my borrowed briefs.

As she sat her sexy body down on the couch beside me, I reflected that it wasn’t just the outfit that made Elizabeth look so hot. It was her confidence. Though usually self-conscious about her beautiful curves, that night she held her head high and showed off her body with pride. I don’t know what prompted the change in Liz, be it the alcohol, or the ego boost of being selected by Rachel as the hottest girl in the group, but damn if a bit of self-assurance didn’t look good on that girl.

It took every ounce of my willpower to keep my hands off her tits.

The air in the room was saturated with an erotic charge. Though we kept up the façade that we were just “being silly” for about an hour or so, we all knew the real reasons we had decided to strip down to each other’s underwear. The girls wanted an excuse to see the boys naked, the boys (and Rachel) wanted and excuse to see the girls naked, and Talia wanted an excuse to see everyone naked.

It was Amy who started making things more interesting. Desperate to prove she could out-drink all of us, she had thrown down about three times as much booze as anyone else. When she finally killed the tequila, Amy slammed it victoriously down on the carpet. “I got an idea!” she shouted. “Let’s play spin-the-bottle!”

Amy was so wasted at that point, it sounded more like she said, “Reshaplayspinnadeebotto!” But we still got what she meant. Stephanie hopped off Simon’s lap—revealing an obvious tent in his boxers—and we all sat in a circle on the floor. Amy took it upon herself to go first, and gave the empty bottle a spin, cheering drunkenly when it came to a stop pointing at Simon.

“Yes! A boy! Score!” She crawled drunkenly over to her helpless victim, who glanced uncomfortably at Stephanie, as if asking for her permission. Amy grabbed hold of Simon’s face and twisted him away from his girlfriend—then kissed the guy sloppily on the mouth. After a split-second of guilty panic, Simon relaxed and just went with it, closing his eyes in pleasure as he returned the feisty redhead’s hungry kisses.

Without warning, Amy suddenly grabbed hold of Simon’s hands and pressed them to her breasts, letting out a moan. Simon froze up, his panic returning, until Amy broke their lip lock long enough to drawl out, “It’s not cheating when they’re inside your girlfriend’s bra, dumbass!”

The entire room burst into laughter at her ludicrous, drunken logic. Even Simon was laughing so hard that Amy couldn’t get him to kiss her again after that. Frustrated, she dropped her face down to his bare chest—

“Whatever, I’ll just kiss your muscles. Mmm, I love swimmers…”

She hungrily licked and kissed her way across Simon’s toned six-pack, down past his bellybutton and towards his—

“Okay!” Stephanie cut in, still laughing as she pulled her barely cogent friend off her man’s body. “I think that’s far enough, Amy! I gotta draw the line somewhere.”

“But I need a wiener…” Amy whined.

Simon spun the bottle next, and I felt the tiniest pang of frustration when it came to a stop on Elizabeth. Both of them blushed nervously as Simon scooted over towards the girl, unable to take his eyes off her awesome tits. Neither participant was nearly so adventurous (or drunk) as Amy had been, and after a timid peck on the lips, they both retreated back to their spots like scared kittens.

On Elizabeth’s turn, the bottle stopped in front of Rachel. The purple-haired lesbian couldn’t contain her excitement as Liz crawled cautiously towards her. Impatient, Rachel closed the last few feet of distance herself, throwing her arms around Liz’s neck as she practically leapt into her kiss.

Liz broke away, caught off guard, but Rachel just placed her finger beneath the other girl’s chin and lifted her mouth back into position for more kissing.

When Rachel had finally had her fill, she slumped back into her spot beside Talia and shivered with arousal. “Thank you, Elizabeth,” she sighed. “That was really nice. And for the record, I think we can all agree that your boobies look super fucking hot in my shirt. You can keep it.”

Elizabeth muttered out a quick thanks, not entirely sure what else to say in the situation.

Rachel gave the bottle a good spin, urgently whispering, “Come on, no boys, no boys, no boys…”

It landed on me.

“Dammit! I had two-to-one odds and I still lost!”

I rolled my eyes. “Wow, thanks, Rachel.”

“Oh, whatever, like YOU would want to kiss a boy. Do I have to?”

Everyone agreed that she did have to, but I helpfully suggested an alternative: “Look, if you’d rather, you could kiss me like how Amy was doing to Simon over there.”

Rachel considered for a second, then, with a shrug, she crawled over towards me and lowered her mouth to my chest.

I felt a surprisingly strong jolt of arousal as she slid her tongue across my stomach. I’d expected it to tickle a bit, but—

“That actually feels really, really good,” I muttered.

The positive re-enforcement must have gotten through to Rachel, because she immediately got way more into what she was doing, peppering in sweet kisses to my abdomen between licks. The head of my swollen cock peeked back out above the top of my waistband, and Rachel immediately stopped what she was doing, staring at the thing like it was a Martian or something. I don’t think she had ever been so close to a man’s penis before.

“I’ll take THAT as my cue to leave,” she joked, and returned to Talia’s side. Talia raised her hand for a celebratory high five:

“Up here, girl, you got him hard!”

I gave the bottle a spin, and it came to a stop pointing directly at Stephanie’s crotch. Our eyes met, and I suddenly felt very anxious about what we were supposed to do. Excepting Rachel, I had been intimate with every single girl in that room—yet with Stephanie I still felt like things were weird. I wished I could just kiss the girl and enjoy it for what it was. Why did things have to be weird?!

And then, all of a sudden, it dawned on me: they didn’t. It was all in my head. Stephanie was an unbelievably gorgeous woman, and a fun-loving, loyal friend. And that was all she needed to be. There was no reason at all why we shouldn’t both enjoy this kiss.

And I knew exactly how I wanted her to enjoy it.

“Hey Steph, I’m gonna kiss you the same way Rachel just kissed me, cool?”

I think she must have sense the casual ease in my voice, because Stephanie visibly relaxed when I said that. As I crawled across the circle towards the stunning blonde, she smiled in anticipation, and reclined on her elbows to grant me easier access to her smooth bare midriff.

Ever so slowly, I lowered my mouth to her stomach and teased her with my tongue. I kissed around her bellybutton, then breathed a gentle gust of hot air across her skin, causing her to tremble ever so slightly. I glanced up a few inches, at the enormous pink breasts bulging out around the cups of her borrowed black bra.

I fought back the urge to reach up and squeeze them.

Stephanie’s hips began to writhe beneath me, and I forcefully held them still with my hands as I continued licking her beautiful belly. My licking became harder and hungrier, turning me on as much as it did her—

But I kept myself in check. Just as she was really getting into the sensation, I dialed down the intensity. I pulled my mouth off of her body and crawled a few more inches, glancing briefly down at her huge tits as they passed beneath my chin, until our faces were level with each other. I gave Stephanie a friendly kiss on the lips and smiled.

She smiled back. At that moment, as the two of us looked each other in the eye, we both silently acknowledged that we were cool again. It was like a ten thousand pound weight had been lifted off our shoulders.

Stephanie spun the bottle and got Talia. The exotic bisexual beauty licked her lips expectantly, but Stephanie said she wanted to try out the “stomach licking thing” as well.

Ninety intense seconds later, Talia was gripping Stephanie’s curly blonde hair and gasping for air as that same silly “stomach licking thing” almost brought her to orgasm. Talia’s beautiful eyes closed in pleasure and she panted, “Oh fuck… oh fuck, that’s making me so horny.”

Stomach licking. Who knew? In our defense, we had all been pretty horny to begin with.

Talia went to spin for her turn, only to discover that Amy had passed out on the couch. Since we had all already gotten some action, and since the two couples were clearly eager to retire to their bedrooms for some privacy, we decided to call it a night.

Before heading up to our bedroom, Elizabeth and I made Amy as comfortable as possible on the couch, knowing that she would be feeling like absolute, hammered hell come morning.

Once we were alone together, Elizabeth and I got very quiet.

We were both impossibly aroused—that much was obvious from my unwavering erection and the big, prominent nipples denting her miniscule shirt. But I wasn’t sure if Elizabeth still considered me “off-limits” because of her friendship with Stephanie. The whole day, from those awful bee stings to this very moment, Liz had been acting much more openly affectionate with me than she had in weeks. Maybe she had changed her mind.

God knows, I wanted her. I couldn’t take my eyes off her hot, luscious tits.

I figured from Liz’s silence that similar concerns were running through her head as well. Not knowing how to break through the wall of sexual tension between us, we both walked into the bathroom to brush our teeth for the night.

Things started innocently enough.

I found myself constantly distracted by the hypnotic way Liz’s bosom swung back and forth from the brushing motion. As a result, the girl finished well before I did. When I went to rinse out my mouth, she was already on her way out the door, unconsciously switching off the bathroom light as she went—

“Liz!” I whispered.

“Sorry, force of habit.”

She spun around to turn the lights back on, but her hand froze a centimeter from the switch. I followed her gaze back over my shoulder—

To the door leading to Simon and Stephanie’s room.

Thanks to the sudden darkness, Liz and I could clearly see through the horizontal slits cut into that door, into the light of the other bedroom. Stephanie and her man lay side-by-side on the bed, a jumble of limbs, making out.

Thanks to the alcohol, their inhibitions were lowered.

Thanks to that erotic game of spin-the-bottle, they were positively on fire.

And, thanks to Liz’s suggestion that we all switch underwear, they were both practically naked.

Briefly, I felt the same flash of jealousy that had soured my mood last night, but it faded into nothingness beneath my growing excitement. I couldn’t bring myself to look away.

Stephanie tore her lips away from Simon’s and bit down hard on his muscular shoulder, making the guy’s teeth chatter excitedly. He impatiently pulled her hand towards his crotch, but Steph yanked it away.

“Ooh, are you horny?” she teased, tracing her fingernails along the bottom edge of his borrowed underwear.

In my peripheral vision, I spotted Elizabeth beside me, peeking naughtily at the two young lovers. With the bathroom lights out, there was no way they could see us watching them, even if they weren’t drunk and distracted.

Simon was breathing fast. Stephanie moved her hand to his cock, which swelled beneath the boxers I had lent him. A teaspoon of pre-cum darkened the material. He groaned:

“I’ve never been so horny! You and your friends are making me insane!”

“So… you think my friends are hot?”

Stephanie moved her hot mouth down to his neck and began kissing, softly wrapping her fingers around the fabric covering his erection.

The situation was making me hard beyond belief. I couldn’t help but imagine that it was my cock in Stephanie’s loving grip, not his.

Elizabeth grabbed my hand in suspense. We exchanged a glance in the near darkness of the bathroom, knowing it was wrong to spy on our friends like this, but way too excited to stop. Somehow, it felt less taboo with another person there beside me.

“Do you like Talia?” Stephanie continued, nibbling Simon’s ear. “She’s so pretty. And Amy has that great butt guys are always going on about. And I know you liked seeing Elizabeth.”

Simon stiffened visibly at the mention of Elizabeth.

“Yeah,” Steph went on, “You liked the way those big tits of hers looked in that tiny little shirt, didn’t you?”

Hungry for human contact, I moved behind Elizabeth and draped an arm across her chest, crushing her breasts and pulling her body against mine. Her breath was ragged. My mouth was dry.

Stephanie slowly slid her hand up and down the tent in Simon’s boxers, caressing him through the layer of cotton. “I thought—” Simon panted, struggling to form words through the fog of his arousal, “I thought you didn’t want us to touch each other like this until prom.”

“Well, I guess this can be a sneak preview, then.”

Still stroking him, Stephanie brought her mouth around to give the lucky boy a lusty kiss. She unsnapped Talia’s ill-fitting bra and cast it away, baring her delicious pink tits in all their glory. Simon’s hands immediately shot up to those breasts and started squeezing them like his life depended on it.

The sight made my cock lurch against the soft surface of Liz’s ass. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was too horny, and Liz’s body was too close to mine.

I needed her.

Not even realizing what I was doing, I dropped my lips to the nape of her neck and planted a kiss. The unexpected sensation took the strength from Liz’s knees, and I felt her fall back against my chest.

I kept kissing her neck while we watched our friends.

Aroused by her boyfriend’s eager fondling, Stephanie decided to take things a step further, and fumbled around for his fly. Finally, with hands shaking in anticipation, she worked Simon’s long, uncircumcised cock out through the opening in his boxers and stroked the sensitive skin with her palm.

All the while, I was vaguely aware of my fingertips sliding unbidden down Elizabeth’s bare midriff, until they crossed the threshold of her waistband and dipped inside her soaking satin panties.

In the other room, Stephanie’s hand became a blur on her lover’s cock. Ravenous for her body, Simon dropped his face between her breasts, holding onto them with both hands as he ferociously suckled her nipples. Steph cried out, her once teasing smile replaced with a look of pure, animal lust.

Elizabeth shuddered as my fingers drifted through the soft hair on her crotch. I could already feel the heat radiating from below. At an agonizingly slow pace, I kept moving my hand lower, tormenting poor Liz until she was so dizzy with desire that her head rolled back into my chest. Only then did I finally permit myself to feel the full satisfaction of her hot, wet pussy against my hand.

I curled my middle finger, slipping it effortlessly inside.

“Mmm!” Liz moaned, before catching herself and clapping a hand over her mouth. Luckily, neither of the people in the other room seemed to have heard her cry out.

Stephanie lunged forward, dropping her open mouth onto Simon’s pole. Her lips and tongue left his skin shiny and glistening as she bobbed up and down. Suddenly bereft of her tits to suck on, Simon rand his hand admiringly along the perky ass his girlfriend was waving in his face, then pulled aside her borrowed thong and eased his pinky into her cunt.

I reveled in the sexy sensation of Liz’s hips wiggling uncontrollably on my fingers as my right hand rocked gently back and forth, buried inside of her. Glancing down, I hardened even more at the sight of the huge, soft breasts heaving with her every excited breath. My free hand shot up beneath the tiny shirt covering Liz’s boobs and squeezed.

They felt AMAZING. Even bigger than I’d remembered. My wanton groping repositioned the absurdly tight shirt until it could no longer contain her endowments, and the fabric snapped up above them like an elastic band.

Liz’s breasts bounced freely into the open air. I squeezed her wine-dark nipples between my fingers and smirked at the girl’s increasingly waning attempts to keep quiet.

In the other room, Stephanie swung her supple leg up and over Simon’s head to get into a 69 position. His naked cock throbbed harder with every heartbeat as he leaned into Stephanie’s twat and started licking. Grateful for the attention, she dropped her movie-star lips back down where they belonged.

Liz’s eyes went wide in the darkness. In a single, sudden movement, she stabbed her hand down inside my briefs and cinched her fingers around me.

“Fuck!” I whispered, though it came out much louder than I’d intended.

In the other room, Stephanie’s eyes snapped to the bathroom door.

Shit, she’s onto us! I thought. She can’t see us, but she knows we’re watching.

After a second, the blonde’s startled expression turned into a naughty smile, and then she really made a show of going after Simon’s cock. For his part, Simon was so focused on rolling his tongue around Stephanie’s crotch, he didn’t even notice the change.

Safe for now, Liz started pumping her hand in perfect synch with my fingers. We both felt the wave of a massive orgasm cresting above our heads, ready to crash down and obliterate us—

Then Stephanie blew my mind.

She pulled her mouth off of Simon and, keeping her smiling eyes locked on the door concealing us, scooted her body forward until the tip of her lover’s arching penis pierced the top of her cleavage—

She was 69ing him with an upside-down titty fuck.

Elizabeth came instantly. My right hand buzzed against her clit until she let out a stream of deep, exhausted exhalations.

In the other room, Simon wailed in pleasure as Stephanie dropped her lips to his balls, driving him past the edge of sanity. He tensed his abs and craned forward to re-close the distance between his mouth and her cunt.

As soon as his lips made contact, Stephanie exploded into orgasm, as well. Her face dropped to Simon’s thigh, relishing the pulse of pleasure coursing through her as she licked his leg.

Simon came next, throwing his head back into the pillow and bucking his hips up against his lover’s cleavage until he’d fired off every last drop.

I could feel by balls tighten. Could feel my inexorable release—

In the darkness of the bathroom, Elizabeth spun to face me, dropped to her knees, and smushed her big, ripe tits around my aching cock.

She pumped those pillows with all her might, and I blew my load in less than five seconds. Ropes of my semen rained down upon the damnable little shirt Liz had borrowed from Rachel.

Just as I began to recover, I heard Stephanie’s voice coming from right outside the door:

“Be right back, sweetie. I’m just gonna clean up.”

Elizabeth and I scurried into our bed and hopped under the covers just as the buxom blonde opened the bathroom door and stepped inside, hiding her beautiful bare breasts beneath a single slender arm. Streaks of her lover’s recent orgasm dripped down her stomach.

Stephanie shut the door behind her, then tiptoed into our bedroom and threw Liz a playful look that screamed, I can’t believe you did that!

I just sat there, holding back laughter while the two BFF’s carried out an entire conversation via facial expressions:

Elizabeth: What are you talking about?

Stephanie: Don’t pull that, I know you two were watching us.

Liz: But—It was Ian’s idea!

Steph: Sure it was.

Liz: It was an accident!

Steph: I’m gonna get you back for this, just you wait and see.

Elizabeth’s cheeks turned deep red and she shrank under her blankets. Stephanie let her BFF off with an obviously exaggerated look of disapproval, then walked back into the bathroom and shut the door.

Elizabeth rolled on top of me, her breasts sticky against my chest. We shared a long, soothing kiss in the darkness, and then she whispered to me, “That was weird.”

“Yeah,” I answered, “But it was fun.”

“Yeah, it was. Hey Ian? Which one of us got you all turned on just now? Me or Stephanie?”

“You both turned me on. But only you made me come.”

She sighed, half satisfied with my answer. She held her tongue for a moment, but then couldn’t help herself and asked, “Are you still in love with her?”

“I honestly don’t know. It’s complicated. What I do know, after what just happened, is that I’m finally okay with the fact that she’s with Simon. And that was a big step for me.”

We lay together in silence for what felt like an eternity, then Liz asked the big question:

“Do you like me? I mean, like a girlfriend? I know you like my boobs. And I know you like me as a friend, but…”

I hugged her tightly and thought hard about my answer.

“I’m not sure.”

“Me neither. What does that mean? Is that bad? Shouldn’t we know?”

I just shrugged, “Maybe. Or maybe we just need to spend some time alone together to find out. The two of us. Nobody else.”

Tenderly, I kissed her on the forehead.

“You make me happy,” she whispered.

“You make me happy, too.”

An hour later, she drifted off to sleep, her incredible nude bosom rising and falling atop my chest.

Oh man, I wanted us to be together. Wanted every day to see Liz smile and know it was meant for me. But I didn’t want a repeat of what had happened with me and Stephanie a few weeks ago. I couldn’t bear the thought of Elizabeth hurting me like that. Or, even worse, of me hurting her.

I was supposed to be a smart kid: Near perfect SATs, rock star GPA, destined for greatness at University…

So why did I feel so goddamned stupid?

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