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Erotic Story: The Carpenter plus Three

  • April 11, 2015

The Carpenter plus Three

Submitted to Allurestorm by Foxy Sue

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The weather on that Saturday was perfect, temperature around 85F, brightsunshine, all and all a perfect day for fucking! Jack and I had been super excited in anticipation of what may transpire. Saturday morning came and a thousand thoughts were racing through my mind, Adam didn’t reveal much of the back story behind Celeste’s desire to be with another woman so we didn’t know how much he had told her about fucking with us. Nor did we know if she wanted to also fuck Jack, but our hope was that she would! Neither did we know if this was going to be something she definitely would go for or would she wait until meeting us to decide.  We asked them to come over in the afternoon and we would swim and BBQ.Shortly before they were due to arrive I changed into one of my skimpiest bikinis(basically just two patches of material covering my nipples and one over my pubic area) and put on a cover-up over it. Jack had one his brief style trunks on and he looked really good in it I must say along with a T-shirt.

My pussy had been damp since we got up that morning, and Jack was nervously excited as well!! Finally, the doorbell rang and we went up together to answer the door. After opening the door we were greeted by the sight of probably one of the most sexy and beautiful women I’d ever seen and the sexy Adam of course.  Wow, we must have frozen for a second or two and were startled by Adamvoice saying, “Well, are you going to invite us in or what?” We laughed and said, “Of course, please do and welcome to our home!” OMG, Holly, this woman Celeste(I’ll shorten it to C from now on) was drop dead gorgeous, and I’m not sure that words are enough to describe her but I’ll do my best. She was tall, a good 4 or 5 inches taller that me, with long straight dirty blond hair down to the middle of her back and beautiful bright blue eyes, long shapely legs, and a great smile. As she was wearing a cover-up also, I will wait until later to describe the rest of her. Adam had a polo shirt and a blue Speedo on that showed off that magnificent cock of his!! He’d be arrested if went out in public with it on!!!  We exchanged hugs and brief kisses on the cheek and went downstairs intoour family room. “What can I get you to drink?”, Jack asked us. C said that a glass of white wine would be nice and I seconded that. Adam asked if Jack had any craft beer and I saw him smile. Jack loves good craft beers and is really knowledgeable about them. He got two of them out of our bar refrigerator, I knew that Jack had found a “friend”.  “Let’s take our drinks out by the pool, we can soak up the sun and swimfor a while.”, I said. With that we went out onto our patio. We have two double lounge chairs by the side of the pool and we sat down. We started to talk and found that the conversation was easy between us. C said that she was born in France and moved here when she was sixteen when her father was transferred by his company. As we continued to talk I found out that she worked as an admin for a partner in a law firm not too far from us. I joked that, “When I opened the door and saw you my immediate thought was that you were a fashion model or something like that. You’re really gorgeous you know!!”  “Thanks so much for the compliment and you’re so beautiful as well,Sue!” Well, things were going well so far I thought to myself.

About that time Jack asked if Adam if he wanted to go for a swim and have another beer. We have a couple of floating lounge chairs so they each hopped into one and floated side by side with their beers in the cup holders. I could hear them talking about different beers they enjoyed and continued my conversation with C. Soon thereafter as I was getting hot I sat up and took my cover-up off. As I said it didn’t cover much of me up and I looked over and saw C smiling(and checking me out I think).  “You have a sexy, beautiful body, Sue! Have you ever had the courage towear your bikini in public? It sure doesn’t cover much of you!”  “I have a few times on vacation, but would be in trouble if I wore itout around here.”  “I’m getting a little hot as well.”  With that said she sat up and took her cover-up off. Holly, she revealedthe most stunning breasts covered by two small patches as well. They were high and firm looking to be a large C-cup size! I must have been staring with my mouth open for a few seconds then mouthed the words, “Your breasts are breathtaking, C!! Strikingly beautiful!!”  “Glad you like them, I sure like yours a lot as well!”  “Want to join the guys in the pool?”, I asked.  “Sure, why not.”  We swam for a while then all of us got out and Jack and I went inside toget more refreshments. Once inside he grabbed me and gave me a big kiss and grabbed my ass and grinded against me. “God, Sue. C is so fucking hot! I was glad to be in the pool when she took her cover-up off I was hard within seconds. Sure hope I get the chance to fuck her!”  “Me as well, my pussy is soaking wet just thinking about it and fuckingAdam too!!”  We went back out with the drinks and laid back on the lounge chairs. Asfair as I am, I grabbed my sunscreen and started to apply it onto the front of my body. “Here, let me help you!”, Jack volunteered and took the bottle and began rubbing it over my upper chest, then my stomach and down my legs. Then he surprised me saying my breasts need protection as well and slid my patches up and sexily caressed it in over my whole breasts. My nipples were rock-hard and I looked over at Adam and C sitting not more than a few feet away watching Jack’s hands move all over them.  It felt soooo good!! He continued and then started to pinch them makingthem stand out even more and grow harder. My reverie was interrupted by the sound of C’s voice saying, “Do you need any help, Jack?” He laughed loudly, “Yeah, my hands are getting tired please relieve me!” He backed off the chair and C kneeled down between my legs took the bottle and squirted some on her hands and she reached down spreading it on my neck and shoulders squeezing my muscles like a masseuse does then avoiding my breasts and continued down to my stomach then slowly down one leg then up the other. God, I was sooo excited by her skillful touch now knowing that she was becoming the initiator of our hopefully mutual pleasure!!  She then began to rub it onto my breasts with her hands squeezing themgently. Her touch was gentle and I so loved the feeling of them as my nipples grew even harder under her touch. For a minute or two I was going with my feeling of excitement and I looked over to see Jack and Adam sitting on the side of a lounge chair watching us with smiles on their faces. As much as I was enjoying her touch on me, I really like to be the aggressor when being with another woman especially for the first time. So hoping that she wouldn’t mind I sat up and said, “Why don’t we go inside to our bedroom to continue this, I think we’d be much more comfortable!”  “Sure”, she said.

With that she leaned down and gave me a big, sloppypassionate kiss! I loved the feeling of her tongue as she probed against my lips and when I didn’t immediately part them she thrust more insistently and I relaxed them and passionately kissed her back. I enjoyed the kiss but was anxious to have more of her and I lightly pushed her back and we got up and went into the house. I didn’t bother to push my bikini top back down and C commented how firm they were just slightly bouncing as we walked.  Once inside we went up to our bedroom and I took C’s hand turning hertoward me and guided her up against me. I could feel a jolt of electricity as our bodies touched, her skin was so smooth against me and I leaned in to continue our kiss. As we kissed I began to caress her back moving my hands in small circles around it then moved them to down to feel her incredibly shapely ass. I kneaded her cheeks and pushed my right hand under the string that ran along the crack of her ass and teased her anal area with my fingers. I slowly crept my hand up and my fingers touched the bottom of her very, very, wet vulva.  C was not idle either as she mimicked my actions with her handsexploring my ass and below as well. I jumped a little when she touched my soaking wet lips. We both were starting to breathe heavier by now and I left her ass to untie the strings of her bikini top bearing her beautiful breasts. I broke our kiss and began to rain soft ones on the side of neck then slowly moving down over her shoulders onto the top of her breasts. I continued lightly kiss her breasts moving my mouth over and under and side to side of her left one while my hand moved up to the right one also avoiding her nipple at first.  “Wow, that’s so hot”, I heard Jack say. Slightly interrupting my reverieof being with this gorgeous woman I had almost forgotten about the guys. I looked over and saw that they both had taken their swimsuits off and were sitting in the two chairs in a sitting area of the room. Both of them sporting nice erections, of course!  “I completely agree, I can’t wait for what’s to come next!”, Adamconcurred.  With that I went back to my “seduction” of C. I moved my lips down overher long, hard left nipple and softly sucked it in between my lips and with my hand I grasped her right one and began to lightly pull and pinch it between my fingers.  “That feels soooo good, Sue! You can do that forever! You’re getting mesoooo hot! My pussy is soaking wet!!!”  Not wanting to break contact with her nip I kind of grunted my approvaland began to suck more forcefully and pinch and pull on the other one harder as well. C was groaning her approval and I thought just how well this was going so far even more that I had anticipated. I already had the feeling that this was one very, very hot woman and I couldn’t wait to see just how passionate she was when I got her off.  I moved off of her breasts for a moment reached in back to untie my topand toss it aside then untied my bottom and let it fall to the floor. Then untied the lovely C’s bottom and again saw it drop to the floor as well. I was greeted by the sight of her dark trimmed landing strip just above the fleshly lips of her vulva. I unconsciously licked my lips at the sight, every inch of this woman’s body was just flawless. I could see that she was looking down at my red trimmed landing strip of pubic hair as well and probably could see the moistness flowing from between my lips.  I guided her back onto our king sized bed and moved on top of hermashing my breasts up against hers and moved around feeling the smoothness of her breasts on the tips of my nipples. God, I so loved that feeling of my nipples grazing hers it was sending jolts of electricity directly to my clit!! After a few minutes of that I slowly moved down her body with my lips again kissing her smooth skin down until I sucked her hard nipple into my mouth and began to play with the other one with my hand. I lightly bit down on it and pulled it away from her body while I pinched the other one more forcefully between my fingers.  “Ahhhh, soooo good!!”, I heard her groan. And the groans grew louder asI bit and pinched harder.

After a minute or two I stopped sucking and biting and began to rain my kisses slowly below her breast down her abdomen. I moved my body down and kneeled between her thighs pulling them aside to open them wider then trailed my lips over her pubes then left her body and I positioned my head down so that I had my months just inches away from her slick vulva.  As I spread her lips with my thumbs I felt her jump at my touch.  “Sensitive, huh”  “Oh, yeah and incredibly turned on as well as you can imagine”  I inhaled her sweet aroma, her juices were visibly running down theunderside of her lips and her upper thighs and she was squirming with her desire. Just the anticipation of pleasuring her was getting my extremely excited as well and if it wasn’t for my hands being otherwise occupied I would have been diddling my clit by this time. I had her hard clit exposed and I began to lightly blow onto it and up and down her vulva.  Again I heard, “So good… I love what you’re doing to me!!”  She was lifting her hips up giving even more access to her hot pussy andI moved in and began to slowly lick up and down the entire length of her vulva. Then at times I would move my tongue even lower to lick down onto her anus then slowly back up again.  “God, that feels incredible, Sue!! I’m soooo close to cumming! Pleasemake me cum!!!”  Never one to turn down a sexy woman I swooped in and sucked her exposedhard clit in between my lips and at the same time I inserted two fingers up her pussy and hooked them in the front of her vagina and moved them quickly in and out of her. C was groaning loudly as she quickly built toward her orgasm. As I felt her clench up I lightly bit down on her clit and shoved my fingers deep inside her. With that she exploded and I felt her forceably squirt a stream of juices onto my face and neck around my fingers and she almost jackknifed her body as she continued to cum. I quickly took my teeth off her clit and continued to shove my fingers inside and lick her with my tongue..  “Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m cumming sooo hard!!!”  She was rolling from one orgasm to the next and I couldn’t begin to sayhow many she had.  It must have been a good five minutes of almost constant cumming whenshe bucked up almost in two again then collapsed back onto her back and laid still. She was trying hard to catch her breath cleared exhausted from her pleasure. I gave her clit one last lick and removed my fingers and moved up over her and we kissed lovingly. After a minute or two I rolled over next to her happy that I was able to satisfy her so well I think!  She looked over at Adam and said, “Hon, I hope that you took notes. Icame soo hard you’re going to have to do that to me now!!”  Looking over at them they were still hard. I was surprised that Ithought neither of them had cum stroking themselves, but glad to know they were saving it for the two of us.  I had just finished pleasuring the beautiful, sexy C to many, many orgasms and I moved over next to her and stroked her body lovingly.

I’ve said it many times before, but she looked like a goddess. Her face and her body were so perfect and she was so passionate as well. I know that Jack felt just as lucky to be in the same room as this gorgeous creature! As I looked over at the two of them sitting in chairs next to the bed and slowly stroking their very hard cocks I was keenly aware that I needed to “take care” of them and myself as soon as possible.  I was soaking wet from the pleasure I received from pleasuring C so Isat up got up on my hands and knees and went to the edge of the bed right next to Adam and Jack. I crooked my finger inviting them to stand in front of me, they were up like a shot and stood with their hard cocks just inches from my face. Still on my knees I reached out and grabbed their cocks and began to slowly stroke them up and down. Both of them had copious amounts of pre-cum leaking out and I leaned into Adam first so that I could lick it off of him, then switched over to Jack and did the same. I surprised him when I pulled him closer and guided it down my throat. I reached up to caress Adam’s cock while I sucked on my husband’s. I could hear them both groan with pleasure as I swirled my tongue under Jack’s cockhead and stroked Adam’s a little faster.  I would continue doing this for a minute or so then switch to the othercock. Back and forth for maybe five minutes or so, when I suddenly felt hands on my asscheeks spreading them apart quickly followed by the feeling of a tongue rimming my anus. How did she know how much I loved the pleasure of this? At the same time, she began to push her fingers up and down my vulva. I must have been soaking wet as I can faintly hear squishing noises as she caressed me! I temporarily stopped sucking as she began pleasuring me and was jolted back to the moment by Adam shoving his big cock into my throat and grabbing the back of my head pulling me down to his pubes. I choked at first but he guided me back so that I could catch my breath.  I continued to go back and forth between the two of them. I consciouslybrought them close to cumming then switched to the other. It is easy to tell the signs when Jack’s about to cum, a little harder for Adam but by the time ten minutes or so went by it was clear that both were getting really close. For me, C had brought me to the edge of cumming as well and I wanted them inside my nether orifices rather than spurt in my hand or mouth. I half turned and gently pushed C from behind me.  “Jack, get the Astroglide out of the nightstand lie down on your backand slather it on your cock!”, I commanded.  He loves when I take control and dutifully did as I said. I moved overand kneeled over him with my back to him and began to line my asshole up with his hard cock. He held his cock up straight with his hand and directed it to line up with my rear orifice. I moved down slowly until I felt the tip of his cock brush against my anus. He rubbed it all around the opening and I sank down onto it. The lube made it easier for his fat cock to penetrate my anal ring and I groaned loudly once it was past it and sank down until he was all the way inside me. That felt so good, his hands immediately went around to fondle my breasts playing with my hard nipples pulling and twisting them. My hand instinctively went down to touch my pussy running a finger up and down the length of my vulva.  “O.K. Adam. Your turn now! Move up here and stick that long, fat cockinto the other hole! Needless to say no need for Astroglide I’m soaking wet!!”  Again doing as I said, he moved over kneeled between my legs spreadingthem as wide as he could and using his hand guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy and teased me by just using the head ran it up and down my slit.  I wasn’t having it and screamed out to him, “No more teasing!! I needyou to fuck me hard and fast RIGHT NOW!” I barely had the last word out of my mouth when he rammed that hard, long, fat cock all the way inside me! OMG, I saw stars and screamed out in pain when he hit my cervix! I was so full with these two fat cocks burying inside me, Jack wasn’t moving but Adam began to fuck me fast and furiously.

Afterwards, he said it felt like Adam’s cock was rubbing directly against his. In quick order, I started to cum, Jack sensed it and pinched both of my nipples hard and I had one of the most intense orgasms ever. He continued to fuck me through one cum after another then I felt C reached down with her hand to play with my clit intensifying my orgasms even more.  I don’t know how much longer this went on but the next thing I rememberis Adam pulling out of me and Jack easing me off him. Pass out from pleasure again. I had no recollection shortly afterwards they both unloaded inside me. The bed sheets under me were soaking wet and cum was leaking out of my anus and pussy. I felt like I had been in a fight I was so sore from spasming from my climaxes. C lay beside me and leaned over to kiss me and lightly caressed me.  “That was sooo hot, Sue!! I’ve never seen anyone cum that intensely!!That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Both of you guys were sooo impressive. How are a repeat with me later?”  Both of them quickly agreed. We took a break and went to go getsomething eat and drink.  The four of us went into the kitchen all four of us naked as jaybirds! Ihanded Jack the steaks that had been marinating overnight and he and Adam went outside to grill them. As our upstairs deck was not really private like our backyard area was they slipped on shorts beforehand. C and I stayed bare-assed and I got the ingredients to make a salad out of the fridge. We proceeded to chop and mix a salad up in no time flat. Just as the final veggies were going into the bowl, I got a bottle of wine out and poured us both a glass and we sat down on stools we have by the kitchen island!!  C made a toast, “Here’s to continuing our fun and hopefully growing ourfriendship!”  Then after tasting the wine she continued, “Ummm, the wine is deliciousbut not as delicious as you are, Sue”  “Right back at you, I loved tasting your sweet nectar, C! You’re sobeautiful and sexy!!”  We simultaneously leaned in and kissed. I love the sweet feeling of awoman’s soft lips on mine and the gentle way her tongue dueled with mine. I reached up and framed my hands around the bottom of her head and neck area and pulled her closer in to me. Our kiss became more passionate and I felt her hands move onto my abdomen and slowly fan up to the undersides of my breasts lifting them then covering them with her palms kneading them and feeling them tease my nipples. My nips were hard and growing under her hands. I moved down from her neck with my hands and started to knead her magnificent breasts. I began to tease her nipples feeling them grow and couldn’t help pinching and twisting them.  “Ommmmmm, that feels so good, Sue!!”  As I continued played with her breasts, I then felt one of her handsleave a breast and slowly move down my abdomen and onto my mons. As it touched my lips I groaned loudly in pleasure and she slowly stroked up and down them just with one finger occasionally brushing against my clit. I shuddered a bit each time she touched it and felt myself instinctively separating my legs giving her better access. I broke our kiss and moved down to suck one of her beautiful nipples into my mouth taking the hand off of it and moved it down onto her wet pussy.  I mimicked her and began to trace the inside of her labia with my fingeras she continued to caress mine. I was quickly moving towards another orgasm and I sensed that she was getting closer by the copious amount of juices flowing out of her. I felt her pinch, twist, and pull on my nipple and simultaneously shove two of her fingers into me and moving her thumb onto my clit. It didn’t take very long for me to cum!! It felt like a firecracker exploding in my head as I did and felt my juices flood her hand as I shuddered and spasmed. She didn’t stop and I quickly came again and again and again. She was relentless abusing my nips moving from one to the other. I absolutely love a little pain when I cum and she was surely supplying it!! After what seemed to be a dozen or so O’s I became too sensitive and reached over pulling her hand away from me.

I was spent but at the same time I wanted to pleasure her as well soagain I mimicked what she did to me. She was soaking wet and I had no trouble at all easily putting three of my fingers inside and sliding my thumb up and over her clit. Her clit was extended out of the top of her labia just like it was when I sucked it earlier. I sucked her nipple back into my mouth and began to bite down on it, lightly at first and when I heard her moan loudly.  “Bite it, Sue!! God, that feels so fucking good!! Fuck me with yourfingers. Make me cream all over your hand!!”  It didn’t take but a minute or two for her to explode her juices allover my hand. She jerked forward as she came and I probably came close to biting her nip off as I was not expecting that. She was spasming almost continuously as I continued finger fucking her. She was moaning, groaning, and screaming gibberish as she rolled from one to the next orgasm. Finally, she couldn’t take anymore and pulled my hand out of her. I continued to suck lightly on her probably very sensitive nip and caress her neck and arm and we shared a very sensual deep kiss.  Just as we joined lips I heard applause and looked over to see Jack andAdam standing not two feet away hard cocks in their hands.  “How long have been standing watching us?”, I asked.  “About as long as when you started cumming!”, Jack replied.  “Very, very hot both of you!!”, Adam chimed in.  Supper be damned at that point and both C and I got off the stools andwent over to them, me to Adam and C to Jack and embraced them rubbing our bodies against theirs and we kissed. I know I was too spent to get excited but wanted to pleasure him so took that hard cock in my hand I started to stroke it. There was a goodly amount of pre-cum on the head and after a minute or two I moved down onto my knees and grabbing it aiming for my wide open mouth and sucked it all the way down to his pubes.  “God, your mouth feels so good on me!! Keep doing that and I’ll becumming in no time at all!”  I began to make love to his cock looking up at his face as I would moveit in and out taking time to lick the underside of his cockhead with my tongue as I slowly slid down all the way down then back out. I could sense it wouldn’t be long before he came so I increased my pace and he started to fuck my mouth causing me to gag somewhat.  “I’m cumming Sue suck it, suck it, suck it!”, he exclaimed.  I felt the first spurt on my tongue as he came, and I moved back off ofit opening my mouth wide and grabbed his thick, veiny shaft and milked it as he shot stream after stream right onto my tongue. When he was finished, I sucked him in and cleaned the rest of his semen off of it. Then released it again and made a big production of opening my mouth as I looked up at him letting him see it was still in my mouth then spit it onto my hand and spread it all over my tits and abdomen.  “God, that was soooo hot, Sue!!”  I got up and moved up against him and embraced again and kissedpassionately rubbing his cum onto his chest and abs and I moved down licking it off him into my mouth and swallowing. I scraped what was left on my body off with my finger and sucked it in and swallowed that as well.  I must admit I was so focused on Adam that I don’t remember hearing orseeing Jack and C doing anything but I’m sure Jack will tell me all about it when we’re alone again. By now, the steaks were pretty cold so they put their suits back on and heated them up on the grill and we sat down to have an excellent dinner.

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The Carpenter plus Three
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