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  • October 12, 2015

Renee and I

Submitted to Allurestorm by Elly

I’ve been in a new state alone for the first time for a few months. I learned quickly here just how frustrated some

guy could get with a virgin girl. I was pretty upset by the last guy that I went out with. Jack…what a mess he

was. He told me that I was too hot and too intelligent to believe that any guy was going to wait until I was married

to have sex with me. He wasn’t the one. I’m 5’10” with long legs, 135lbs, thin, with long brown curly hair and a

34B-breast size. I’m a slightly dark skinned girl. My family is from Puerto Rico. I was the one that chose to come

out and away from New York. It often feels like a mistake.

I used to model, but I got bored with it right before college. I’m studying robotic engineering and I play piano on

the side. Men often say things to me that they should be ashamed of. They say…oh who cares what they say.

And I just haven’t figured out how to be close to them at all without running some risk of them wanting to push

things too far. I’m just not ready for the whole being poked and prodded thing I don’t think. And the whole idea of

it doesn’t appeal to me. Penises are starting to seem like some sort of weird invaders that don’t ever need to go

very close to my body at all. Besides I have a tendency to be a bit on the bookish side when I want to be and so

I’ve been staying away from all of the guys here since no one thinks that I will ever find a boyfriend here.

Last week though I found something interesting. My friend Renee asked me to come over and she was going to

cheer me up. She is really the only friend that I’ve managed to have out here really. So I went over there and

Renee had decided to make me dinner. She is a lot like me. She is a virgin too, but she’s 24. (So she’s been

dealing with things longer than I have.) We are about the same height and size. That and she is Italian and Irish

with huge blue eyes. Her breasts are a little bigger. She must be at least a 36.

 I wasn’t sure, though. When I showed up she had on a short red number that was very low cut. (I wondered if we were going to go out somewhere since she had talked about going out to find ourselves some nice guys. She believes that they might even exist here. ) She hugged and kissed me on the cheek and asked me to come in. I was just wearing jeans, high- heeled boots, and a cute top. I had guessed that we were just going to watch movies again. She asked me

to come in and sit down. I couldn’t help noticing that I could almost see her breasts inside of her dress when she

let me out of the hug. I was being weird, though. I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I did manage to tell her that she

looked cute tonight. I then asked if we were going anywhere. She said no. She said that sometimes a girl just

wants to look nice for herself and her friends. So I shrugged it off. Dinner was great. Renee is a great cook. I

could smell the whole place fill with the tantalizing aromas of some big saucy pasta dish that she was cooking.

We talked as she cooked and I chopped a few things that that still needed to be added. She had also made some

vegan ice cream for herself. I was open to trying anything, though. She admitted to being excited about my

coming over here again. She said that it was nice to cook for someone besides herself. I was happy to let that


Dinner was not the main focus of the night so we finished quickly. She really did look good in that dress. I kept

finding my eyes wandering to her behind and her breasts. I shouldn’t have been looking it wasn’t as if I had ever

been with a girl. I hadn’t even found myself staring half as much as I was then. We sat on her couch in front of the

TV and watched movies that she had rented. We had both just finished finals for the semester and were glad to

have a night to unwind. I kept finding myself squirming in my seat, my heart was beating fast and I kept biting my

lip. Renee asked me if I was okay over there. I said yes. She then giggled and asked me if I had ever seen a dirty

movie. I told her that of course I hadn’t what reason would I have had to even see one. She explained to me that

it was fun sometimes. Renee asked if it was okay with me if she did just this once. In my head, all of these

pictures of cocks ramming some poor woman in every open spot began to fill my head. I didn’t know what to do,

but I was going to be a sport for once.

When the movie started I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was about two very beautiful women whose

husband’s were neglecting them and so they decided to satisfy one another in every way possible. But mostly

they spent a lot of time using their tongues to lick each other pussies. I found myself wiggling in my chair even

more then. The sensations that I was feeling were unlike anything that I had ever felt before. I wanted to be

touched. I wanted to be licked. I never had, but really, really wanted to for the first time. I wanted to be kissed

deeply and to let go of all of the inhibitions that I was always holding on to. I wanted someone to touch my

breasts softly and to grab my ass. I just wanted to be touched everywhere. In an attempt to regain some control, I

tried to talk to Renee for a moment.

When I looked over there it seemed that her panties were now down on the floor. And that beautiful red dress was

now hiked up to her hips with her legs spread wide. Her fingers were steadily at work on her what looked like a

waxed pussy. She was holding the lips of her pussy apart giving herself more access. I wanted to look away but

found myself wanted to just watch her. I also found myself wanting to do the same thing. In and out of her pussy

her finger went. Then up to her clit. She looked as if she felt the way that I did biting her lip as if she wanted

something too. Stifling her moans in her throat. She closed her eyes, her head thrown back she let one hand free

to brush her hand across her face and her head turned to me. She opened her eyes and suddenly I found both

of her arms wrapped around me and giving me a long hungry kiss before she let go. She said that she was sorry.

She said that she didn’t think that she would get that carried away. Realizing that she was still exposed she

pulled her dress down and I found myself feeling very sorry that she had. She laughed and said that she should

have picked another one since that one made her feel so hot. She turned off the television and there we sat in

silence for a moment.

I was starting to feel as if I had missed out on an opportunity to do something with one of my best friends. I knew

that neither of us had done much of anything with anyone, but I wanted to be with her. And as far as I knew

neither one of us had had any experience with women at all, but I was more wet and excited than I think that I

had ever been before. So, I put my hand on her shoulder and let it drift down to her left breast and she trembled

and looked at me. She asked me if I wanted her to take off her dress and I said yes. She stood up and slipped

the thin red dress off of her shoulders and pushed it down her thin hips. Her light olive skin looked very soft to

the touch and there was an obvious wetness between her legs that glimmered. She took down her dark brown

hair that had been partly put up most of the evening and let it cascade over her shoulders. I walked up to her and

after getting a few more looks in…kissed her with a deep sense of hunger as if I had been waiting for this all of

this time. I caressed her neck and cheek as I kissed her taking in the softness of it. Then I moved my hands down

to her back and since I was being bold down to her very toned behind. Renee worked out a lot. I could feel her

hands working on the zipper of my jeans and reaching in to feel my shaved pussy. (I know that you’re wondering

why I virgin would do that at all, but I think that mine looks better is just better without any hair.)

She whispered to ask me if I would like to go into her room instead of hanging out in the living room anymore. I

agreed. We took a moment trying to fight through what we wanted to do in order to make sure that we were both

okay with it so there wouldn’t be any hard feelings later. Both agreeing that this was what we both really

wanted…Renee stood in front of me and pulled my top over my head to reveal my black bra that looked nice in

the sense that it pushed and added in all of the right spaces. She looked at it closely and ran her hand over my

cleavage and cupped them both with her hands. I quickly found myself completely topless and overly excited.

Renee sat on the bed and started kissing my breasts. At the same time, she kept looking up to me to make sure

that I was okay. As she kissed my breasts her fingers pulled down my jeans and panties all at once. She

stopped kissing my breasts and took a good look at me while I stepped out of my jeans and told me that I had a

beautiful body. I thanked her and told her that the same was true for her. She quickly pulled me down to the bed,

which landed me on my back. Then she moved so that she was straddling my hips with her knees and she

cupped my pussy in her hand and slipped her fingers into my folds as she leaned over to kiss me.

I reached down to touch her warm, wet, soft pussy with my fingers for the first time breaking myself from her kiss

to get a better feel. She gasped as she felt my fingers glide over her clit and down to her opening where I slipped

in one finger. She whispered that it felt nice and that she had never let anyone do that before. I slid my hand back

and forth as she arched her back. And her nipples continued to harden. Suddenly she says that she wants to look

at my pussy and to play with me as well. We both lay on our sides with our legs spread wide giving each other a

lot of access as we looked at and played with each other. Laying there on the bed with my head a few inches

away I started thinking back to the movie that we had seen and wondering what she would taste like and what it

would be like to have Renee lick me.

In that same moment, Renee as if on cue grabbed my ass and pulled my pussy closer to her face. She licked my

clit and sucked on it and licked me down to my opening back and forth. So much went through my body that I

was very distracted. I pulled Renee’s pretty pussy closer to my face and buried myself in it. Tasting her sweet

pussy as she moaned into my own. Sticking one finger into her pussy to feel her body quiver. Sucking and

licking mimicking what Renee was doing to me. As Renee continued to lick my pussy, she flipped herself over so

that she could lean over my pussy. Then I could feel her finger press in-between the cheeks of my ass exploring

with the hole there. Pressing against it. Then I found myself fucking her with my tongue. Both Renee and I

moaning until we both came and collapsed from our previous positions to the bed. Both feeling very spent, but

wanting to do it all over again.

We figured out that I didn’t have problems with my own sexuality…we just didn’t want to have sex with men.

Renee and I like pleasing each other.


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