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Free Erotic Novel: Dirty Little Devil

  • March 17, 2016

Dirty Little Devil

by Shaunna Peterson


Faye Reagan and Dani Jensen in a sexy threeway. provided by PORN5.COM

“What do you mean you’re not coming?!”  Jenna practically yelled into her cell phone.  She was now pacing back and forth in front of Club Rainbow, receiving curious stares from people who were waiting to get in.

“I’m sorry Jenna but Jonah has come down with some sort of a virus, he vomited all over my outfit.  So even if I wanted to come, I can’t.  Beside you know me I would feel so guilty leaving him home, sick with his father if I went.  I wouldn’t have a good time, my mind would be home with them and not there having a good time with you.”  Sarah pleaded with Jenna to understand.

Jenna being a mom too, knew all too well how these things can come up and could relate to Sarah, she understood the guilt that would eat at Sarah.  She took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of her nose, she exhaled her frustration.  “Yeah, okay I know Sarah.  I just know that we both needed this ladies night out, but it’s okay.  You go play mommy and we will reschedule for another time.”

“What are you going to do, Jenna?  Are you going to stay or are you going home?  I mean you’re already there so you might as well have a good time.  I bet you are wearing you’re “fuck me” heels aren’t you?”  Sarah asked with a playful giggle.  Jenna looked down at her shiny black heels, the same heels that had a red underside, the same heels that set her back eighty five dollars, but they were so worth it.   She smiled at her best friend’s intuitiveness and giggled back.

“Why yes Miss Sarah I am and since I am here I might as well show them off.”  She said with a seductively, sinister grin.  She turned round staring up at the neon rainbow sign that was flashing blindly in the night, she watched as vivid colors of the rainbow rained down onto the side walk and reflected off of her “fuck me” heels.  Both Sarah and Jenna said their good byes and promised to talk tomorrow.

Jenna tucked her phone into her clutch and made for the door, skipping the line that was starting to form outside the club.  She gave her friend Shane, the bouncer a wink and side stepped into the bass pounding club.  The smell of sweat slicked bodies and alcohol was the first thing that assaulted her, along with the undertones of cigarettes smoke floating in the air.  She shielded her eyes against the probing lights that lit the dance floor, she gave her eyes a moment to adjust before heading off to the ladies room.  She quickly made her way across the club, spotting the ladies room, she pushed inside to an even worse florescent lighting that was causing spots to come up in her vision.  She closed her eyes give her pupils a moment of rest before cracking her eyes once again.  Once she had gained control of her eye sight again she eyed her reflection in the mirror.  She was very happy with her overall appearance tonight. She fluffed her deep brown curls that hung to her shoulders, she adjusted her breast with in her push up bra and turned to look at her petite little bottom that was wrapped in a denim mini skirt.  Simple, sexy and sheek was the look she was trying to achieve.  Clad in her black tank with a decent amount of cleavage for show, her denim mini skirt reaching just a few inches below her bottom and her “fuck me” heels she was ready to have a damn good time tonight.  She leaned into to the mirror to apply a thin layer of lip gloss to her mountain peaked lips when the stall door behind her opened up too reveal two hot girls leaving the same stall.  Jenna paused momentarily to watch the girls straighten each other’s clothes and wipe lip stick from their wet lips.  Both of them whispering to each other, completely oblivious to Jenna standing there catching their post hook up in action.  Jenna felt a twinge deep in her belly thinking about what the two of those girls had just got done doing in the stall.  She finally tore her eyes from the two hot smoking beauties and finished her application of lip gloss, she gave her lips a smack and one last look over before she turned to leave the bathroom.  She filed in behind the two hotties and before they left the bathroom, one turned to her and winked at her before disappearing into the dark, crowded night club.

Jenna stopped dead in her tracks when the hottie winked at her.  ‘What does that mean?’  She thought to herself.  ‘Was she flirting with me?  Or was that one of those universal signs for, This is our little secret.’  Jenna shook her head at the erotic cob webs that were starting to cloud her mind.  She quickly exited the bathroom and headed straight for the bar ordering herself a liquid marijuana.  She closed her eyes and savored the sweet, fruity drink that left a cool trail of freshness to her stomach and a warm buzz to her head.  She sat at the bar for a few moment people watching when someone came upon her blind side and kissed her cheek, she swiveled quickly to find her favorite flamboyant bartender standing beside her.  She smiled widely and threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.

“Damion!  How are you hon?”  She squealed as she pulled back looking into his big blue eyes, that sparkled with a hint eye shadow and liner.  Damion smiled back resting his hands on her waist, he leaned in and half whispered, half yelled into her ear.

“Are you wearing your “Fuck me” heels?”  He grinned at her as he motioned to her shiny black heels.  Jeanna nodded enthusiastically and turned her heel out so he could see the blood red sole of her shoe.  “Damn girl you could almost turn a gay man straight with those heels alone, too bad for you I like dick more than I do shoes.”  He said with a playful laugh as she playfully swatted at his arm.   Damion quickly circled the bar and asked about Jenna’s partner in crime, she quickly went on to explain what had happened with Jonah.  Damion pouted at Jenna as he flipped a cup behind his back catching it efficiently.

“So you solo tonight honey?”   He asked as he filled glasses and collected money.  Jenna pouted back at Damion but replaced the pout with a smile when he slide her another drink claiming it was on the house.  Jenna gave him a playful wink and thanked him for his generosity.  She slipped her lips over the straw giving the fruity mixture access to her lips and throat, just as she was about to turn in her seat to watch the fluid like bodies on the dance floor a husky voice whispered into her ear.

“Lucky straw.”

Jenna turned to find a smoking hot brunette standing next to her, eyeing both the straw and her lips.  Jeanna sucked in a breath at the stunning woman standing before her, and in doing so she sucked her drink down the wrong wind pipe sending her into a horribly embarrassing coughing fit.  The woman chuckled lightly as she lightly patted Jeanna on the back.

“I’m sorry……”  Jeanna said as tried to suck in a deep breath and clear he wind pipe, as she closed her eyes she saw the woman standing before her.  Stunning is what came to mind.  Her body was banging with that hour glass figure wrapped in a tight white form fitting dress, which hugged and kissed every one of her curves.  Her breast were full and firm, and perky, oh so perky.  She didn’t bother to wear a bra and it left little to the imagination as her pert little nipples poked through material they hung to.  Jenna clenched her thighs together as a pang of pleasure shot to her core.  She opened her eyes to see the woman staring down at her, the woman patting her back, yet never removing her hand from her back.  Jeanna looked into the woman’s face and gave a light smile.

“You okay hon?”  The woman asked.  “I didn’t mean to startle you, I was just…..”  She looked at Jeanna’s lips again and then back up to her eyes.  “I was just making an observation.”  Jenna was almost star struck looking into this woman’s face, she was utterly stunning.  Exotic almond shaped eyes, the color of warm milk chocolate, with tiny flecks of what appeared to be golden hues.  Her high cheek bones, her delicate nose and those oh so kissable, pouty lips.  Jeanna licked her own lips imagining what this woman’s lips would feel like against her own.  The woman pushed her almost black, but not quite there, hair behind her ear and stretched her hand out to Jeanna.

“I’m Selena, nice to meet you……”  She waited for Jeanna to elaborate.  Jeanna sat there for a moment just gazing at this woman who was flirting with her.

“Oh….oh yeah, I’m Jeanna.  Nice to meet you Selena.”  She practically stuttered.  Jenna mentally rolled her eyes at herself, because she was acting like so dumb love struck fool.  Jeanna reached out taking Selena’s hand in her own, giving it a short shake, as she retracted her hand Selena kept it firm in her grasp, she brought it to those pouty red lips of hers and kissed Jeanna’s knuckles.

“The pleasure is all mine.”  She purred.  Jenna watched in pure fascination as the woman planted a kiss on each one of her knuckles.  She bit her lip as a flush crept up her body and engulfed her face.  She managed a small thank you before the woman reluctantly let go of her hand.  Jeanna grabbed her drink taking two huge gulps to settle her nerves and to keep her hands busy, she had the sudden urge to reach out and touch Selena.

“Are you solo tonight?”  Asked Selena, as she crossed her legs giving Jenna and eyeful of legs that went on for days.  Jeanna nodded and explained her situation to Selena.  Selena listened attentively as she placed her hand on Jeanns’s bare knee.  Jeanna practically jumped out of her skin from the skin to skin contact she had with Selena, just by placing her hand on her knee.

“Well, looks like you misfortune has turned very fortunate for me.  I am solo tonight, aswell.”  Selena said with a playful wink.  “Shall we dance?”  Selena asked as she eyed the dance floor behind Jeanna.  Selena’s radiant eyes came back to Jeanna’s, waiting for her to answer.  Jeanna turned and spied all the sweat slicked bodies that were bumping and grinding on the dance floor, she closed her eyes and thought to herself.  ‘Why the fuck not!’  She turned back to Selena, nodding her agreement and finished of her drink, hoping it would give her liquid courage.

Never in a million years did Jenna ever think that a woman like Selena would pay her any kind of attention and never in a million years did she think she would respond to that attention, like she was.  Her heart was beating rapidly, her stomach felt as if Tinker Bell was doing acrobats inside her. Her legs felt wobbly and a little unsure and she was enjoying every minute of it, and the pang of pleasure she was feeling in her core was starting to pulse and throb.  The way Selena was affecting her was new, exciting and dangerous.  She was so turned on she could feel her hard nipples straining against her push up bra.

Selena reached for Jenna’s hand, tugging her towards the dance floor.  Jenna allowed Selena to lead her, to take control, because this was all new territory for her.  New and unexplored and she was so willing to explore this right now.  Selena pulled her onto the dance floor and found a cozy, dark corner for them to dance in.  There were so many people on the dance floor, yet this corner seemed secluded and private for just the two of them.  The music changed from the bass thumping, heart pounding beats to a more seductive, gyrating song.  It was sexy and mellow and it seemed that’s exactly what Selena wanted as she ran her hands all over her body letting the music lead her hands, as her hips swung in time with the beat.  Jenna could have watched Selena dance all night, she couldn’t tear her eyes from each spot she touched.  She glanced up and saw Selena watching her, she saw excitement and lust flash in her eyes.  It seemed Selena was enjoying the fact that I was watching her.  To stop myself from looking like a fool the only one not dancing on the dance floor I started to mimic Selena’s movements and caresses on my own body. Selena smiled seductively at me, she moved closer to me, leaning in she whispered in my ear.

“You are so sexy right now, I don’t think I can play nice and keep my hands off of you.”  She pulled back to study my face, which I am sure registered shock and maybe some excitement, so against my better judgment I leaned in and whispered back.

“So don’t.”  I pulled back to see Selena’s eyes glaze over with lust and passion as she reached out pulling me close to her, sliding her hands over my hips, around to my ass where she gave it a firm squeeze.  I gave a little moan of pleasure as she pulled me close enough so our breast were crushed against each other’s.  I could smell mint on her breath as we danced in sync with each other I reached out running my hands down her arms to her own hips and it was then that I realized no panty line.  No panties at all!  My eyes bolted right back to Selena’s, searching her face for an answer.  As if she could read my mind she nuzzled up to my ear and whispered.

“That’s right sweetheart, no panties.”  She playfully nipped my ear lobe before she pulled back again.  I licked my lips at the thought of Selena not wearing any panties, in fact the only thing she was wearing was the thin, white material of her tight dress, which was hugging her heart shaped ass perfectly.  It was then that she grabbed my hands and planted them on her ass as she cupped my face, staring into my wide eyes and kissed me.

Selena’s kiss was hot, wet, and seductive and I wanted more.  Selena’s kiss was slow at first, she was testing the waters with me.  One soft, sweet kiss, she pulled back searching my face.  When I smiled at her she went in for another, this time it was more demanding.  She parted my lips with her wet, soft tongue, I parted my lips giving her free roam of my lips, mouth, teeth, anything she wanted. She deepened the kiss as she slid her hand to the back of my neck, keeping me planted against her own lips.  Her tongue was so sweet, so wet and I craved more, so I slid my hand up her back to the back of her neck and deepened the kiss that she initially started.  We were completely oblivious to the fact that the song had changed, to the fact that more people had joined the dance floor and to the fact that a few guys had noticed our hot and heavy exchange and were now rubbing themselves with in the shadows of their tables.  In that moment I didn’t care about anything but getting more of Selena, I wanted to kiss her more, caress her, touch her, feel her, taste her and take her.  She broke the kiss and I pouted playfully at her, she pulled me deeper into the dark corner and turned me so my ass was grinding against her hips.  I bent at the waist to push my ass tighter against her hips, as she kneaded my firm little ass.  As I bent I could feel the rush of cool air slide against my ass and now throbbing pussy, I was essentially showing Selena the goods.  It didn’t matter it’s not like anyone else could see, all they could see was a boat load of my cleavage.  That’s was fine with me, it was Selena that I wanted and it was Selena I was dancing for.  She continued to knead my ass and ever so slightly grazed the inside of my thigh with her soft finger, I pushed back against her, inviting her to more, giving her more.  She slapped my ass, slid her hand up my back to my hair, grabbing a handful, arching my back towards her, pushing my breast towards the crowd.

“You want it don’t you?  Right here in front of all these people?  You want me to touch that sweet pussy don’t you?  Just say the word sweetness.”  Her husky voice sent my pussy into quiver mode, I moaned at her dirty words, but I moaned even more because that was exactly what I wanted.  All my morals, all my nerves, my fears were thrown to the wind, gone.  Replaced with passion, fire, lust and intense craving to be seduced by Selena.  She released my hair allowing me to grind and dance against her as I wanted.  I pushed my ass back against her hips again, swiveling, rotating and grinding against her.  She placed her hands on the back of my thighs and slowly let them travel up to my gyrating ass, she pushed the denim material up to the top of my ass giving her a perfect view of my black thong.  She rubbed and kneaded my cheeks, smacking them lightly and occasional pinching them.  I held back the moan that was ready to spill from my lips as she ventured ever closer to my pussy.  She was toying with me, drawing out the sensation of her hands on my body.  I was to the point where I was almost begging her to touch me, lost in a world that consisted of only myself and Selena, that I missed the man who approached us.  Selena was right there a breath away from touching my pulsing pussy when a gruff voice rang out above me.

“Hey, mind if I join in?”

I opened my eyes to see a pair of tan construction boots standing before me, I followed the boots up to denim clad legs to a white t-shirt stretched across a broad muscular chest.  My gaze went higher to sweet, handsome face with a shaggy blonde mop for hair.  He was cute but I couldn’t think of anything but Selena at the moment and how much I was disliking this boy for interrupting us.  I huffed with annoyance, I glanced over my shoulder at Selena who had yet to remove her hand from between my thighs, she wasn’t touching my wet mound but I was sure if I wiggled just a bit I could get her there.  She looked the young man up and down as if she was considering his offer.  Her eyes found mine once again, her dark almond eyes lusting at me through the darkness and probing lights.  She smiled widely and shook her head.

“No thank you sweetheart, this is a private party only.”  She said as pulled my mini back down to cover my ass, she twined her fingers with in mine and tugged me past the boy toy and off the dance floor.

We didn’t return to the bar like I thought we would, instead she made a bee line for the ladies bathroom.  I shielded my eyes from the blast of florescent lighting as we entered the bathroom.  A few girls lingered at the mirror applying lip gloss and primping their hair, doing exactly what I had been doing not long ago.  They paid us no mind as Selena pulled me past them to the end of the stalls where the spacious handicap stall was located.  She quickly pulled me inside, closing and locking the door behind her.  I stood motionless before her as she took her fill of me, my breast rising and falling with each ragged breath I took.  She crossed the space between us so quickly I barely had time to register the cold bathroom wall against my back as she assaulted my mouth with her own.  Her tongue dancing roughly against mine as her hands wondered over my body.  Through my hair, cupping my face, along my shoulders and finally landing on my breast.  I arched my back and pushed my breast in to her delicate hands.  She pulled both my tank top and my bra down in one fluid motion freeing my breast to the cool air of the bathroom.  She rolled and pinched each nipple giving them equal attention.  I moaned loudly and she swallowed my moan by attacking my mouth and tongue with her velvety tongue.  I had never in my life acted so free, so unashamed and so…..slutty.  I let Selena control me, lead me and do as she pleased with me and all the while reveling in this erotic romp that was taking place in the exact same stall that the hotties had emerged from earlier.  Selena broke our kiss, I whimpered and pouted but that didn’t last long as she nipped at my neck.  I let my head fall back against the bathroom wall giving her free roam of my neck, my body.  She nipped and sucked down to my collar bone and lower still until she was hovering over one of my breast, she looked up at me with a lust filled haze in her eyes as she flicked her hot, wet tongue out to meet my berry red nipple, which was practically screaming for her mouth to capture it.  I am pretty sure I had a mini orgasm with just that one flick of her perfect tongue, she smiled triumphantly up at me, teasing me making me wait for more.  Instead of waiting I snaked my hand into her gorgeous, silky brown hair and brought her head down to meet my aching nipple.  She didn’t protest, she actually moaned as I watched my nipple disappear into her perfect mouth.  The heat, the wetness, the softness, of her mouth was my undoing.  I reached down and pulled up my skirt, sliding my hand inside my thong and found that sweet bundle of nerves, it was calling out for attention.  I mimicked Selena’s tongue with my own fingers, my hips flexing forward with each swipe of her tongue.  Selena must have noticed that I was taking pleasure on my own account because she quickly pushed my hand aside and replaced with her own.  Her touches and caress’s were masterful as she rubbed deliberate slow circles around my clit.  I could barely breathe as I pushed my hips forward giving her anything she wanted, giving anything she desired of me.  She picked up the pace rubbing harder and  slower, torturing me on this erotic roller coaster.  I moaned and pleaded with her.

“Please Selena……more!”     I looked down into her beautiful eyes and saw fire burning there, a fire that was growing by the second.

“More?”  She asked.

“Yesssss.”  I hissed as she lightly pinched my clit.  My hips flexed forward on their own accord, I was no longer in control of my body, it belonged to Selena now.

Selena removed her hand from my pussy and pushed my skirt higher, she knelt down in front of me, she hooked her fingers with in my thong and removed them slowly.  She balled them up and stood once more before me, she tapped my lips with her finger and whispered in a husky, lust induced voice.


I did as she asked and open my mouth, never taking my eyes from hers as she placed the tiny wad of fabric in my mouth.  She tapped my chin and I promptly closed my mouth, savoring my own pussy juices as Selena resumed her position kneeling on the floor hovering in front of my soaking wet pussy.  She grabbed my calf, running her hand up over my knee and lifting it to rest on her shoulder.  She grabbed my hips and held me still as she leaned forward and ran her wet, sensuous tongue between my silky folds.  I practically fell to the floor as Selena’s tongue made contact with my aching mound, thankfully she had quit a grip on my hips keeping my upright.  I couldn’t contain myself I reached down threading my fingers into her hair and pulled her face closer as I pushed my pussy out to meet the most perfect mouth in the world.  She happily went to my eager pussy, moaning with delight as she released my hips and spread my lips with her delicious fingers.

“Sweet Jesus, Selena!  Don’t stop.”  I begged.

“I didn’t plan on it honey.  I am going to make you come so hard, you are going to forget where you are and what day it is.  You will be lucky if you can remember your name, but trust me on this when I say, you will DEFINITELY remember MY name.”  She said as she thrust her tongue straight into my core.  I bucked against her tongue, her name but a whisper on my mouth.  She swivel, she thrust, she licked with that perfect tongue of hers and I was melting as she drove me to the edge of what could only be described as the most perfect orgasm.  I cursed as she removed her tongue and replaced with not one but two fingers curling up into my body.  I quivered as she literally almost removed her fingers and thrust them inside me again, as she captured the sweet pearly clit of mine with in her precious lips, sucking ruthlessly.  She let go of my clit for a moment and whispered up to me.

“Come for me Jenna.”  I practically inhaled the thong that was wedged with in my mouth.  That was all I needed as she claimed my clit once more and doubled her efforts with her fingers.  My body tightened, it coiled and it was ready to fire as Selena gave my clit a playful nibble.  In that one little nibble I was lost in a state of complete ecstasy, as my body arched off the wall into Selena’s mouth, where she wrapper her arm around my buttocks, trapping me.  She sucked harder, pulling my orgasm to its maximum height.  I shot through the roof with wave after wave of ecstasy, it rolled from my pussy to the top of my head.  She released my clit with a loud pop, I managed to crack an eye open as I floated down from high.  Selena was smiling like the Cheshire cat, she wiped her lips with her fingers and then stuck them into her mouth sucking my juices off, licking her fingers clean.  She moaned as if this was her last meal savoring every last bit of the delicacy before her. Just watching Selena lick my juices off of her fingers was enough to make my pussy ache for more, it was so erotic and dirty and I loved it.

I reached for Selena pulling her up to stand face to face with me.  I turned my head and spit out my thong and grabbed Selena’s neck pulling her forward to meet my lips.  I wanted to taste my juices on her tongue, but most of all I just wanted to taste her.  Before tonight I had never kissed a girl, I had never touched a girl in any sexual manner, I never really had the urge to do so, until Selena and she was bringing out the most primal urges in me that I never knew existed.  I grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around, trading spots with Selena as I lowered myself to kneel before her.  I gazed up her and whispered.

“My turn.”

“Mmmmmm, yes please.”  She moaned, throwing her head back to rest against the wall, as I pushed her dress up to rest above her hips.  I had no experience in this department, none what so ever.  So I decided to do what I thought I would like and what Selena had just done to me.  But I was captivated by the completely bare pussy that was placed on a silver platter before me.  Not a single hair nor stubble could be found on her completely bare pussy.  She reached down and ran a finger between her folds as I stared at the mound of sweet goodness before me.  Before she could pull her hand away I snatched her hand and brought her finger to my mouth, sucking her wetness from her own finger.  Her hips flexed forward as I swirled my tongue around the tip pf her finger, she removed her finger from my mouth and rested it on her clit.

“Here, do it here sweetness.”

I pushed her hand away and did just as she asked, I spread her lips with my shaky fingers and swirled my tongue around her pearly clit that was peeking out from behind its hood.  I swirled one way and then the other, all the while Selena was bucking against my mouth.  I slowly and deliberately slide one finger into her wet, tight pussy.  I could feel it contract around my finger, I smiled against her lips as I drew my finger out and then back in.  Torturing her the same way she did me.

“Jenna, you are such a tease.  Please don’t stop!  Please…more. Harder.”  She hissed and pleaded in between breaths, which were becoming short and labored.  It turned me on so much to see that she was enjoying the pleasure I was giving her and the pleasure I want to continue to give.  She threaded her fingers in my hair, pulling me closer to her pussy, she slowly started to grind against my tongue and lips.  How could I deny her what she wanted?  I couldn’t and I wouldn’t.  I removed my finger and quickly replaced it with two fingers as I thrust them inside her, her head feel back with a load thump against the wall.  She groaned and rocked her hips forward with more aggression, more force as I continued to plunge my fingers deeper inside her.  Suddenly I wanted the precious little pearl of hers in my mouth, I sucked it between my teeth, trapping it for my own pleasures.  I flicked once, she bucked.  I flicked it twice, she bucked again.  I flicked it that last and final time and her pussy clamp down around my fingers trapping my fingers inside her pussy, just as I had trapped her sweet little pearl between my teeth.  She was suspended motionless, her back arched, her silent screams a hair away from being released into the bathroom for all to hear.  I released her pearl from my teeth and give one last push with my fingers as she bucked against them with finality and then slumped against the bathroom wall.  Her eyes were hooded and heavy, also most a dreamy quality to them.  I removed my fingers from her and did just as she did, sucking them into my mouth, licking them clean of her savory juices.  Her taste on my tongue was more than I could have ever expected, she tasted sweet like honey.  I’ve heard people say this before, but Selena really did taste SO sweet and I wanted more, I craved more.  Just as she went to adjust her dress I grabber both her wrist and stopped her.  I leaned forward and buried my face and tongue inside her wet, silky folds and gave her one last lick, one last taste.  She whimpered and quiver under my tongue.  I pulled back and gave her a playful wink as I rose to my feet to meet her face to face once again.  She leaned in to kiss me, I leaned in to meet her half way, when we were startled out of our erotic little world by a loud bang on the stall door.

“Hey!  Some of us actually have to use the bathroom.  So if you finished playing erotic tongue twister, let someone else use the bathroom!”

We snickered and giggled like little school girls.  I pulled her dress back down into place, she replaced my breast with in my bra and adjusted my skirt accordingly.

“You ready?”  She asked as she twined her fingers with in mine.

“Yeah I am ready, I think I am going to need a drink to bring me back down.”  I replied as she reached around me and unlocked the stall door.  She opened the door and we exited to find two other girls waiting to “use” the bathroom.  I raised an eyebrow at each of them and they shrugged casually as the lead girl reached back to grab the other girls hand and tugged her into the space we just vacated.  Selena smiled and tossed back at them.

“Have fun……I know we did.”  She stopped in front of the mirror to straighten her dress and check her reflection, I did the same as she turned to me and wiped a bit of her lipstick from my mouth.  I captured that finger in my mouth and bit it slightly.  She hissed in a low voice.  “You’re a dirty little devil you know that?”

“Who me?  I could never.”  I said in a mock innocent tone.

“Oh yes, in those “fuck me” heels you are quite the dirty little devil.”  She said as he removed her finger from my mouth, she captured my hand with hers and led me out of the bathroom back to our seats at the bar.

I took my seat at the bar and Damion came by to replenish our drinks and raised his eyebrow at me.

“What?”  I asked in sly voice.

“Nothing, nothing at all…you dirty little devil you.”

I looked at Selena, she raised her eyebrows at me in surprise at the phrase that Damion had just used towards me.  She leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“You realize you left your panties in the bathroom, right?”  I was about to answer when someone tapped me on the shoulder, I turned and found it to be the girl that had been banging on our stall door.

“I believe these belong to you?”  She held up her finger and there hanging before me was my thong.  I looked from my thong to the smiling girl and replied.  “How do you know they are mine?”  The girl smirked at me and replied with humor.  “Because she obviously isn’t wearing any.”  I looked at Selena who simply nodded, confirming that indeed she wasn’t wearing any.  I snatched my thong from the girl, stuffed them in my pocket and thanked the girl with a slightly flushed face.  She smiled back and winked.  When I turned back to the bar Damion was standing there right before me, obviously witnessing the exchange.  He smirked and simply stated.

“Like I said… dirty little devil.”  Selena laughed and commented about how much she liked Damion.

“Well if I am the devil, then what does that make you Damion.”  I asked, arching my eyebrows waiting for his response.

“Oh honey I am already going to hell, so it just makes me gay.” We all laughed and the tension was gone, thank God for gay men like Damion.

Later that night Selena and I said our good byes.  We didn’t exchange numbers, we both understood that this was a fling, something that each of us would forever hold onto, think back on and never forget.  We knew that this would be our dirty little secret.  Exchanging of names, kisses, and a bit more was all we needed.  I didn’t know if I would ever see her again but her name, her smell, her taste were all imprinted in my mind, hiding deep inside for me to go back to anytime I wanted or needed to.

As I slipped into bed that night with my husband I couldn’t help but think that they were right.  I was a dirty little Devil.

The end for this dirty little Devil!

by Shaunna Peterson

Copyright 2014 Shaunna Peterson

This book contains content that is not suitable for readers under 18 or those easily offended by strong sexual content.  Thank you for downloading this book which is licensed for your enjoyment only.  It may not be reproduced, or used in a whole or in part, by any means existing, without written permission from the listed author.  All stories are protected by copyright. 

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead, or places, events, or locales is purely accidental.  The characters are reproductions of the authors imagination and used fictitiously.   

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    I love it!! but now you should post more..


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