We at allurestorm are not looking to profit from this website but we use our revenues to provide our members with more content. For this reason we are open for contributions and we offer VIP membership to our contributors. 

So how can you contribute?

  • By sending photosets (you must be the legal owner of the photoset)
  • By writing and submitting posts or stories
  • By submitting art-work (drawings etc)
  • By donating bitcoins/coupons
  • By being active on the website: commenting/sharing
  • By helping us promote our website
  • If you have any other idea on how you can contribute just let us know, we are open minded!!

The length of your VIP membership will depend on the quality/quantity of your contribution.

To submit your work or just to ask for more info contact us on


Submitting Photosets:

We would love if you want to share with us your work, the only things we ask are: good taste (nothing vulgar), the models involved in the shoot have to be at least 18 and you need to provide us with a signed model release form and ID of the model. Submit your work at

Submitting posts/stories or art-work:

So far this has been the preferred form of contribution from our users. We have a free erotic stories  section on allurestorm where you can find all the submissions we received (some are real life experiences, you don’t want to miss that). But we accept also non-erotic content. You can submit posts or stories you already submitted on other websites as long as you are the author and you are allowed to publish elsewhere. We will also create a personal page for you and we are happy to help you promote your own ebooks or websites free of charge if you are a contributor.

Submit your work at

Donating bitcoins/coupons:

Let’s be frank, most of the models appearing on this website are exclusive models and we personally arranged shoots with them. That’s expensive and difficult to sustain, that’s why we encourage you to donate!! You can donate bitcoins to this address: 18rnDTcwR2yh5wiis9rkZ5m9Nnm7gAgfm5 or by using the banner below:

Alternatively you can donate coupons, feel free to send them to this address:


Be active on the website:

Users that are found to be particularly active on the website (for example people that comment or share our content on social media) will receive free VIP membership (the length of which will depend on the level of activity on the website). We want to share our content with you so help us out!!


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