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Erotic Novels: My Second Woman

  • February 21, 2015

My Second Woman

Submitted to Allurestorm by Foxy Sue

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“My first experience with another woman was at age eighteen but involvednothing more than a lot of kissing on the lips and some touching of each other but nothing beyond that. My next time took place about four years later with a good friend from high school and her husband. My friend Laura and I were cheerleaders together in high school and pretty close friends during those years. After high school I went away to college and we didn’t see each other much except when I was home for holidays and during the summer. Her senior year she started dating one of the football players, Tony, and they ended up getting married two years ago. I liked Tony a lot, he was really a hunk and had a very nice personality.”

 After I graduated and started to work Laura helped me get a job in thecompany she worked for and we quickly became fast friends again. Laura invited me over one Saturday night(this wasn’t unusual as we often got together on the weekends with me either bringing a date or alone like this particular night) for pizza and to watch a movie. We ate the pizza, had a few glasses of wine and Tony put a movie on. When the movie was over (it was still pretty early yet) he asked if we wanted to watch another one and when we said yes Laura got up to open another bottle of wine and Tony put another tape on.  When the tape started I saw that it was a porn movie right in the middleof a scene of one guy with a rather large cock and two very hot-looking women. Laura was still in the kitchen at the time and at first both he and I just sat there staring at the TV then he said, “Oops, I think I put the wrong tape in, I’ll go change it” and with that he got up to stop it.

I was a little surprised at myself when I said, “No, don’t switch it on my account I’ve only seen one other porno before so it might be interesting and I might learn something.” I was laughing out loud at that comment, and so did Tony and just then Laura walked back into the living room. “What’s so funny?” And I said, “look at the TV Tony put the wrong tape in the video by accident.” Laura laughed too, “Yeah, by accident huh! Why don’t you change it dear?” Then Tony laughed again, “But Sue wants to watch it and whatever the guest wants to see she sees right?”  “Well, as long as Sue is O.K. with it I am too!” Laura poured us anotherglass of wine and sat back down on the couch beside me. I was in the middle between her and Tony and we settled back to watch the action. I can clearly remember that the movie was very erotic and I was quickly becoming very excited. My hard nipples were poking against the fabric of my tank top and I could feel my wetness leaking into my panties. I glanced over and saw that Laura seemed to be in the same condition and was breathing rapidly then looking the other way I saw that Tony had something growing under his shorts.  Fueled by the wine and the action on the screen I didn’t evenacknowledge that Tony had reached his arm up and in back of me and began to massage my shoulder then moved down caressing my upper arm. He would occasionally brush the side of my right breast while moving up and down my arm. I was so excited and then suddenly I felt a hand on my knee then slowly inching up the inside of my thigh and looking down I saw that it was Laura’s. When I looked up and turned my head toward her she was leaning into me and I felt her lips touch mine and I instinctively opened my mouth and accepted her probing tongue. It was such a sweet, gentle, and loving kiss unlike being kissed by most men and my body was on fire from her sweet kisses and the now direct fondling of my breasts by Tony and Laura’s fingers rubbing up and down my pussy barely covered by my wet panties.  This was feeling sooooo good and I think sensing that this was going tobe taken to the next level Tony began to lift my tank top up and off of me and leaned in to suck on my nipples and Laura moved off the couch and between my legs urging me to lift my ass and she slid my shorts and panties slowly down my legs and off. “Tony, she is a real redhead look!!!” At the time I had a small patch of my pubic hair left unshaved and I heard Tony’s say to Laura I owe you twenty bucks you were right she is a redhead. After I was completely naked Tony and Laura both stood up in front of me and quickly stripped off their clothes.  

It was hard to determine which one of them was more hot looking buttruth be told it didn’t matter one bit. Laura was gorgeous, she looked to be my body double except for her brunette hair. Our height, weight, and even our breasts(large B’s-small C’s) and nipples were shaped and looked exactly the same. Tony was a downright hunk he was still in football player shape about 6′ and maybe 200lbs. His cock looked enormous certainly the biggest I’d seen up until that night, later Laura would tell me that she measured him at 7.5 inches long and almost 4 inches around.  Tony sat back down beside me on the couch and we began to kiss andcaressed my breasts pinching my hard nipples. Meanwhile Laura got down on her knees and guided me forward so that my ass was barely on the couch and spread my legs wide then began to slowly lick her way up the inside of my left thigh. When she got right by my pussy lips she avoided them and licked over the top of my pussy then down and then back up my right thigh. This time when she got near to my pussy she slowly licked the length of my pussy up and down and alternated sticking her tongue as far as she could inside me. I think that she sensed that I was quickly approaching an orgasm and she reached up and spread the top of my pussy with her fingers exposing my clit then leaned in and sucked my clit into her mouth then Tony began to bite down on my nipple and I felt one then two fingers being inserted inside my pussy fingering me.  This sent me over the edge I had my pussy eaten by many guys before butnever have experienced the intensity level of what Laura was doing to me. And it definitely helped that Tony was contributing also. I am very multi-orgasmic and I had to have close to a dozen of them before I begged them to stop. It was just too intense by then. I just collapsed back on the couch exhausted while they gently caressed my body. We all sat up on the couch again and had another glass of wine. Tony was still hard and I reached down and began to play with his cock and at the same time I played with Laura and we kissed again. This time I didn’t hesitate to reach down to run my finger up and down the lips of her pussy feeling her wetness.  I moved down off the couch leading Tony behind me by his cock. I reallywanted him to fuck me. I got down on my hands and knees and Tony knelt behind me spreading me and rubbing his large cock up and down my pussy lips and then felt him slowly start to push that big cockhead inside me.  Laura laid down on her back in front of me and I spread her legs andmimicked what she did to me on the couch a little while earlier while Tony continued to fuck me. He was ramming his hard cock inside me making me cum over and over again. He really had incredible staying power as he must have been fucking me for a good twenty minutes while I slowly licked up the inside of Laura’s smooth thighs avoiding direct contact with her pussy I licked down the inside of her other thigh. I slowly began to ascend up her thigh then teased her by quickly licking her pussy lips then moving back to her thighs.

She was moaning and begging me to make her cum and I noticed that she was pinching her nipples then at the same time I began to lick her clit in earnest and stuffed two fingers up her pussy and fucked her with them. I was licking her clit with my tongue as fast as I could while shoving my fingers furiously into her very soaking wet pussy. It didn’t take but a minute before I felt her shake and cum hard, and as I continued she came over and over and over again one orgasm seeming to be more intense than the previous one. She finally pushed my head away from her pussy and turned to lay down on her back on the couch. I couldn’t help admire that beautiful body of hers and noticed her juices had covered the insides of her upper thighs.  Tony was still fucking me but slower now and I remember thinking howerotic this experience was and was hoping that this was not the end of the evening or of our friendship. I wondered how the three of us would feel afterwards, and I knew then I was hoping that this was only the first of many more evenings with the two of them.  Tony still hadn’t cum yet and he suggested that we retire to theirbedroom to continue our fun. I was surprised at how well he held off cumming as most of the guys I’d fucked until then never lasted more then 10 minutes.  “Hell, yes”, Laura and I exclaimed and the two of us followed Tony into their room and the three of us laid down on their king size bed with Tony in the middle between us. Tony leaned over and began to kiss his wife while I took the opportunity to scoot down on the bed to look more closely at Tony’s large hard cock that just recently had pleasured me so nicely. I had cum so many times on his cock that I kind of welcomed just watching for a while and I began to play with his balls then licked up and down his shaft tasting my juices on him.  After worshipping his cock for a few minutes to his delight Tony saidthat he wanted to fuck his wife now and sat up got up on his knees and guided Laura up on her knees and slowly sank his hard cock in her pussy. I moved over beside them and began to play with her swinging breasts as Tony was fucking her. Then I scooted down underneath her legs and had a first hand view of his big cock splitting the lips of her pussy. I leaned my head up and began to lick his shaft and her pussy lips as his big cock went in and out of her. He fucked her like this for about 5 minutes then completely withdrew dipped two of his fingers into her pussy then wiped the juices on the entrance to her ass then while holding his cock with his hand he slowly started to ease the head into Laura’s asshole. Laura was moaning I couldn’t tell if it was from pleasure or pain so I asked her if she liked it. “God, yes I love being filled with his cock back there!”  I could see her pussy was still stretched wide open from his big cockand her juices were literally flowing out of her pussy and down her thighs. I couldn’t resist shoving my tongue up her open pussy and licking up her juices. “Oh yes, stick your hot tongue and put some fingers up inside me, Sue. That feels so good!” I shoved three fingers up her pussy and started to lick her rock hard clit with my tongue. She was moaning very loudly now, their neighbors must be able to hear us and thinking about that excited me even more. Tony was slowly easing more and more of his big thick cock inside her ass and I moved my head down and further back between her legs to get a better view of it. It was hard to believe that his thick cock could fit inside there but finally after a few minutes he had the entire length buried in her ass and he slowly started to fuck her.  

I still was shoving my fingers into her pussy and I could feel his cockon my fingers as he continued to ream her ass and I began to rub her clit with my thumb while keeping the other fingers in her pussy. Laura was cumming almost continuously and I watched as Tony grabbed her hips and began to pound her ass as fast as he could. Finally after a good ten minutes or so Tony announced that he was cumming and I had a first hand view as he finally came inside Laura’s ass.  After he came Laura screamed out for us to please stop as she could not take any more. She just got too sensitive down there(I know all about it as I’ve had it happen to me many times before). As I watched Tony slid his cock out of her ass and I was amazed to see that her asshole remained stretched wide open. Tony’s cum began to slowly drip out of her ass down onto my breasts and when most of it dripped out I began to massage his thick cum all over my breasts.  I removed my fingers from her pussy and Laura toppled over on her back and laid there on her back with her eyes closed. “I’ve never been satisfied so well before now. Thanks for the great fuck, Sue and my awesome husband!”  Tony laid back on the bed also, he was still semi-hard I couldn’t resistlicking the remains of his cum off the head of that magnificent cock feeling it swell even more and I could see it glistening with Laura’s juices and my saliva. We just laid there for a few minutes not talking and I can remember I felt so satisfied from the fucking I had just received and given to the two of them. Laura sat up and said that she was famished and asked if we wanted something to eat and drink. Tony and I eagerly said yes and followed her into the kitchen. She took some little pizza snacks out and put them in the oven and poured us a glass of wine then got out some crackers and cheese. If felt so exciting to be sitting in their kitchen stark naked while eating our food. In the bright light of the kitchen I remember thinking just how gorgeous Laura was and what a hunk Tony was. I remember telling them what I was thinking and then Tony came out and said that I was the most beautiful and sexy woman he’d even been with except for Laura, of course. Laura poked him in the ribs and told him that he had better say that. Laura then also said the same thing about me which really made my head swell and I felt a twinge of excitement again hoping that the fun was not over yet this night.  We quickly devoured the snacks and most of the glasses of wine whenLaura said that it felt like Tony appeared to be ready for some more fun. She stood up holding Tony’s rapidly hardening cock as asked if I wanted to have some more fun with them and held out her hand to me and I eagerly stood up and walked hand in hand with her back into their bedroom. Laura became the aggressor and told Tony to go sit in the chair near the foot of the bed and enjoy the show and she led me onto the bed and laid down beside me. We kissed again and our hands roamed all over each other’s bodies. In no time my nipples were rock hard and I could feel my juices running down my thighs.  Laura then got up and kneeled over me facing my feet and at the sametime dropped her pussy down on my face moved her mouth onto my pussy and began to lick my juices and suck on my clit. I reached up and spread her pussy lips and jammed my tongue as far as I could up her pussy then sucked her hard clit into my mouth and began to lightly bite on it. I didn’t take long for the both of us to start cumming again and we just continuing pleasuring each other rolling from one orgasm to the next cumming countless times. Then finally after ten minutes we couldn’t take anymore and Laura rolled off me and laid back down next to me and we kissed again. As we broke our long kiss I looked up and saw that Tony was standing next to the bed slowly stroking his magnificent cock, and then he said that it was the hottest scene he’d ever seen. He said that he wanted to fuck me in the worst way again as long as Laura had no objections. Laura said, “Go ahead and I’ll help you fuck her!” “Let me rest for a few minutes and I’ll be ready for his hard cock again”, I said.


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My Second Woman
My first experience with another woman was at age eighteen but involvednothing more than a lot of kissing on the lips and some touching of each other but nothing beyond that. My next time took place about four years later with a good friend from high school and her husband. My friend Laura and I were cheerleaders together in high school and pretty close friends during those years. After high school I went away to college and we didn't see each other much except when I was home for holidays and during the summer. Her senior year she started dating one of the football players, Tony, and they ended up getting married two years ago. I liked Tony a lot, he was really a hunk and had a very nice personality.
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