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Erotic Story: Alana and Luther – A Straight Story

  • March 24, 2015

Alana and Luther – A Straight Story

Submitted to Allurestorm by TokyoDaddy

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Alana was bored. But that was par for the course when you are a working model trying to make rent. The fact that she had the most stunning body the editors of Merlin magazine had ever seen only got her so far. As she stood naked in the withering heat of the on-set trailer, the hunky, yet inevitably gay, makeup artist, who said his name was Luther, knelt behind her and started to powder her perfect ass in preparation for today’s swimsuit shoot. It had been ages since she had met a sex-worthy guy, and the fact that a gay makeup artist powdering her ass was making her so embarrassingly wet signaled clearly to her how rock bottom her love life had become. To her horror, a thin line of wetness started to slide down her inner thigh, and Alana wondered if it was actually possible to die of embarrassment. She was shocked when she felt Luther’s warm hand wipe up the liquid and was even more shocked when she heard him say that she tasted delicious and that he wanted more as his hand returned this time to caress her wet folds. She could not help but let out a high, breathy moan as she tried not to orgasm then and there.


Luther stood and pressed his lithe yet muscular form against her back as his hand slid over the softness of the skin of her hip. “I bet you thought I was gay, didn’t you?” he purred in his  deep, gravelly voice. “The all do. I don’t know if it’s just a stereotype of the profession or what, but as my stiff cock mightily pressing against your beautiful ass through my jeans tells you, I am most definitely not gay.” Luther then slid his hands up Alana’s torso and cupped her full and pert breasts while he kept her in place when she tried to face him. “Not yet, pussycat. Let old Luther do his work. You just stand there and enjoy.” He whispered into her ear as her legs went weak with desire, and she had trouble remaining standing. As Luther massaged her breasts gently in his hand, his index fingertips brushed back and forth over her rapidly hardening nipples as he felt her push her ass harder into the stiff outline of his cock while his lips dragged wetly over her neck. 


Luther let his hands drop and stepped back to start unbuttoned his shirt and let it slide to the floor as Alana turned to face him; her mind drawing a total blank as to what to say, it being currently filled to the brim with nothing but desire for this man and the rock hard curves of his abs and pecs. Clearly he worked out a lot in his spare time, and she wanted her hands and lips all over that body so much like a living Greek God. But as Alana raised her hands to place them on his chest, Luther moved forward and slid his arms around to her back, lovingly caressing her and swaying slightly as if preparing to start a dance. Alana reveled in the warmth of his skin as he pressed his front into her and his cock pushed at her belly button as his mouth kissed in a straight line down her neck, over her collar bone, down her chest until they reached her breasts. Alana gasped as Luther again cupped her breasts in his large hands, yet this time he was holding them up to his mouth where his wet tongue pushed between his teeth and started to draw slow circles around her now fully erect nipples.


Alana gasped as Luther’s mouth suckled first one then the other nipple as his hands slid smoothly over her supple skin to grasp an ass cheek in each hand and squeeze while she found her hands slide down over his chiseled chest to fumble of their own accord with the buttons of his designer jeans. A moan escaped Luther’s lips as Alana pushed her hand into his jeans and firmly grasped his rock hard cock. She could feel the pre-cum pooling on the tip of his head already and pivoted the pad of her thumb back and forth smoothly sliding over the pre-cum,  already wanting nothing more than to feel his shaft inside her. Alana slid his jeans and boxers down down his thighs as she grasped his throbbing cock and started to stroke it evenly as she rubbed his slick head on her bellybutton. Luther replied in kind and slid one hand around to her pussy and pinched her already erect clit between his thumb and forefinger and rubbed it up and down as the index finger of his other hand on her ass pushed between her cheeks and the tip circled her tight asshole. He was trying to restrain himself. As much as he wanted to fuck her brains out right this second, his desire to make her cum at least a few times before he entered her was even greater.


Alana’s knees buckled from the pleasure, and she fell to her knees and sat her ass on her ankles in front of Luther as he pushed his jeans and boxers down the rest of the way and stepped out of them. Alana’s nail tips stared to brush over his balls which  sent shivers of pleasure down his spine as she grasped his quivering cock again and gently covered the head with her full, soft lips and skated her tongue tip over the pooling pre-cum at the tip. Luther moaned deeply as her lips sucked as she cupped his balls, and with her other hand she mirrored what he had done a minute earlier and slid over the muscular curve of his ass to push her fingertip into his asshole. Luther had never experienced a girl doing something to his ass before, and it was so arousing in it’s novelty. As Alana’s head started to bob farther and farther down his stiff shaft, he gently ran his hands through her hair and down to her breasts where his fingertips brushed over her sensitive nipples. Luther then raised his foot which was between her legs, and his big toe explored Alana’s wet folds, causing her to moan into his cock. Between her moans on it and her finger In his ass, he was racing to the brink of orgasm alarmingly fast. As her lips moved down all the way to the base of his shaft and her lips brushed his pubic hair, he could no longer reign in his passion and pulled out just in time to cum, his body becoming board stiff as his warm seed splashed onto her tongue while a yell of ecstasy roared from his throat.  Alana stroked his shaft and eagerly pumped out as much cum as she could and swallowed it, smiling at the pleasure she knew she just gave Luther.  As his orgasm subsided, Luther pushed her onto her back and growled, “Now it’s my turn to make you squirt.” 


After having pushed Alana onto the set trailer’s bed, Luther grabbed her ankles and raised her legs high and proceeded to brush his lips down her inner thigh as he lowered himself onto all fours between her legs.  She had just given him the best oral sex he’d had in a long time, even though he had planned on being the one to make her orgasm first, now it was his turn to make her cum. Alana licked his cum from her lips. Already the feeling of his lips gliding down her in inner thigh was making the pressure between her legs grow, and she could feel the wetness seeping from herself growing. As much as she loved the way he drew out the foreplay, her desire to have him inside her was growing to desperate proportions. She playfully mussed his soft hair and gasped as first his nose and then his lips reached her wet folds. His tongue probed urgently and  the pleasure of his eager lapping up of her prolific wetness caused a warmth to spread from her groin to radiate all over her body. She locked her legs around his shoulders and grabbed two fistfuls of his locks to pull his eager mouth more firmly into her. Luther was more than happy to oblige and stuck his tongue out fully and stiffened it to plunge it into her delicious wetness as deep as he could while the tip of his index finger rubbed the bud of her erect clit. As he did so, a whimper of pleasure emanated from Alana’s mouth. Rare was the man with skills like Luther’s and she thanked God that she accepted this photo shoot gig and even more so that apparently the schedule had been ruined by the late delivery of the suits she was to model.


“Unnngh!” Alana grunted in pleasure as Luther’s fingers pushed into her pussy as his mouth sucked her clit in. She panted from the ecstasy and grabbed the sheets firmly as his fingertips started to pushed rhythmically into her g-spot as the tip of his tongue flicked over her clit while it was sucked vigorously into his mouth. She was amazed at how rapidly she was approaching orgasm and never wanted this feeling to end. Alana cupped her own breasts and rolled her stiff nipples between her thumb and fingers as she arched her back involuntarily from the waves of joy that coursed through her body.  Luther could feel her pussy muscles clench rhythmically onto his fingers as they pumped into her pussy and her juices covered his hand. He knew the time had come to make her orgasm for the first, and hopefully not the last, time that day. So as his mouth and tongue worked on her clit and his fingertips thrust over and over into her g-spot, he pushed the wet pinky of the same hand fully into her tight asshole as his other hand, also wet with her juices, moved to her lips so that she could taste herself. Alana eagerly sucked her own deliciousness from his fingers, but froze as soon as his pinky entered her ass. The combination of that plus the stimulation to her g-spot and clit was overwhelming. And she yelled loudly in wonton abandonment as her body stiffened and she had the most earth-shattering orgasm she could remember. And as she came, she was utterly shocked as clear, watery cum squirted from the place she peed from. She had known of girls who squirted when having a particularly strong orgasm, but it was a first for her. So as she was frozen in a rictus of ecstasy, her cum splashed in a stream into and over Luther’s ecstatic mouth and face, and he eagerly lapped up the delicious wetness. Alana pulled Luther on top of her and kissed him passionately. This was the best day she had experienced in a long time. And as much as she wanted to just drift off into a blissful sleep, her desire kicked-started her consciousness as she felt the tip of Luther’s beautiful cock at the mouth of her dripping pussy. 


Alana kissed Luther fervently and enjoyed the taste of herself on his mouth which had so recently been on her pussy as he was over her on all fours. The tip of his cock teasingly rubbed  over her already sensitive clit, which caused her to grasp his throbbing shaft and grunt into his ear in a tone that was not to be denied, “Luther. As much as I love foreplay, and I do don’t get me wrong, I need you inside me, filling me up this second.  I literally can wait no longer,” she pleaded and ordered together  in one breath as she guided his manhood into her pulsing wetness; eliciting dual moans of ecstasy from both their throats at the same instant that his cock pushed into her to the hilt, filling her completely. “Fuck, that feels so good,” Alana whispered as her ass started to rise and fall, causing Luther’s shaft to rub over various angles of her pussy as she then wrapped her long legs around his waist, locking him in place so that he couldn’t escape; not that she figured he wanted to anyway. Luther, on his part tried his best not to orgasm so soon from the pleasure her wet, warm, tight pussy gave him as it sheathed his cock. And what really pushed him to the edge alewady was the feeling of Alana’s pussy muscles clenching rhythmically in her desire to suck him in more. He bent down and braced his elbows to her sides as his hands cupped the fullness of her breasts as his stiff tongue tip circled first one erect nipple and then the next, leaving a stimulating coolness in it’s wake. Luther had fucked many models over the years; one of the perks of the job since as beautiful as the models were, they rarely had the time or the energy to find a fuckworthy guy. But Alana’s sheer passion in addition to her beautiful and the desire he could feel radiating from her stimulated him to no end.


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Alana and Luther - A Straight Story
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